The Morning Report 4/8/20

Good morning, kids. Another grim milestone of one more wasted day, marking time as the panic over the Peking Pox Pandemic puts Americans, their way of life, and their future deeper into a coma, even as the evidence mounts that the lethality of the actual virus may be nowhere near as hyped. Were it any other issue besides this, President Trump would have dealt with it head on, swept aside the critics and naysayers, and notched another victory for the American people as the Democrat-Media Complex licked its wounds and sent off to Acme Inc. for the next surefire OrangeManBad destroyer. 

But here, he’s not dealing with shameless propagandists, crooked politicians, rogue intelligence agents or Hawaiian judges; he’s is dealing with something microscopic that has killed hundreds of people around the world, emanating from a totalitarian nation that seeks to dominate said world, and with no real hard and fast information to rely on in making what amounts to a life and death decision. And that put him in exactly the position he did not want to be in; deferring to technocrats who may not have his or the country’s best interest at heart. Just to reiterate, as time has passed, the picture painted by facts on the ground has gotten clearer and the words of the latter now serve to underscore it.

What the President and all of us have lacked is solid, reliable information; specifically the actual numbers of deaths caused solely by the Chi-Com Lung AIDS and more importantly the number of people who have been infected by it. When you divide former by the latter, you get a percentage that tells you how lethal the virus is. Because the Chinese have lied about this from the start, we cannot really know when the first person on our soil was infected. That meant that the denominator more than likely was artificially low. But given we do know of in unusually large number of people with severe flu-like symptoms that more than likely was Sino Sinus Syphilis in the waning months of last year, it now looks as if the plague came to our shores perhaps several months before the original estimation of late December 2019 and early January. That would make the denominator much higher and the resulting lethality significantly lower – by orders of magnitude.

But here we sit, with businesses shuttering, people unemployed in the millions, prisons being emptied by Democrats as they raid what’s left of the Treasury to give everyone, including illegal aliens, a $1,200 check – all in exchange for shredding the few scraps of the Constitution that have somehow survived the New Deal/Great Society/Hope ‘n Change shredder and seizing power permanently, Trump or no Trump now or come November. 

If Trump can be faulted for anything, perhaps it’s his naivete in thinking that despite someone’s personal politics, everyone will come together for the good of the nation. His first two years certainly was an eye-opening education. But in allowing Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx to drive policy in this crisis, he’s let the foxes guard the henhouse. That said, I reiterate my giving him a pass since this is a literal life and death matter. But, from Fauci’s wavering on HCQ to his now insistence that the entire nation should be locked down until there are no more new cases and/or we have a vaccine, and now his cocksure proclamation that we may never get back to “normal,” I get the sense that the President has had it up to his golden scalp with him. Trump knows the economy cannot be allowed to auto-asphyxiate much longer, let alone for a period of months or the twelfth of never which, not coincidentally, will be the date when there will be no new cases. 

Once again, Angelo Codevilla brings it:  

…Since the Ides of March, President Trump has placed himself on a path that the fundamentals suggest leads to political suicide. He did this by surrendering to the ruling class – Drs. Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, et al, not to mention House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) – his judgment on whether and for how long, and how the country should be shut down. This is of the greatest concern to the American people in general and to his voters in particular. By giving his imprimatur while suggesting that he is acting against his own better judgment, he fulfills the dictionary definition of tragedy…

…Every day, Trump (and the country) learns the ostensibly professional estimates by which Fauci, the Democrats, and the media have been flogging since mid-March are proving wrong by huge factors. And Trump knows that they are wrong because they are based on numbers that do not reflect reality…

… Trump is eager to open the country. And he knows that the American people will hold him, not Fauci or anybody else, responsible for the pain that adherence to the ruling class’ estimates is causing and will cause us. Speculating why, nevertheless, Trump persists in lending legitimacy to these flawed professionals, indeed why he lets them speak in his name, is pointless…

… Fauci has warned that perhaps this virus will return with every flu season. This is more than enough for such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – who has already said that the country will never be allowed back to normal and is echoed in that by the media – to greet any suggestion to move toward normalcy with the charge that it makes one responsible for deaths. “Blood is on your hands!” will be their rallying cry. That, in turn, means anyone who may wish to lead America out of the quandary into which it has slipped because of our health officials’ incompetence and of President Trump’s apparent neglect of Politics 101 (who is on whose side?) will have to return to its fundamentals.

To wit: Start from the fact that the ruling class is discredited. Separate yourself from it.

Lose no opportunity to add to the discredit. Stress your own responsibility. Act on it. When they damn you, double damn them. Politics 101.

Michael Thau over at American Thinker lets the hammer drop on Fauci:

…Remember those researchers whose computer model is motivating Dr. Fauci’s restrictions? You know, the ones who said their projections could be totally wrong, and, even if not, the certain misery Dr. Fauci is inflicting on us still might not accomplish anything? Well, they’ve also repeatedly said one consequence of successfully slowing down the infection rate is preventing herd immunity. Hence, they warned that restoring our rights before herd immunity is artificially created through vaccination would put us right back where we started, rendering the hardship caused by suspending them in the first place pointless.

Another related consequence Dr. Fauci has been careful not to mention is that, because we’re making the virus linger for many years instead of mere months, despite slowing down how fast it spreads, the restrictions strangling our lives won’t decrease the number of people ultimately infected. We’re only decreasing your chances of becoming infected now. Your overall chances of getting the virus at some point aren’t any lower than if we’d let the infection rate remain high and not vastly increased how long the virus will be active by treating it like the severe flu Dr. Fauci admits it’s likely to clinically resemble when addressing his peers

But perhaps you’re unaware that on March 26, Dr. Fauci himself said in the New England Journal of Medicine that “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).”

So, don’t let what Dr. Fauci tells the inessential people he’s inflicting misery on fool you. He’s known from the beginning that the measures he allowed us to believe might be short-lived make sense only if they’re maintained for at least several years and that they weren’t going to reduce anyone’s chances of catching COVID-19.  He’s fully aware that the projections about hospitalization rates justifying their implementation proved to be completely bogus and that we’re barreling toward an economic catastrophe because of a virus akin to a seasonal flu. 

Dr. Fauci may have completely bungled our response to AIDS through incompetence. But this time, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

G-d help us all.

The damage is done, but I think it’s not too late for Trump to do the right thing: Fire Fauci and advise an immediate lifting of the lockdown. Obviously, the Democrat-Media Complex will explode with rage, and it is a gamble. I see two possible scenarios:

1 – after lifting the lockdown, there will still be deaths and the Democrats will use that effectively enough for Biden or Nipsy Cuomo to narrowly beat him in November.

2 – a national standing ovation heard coast to coast will break the sound barrier and Trump will destroy whoever the Democrat is in something as close to a landslide that there can be given today’s political landscape.

My guess is it will be the latter, especially if the President can use this catastrophe to press home a campaign to return as much of our manufacturing base home from overseas and deregulate the hell out of DC to keep it here.

As far as lifting the lockdown, in terms of health consequences, people who are still sick, the elderly and those with chronic respiratory illness or compromised immune systems should remain in quarantine until a time to be determined. It will of course be up to each individual state to do that and there’s no way the blue state hell-holes will comply. That said, once red state businesses begin to rebound and people go back to work, I don’t think residents of California, New York or Illinois are going to be as strident in their politics when their bank accounts are sucking fumes and their mortgages are near foreclosure.

But the choice is clear. Mr. President, fire Fauci and lift this lockdown.


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