The Morning Rant

The scum-sucking imps from hell that are the media can’t resist something like this. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, in his annual shareholder’s report speaks candidly about the challenges facing his bank and America as a result of the Sino-Lung-Rot overreaction.

There is some obvious observation of the short-term difficulties that we face, but there is a significant amount of good news in the report, which is conspicuously absent from this and other articles about it.

Jamie Dimon warns: We’re getting a ‘bad recession’ plus ‘financial stress’ like the 2008 crisis

“We don’t know exactly what the future will hold — but at a minimum, we assume that it will include a bad recession combined with some kind of financial stress similar to the global financial crisis of 2008,” Dimon said in his annual shareholders letter. “Our bank cannot be immune to the effects of this kind of stress.”

Not until the 14th paragraph do we arrive at a significant bit of information…that the bank is able to lend an additional $150,000,000,000, which is a huge amount, and can materially change the financial landscape of America, post China-Lung-AIDS.

But the shrieking grackles that swarm above every productive American, ready to swoop down and peck and claw at them for the tiniest shred of bad news have no interest in anything remotely good about anyone or anything that has been labelled a target.

They are the enemy, as Ace and J.J. Sefton have so ably documented, and no amount of braying on the part of their talking heads and elitist columnists will change that.

They hate American Exceptionalism, because it shines a cold and unforgiving light on their deepest secrets…that they are unworthy, that they cannot function in a truly egalitarian society. So they must create the artificial divisions of a rich and influential government bureaucracy, elitist and exclusionary universities, gated enclaves, and access to the levers of power that is denied to the real America.

But they can’t drive a semi, so how are they going to get their TP deliveries? And they can’t change a flat or replace a faucet washer or break down a primal or hang a door or bake bread or put out a fire or field dress a deer or do any of the things that most Americans can do with ease. What they can do is manipulate the news to strike fear into the hearts of Americans, and even that is a fast-declining power.

The whining about the dislocations has been coming disproportionately from the blue enclaves, and that is the silver lining to the entire mess. Keep it up bitches…every day that goes by provides more evidence that you are woefully out of touch with the country you live in, and that you are not terribly important to it.

“What’s the sound of 1,000 “journalists” being laid off?

Who gives a shit! Nobody’s listening.

We just don’t need you.

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  1. 4-8-20
    Another great and sharp aggregation in your bag. BRAVO! May I have another?

    Dr. Fauchi has been sucking the gubmet teat for ions. He’s a bloodsucking leach. One thing his tenure has taught him is how to play the game, and play it well. He was crafted by fire, as I understand it, during the HIV genesis. By what we now know, there is no cure for the HIV (except for distancing from gays, etc…), and I believe the event actually is a cash cow for the pharmaceuticals- no, make that the entire healthcare industry(what is HIV’s annual revenue worth, anyway?)
    My point is that the great doc was deep into the HIV scare, and learned how to control the crowds fear for an unknown disease. What better spokesperson could the left et al recruit?

    Sooner of later the numbers will start to gel. I recommend having the rope already around the branch.

    We wont get fooled again!
    Larro (from N.TX.)

    PS. Practice safe typing! I am quite hooked on your daily awakenings.

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