The Morning Report 4/14/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. The box score as of 6:00AM Eastern here in the US for Chinese Lung AIDS is:

587,752 Confirmed Cases, 23,765 Deaths*, 44,207 Recovered

Total US Population = 331,002,651

*More than likely, this figure includes deaths of those found with or carrying the virus who may have actually died from other causes

The numbers speak for themselves. The Peking Pox is certainly nothing to sneeze at; every case is regrettable and every death is a tragedy. But in the grand scheme of things, what it amounts to is nothing more than an anomaly that will make a typical flu season into a bad one. Yet, here we are sitting around as our lives, and more alarmingly, our national heritage and identity are being taken from us, putatively for our own good. Where have we heard that before?

Meanwhile, as the President is doing absolutely everything he can to try and lift the lockdown and resuscitate what was a $22 trillion economy, the Democrat-Media Complex is doing anything and everything it can to keep a gigantic My Pillow over its face to snuff it out for good, then gut it and strut around wearing the skin-suit while demanding respect. Whether or not Trump should have allowed the lockdowns is a moot point that can and should be debated later. But every day now that goes by means more businesses and jobs that will be lost forever, more people beholden to the State for their daily bread and Charmin, more debt and deficits piled on the backs of succeeding generations yet to be born, along with the usurpation of more and more of our freedoms and the emboldening of those who have profited, financially and politically from this self-inflicted catastrophe. 

Make no mistake; the Democrat-Deep Staters have got to be laughing their asses off at how easy it was to do this, and arguably against a man who was their greatest nemesis and obstacle in their history. However the Chinese Lung AIDS landed on our shores, the Left seized on it and turned it into a dry run, just like the 9/11 terrorists in the years and months leading up to that day. They will no doubt use it as a model for some future “crisis” to seize absolute power. And that’s nothing compared to China, Russia and every other one of our enemies overseas who are rolling in the aisles while their fellow travelers here do their dirty work. Forget anthrax or some other nightmare Moo Goo Gai Plague cooked up in a Wuhan bio warfare lab. The real plague is the Democrat-Media Complex and anyone stupid enough to believe them ever again. And therein lies the real danger; if the next bug to hit our shores really is an extinction-level plague, the Left would have cried wolf (Blitzer) once too often. 


With all the speculation and attempts to drive a wedge between Trump and Fauci, the fact remains that the latter time and again had downplayed the severity of the virus even when it was wreaking havoc in the country from whence it came. Same thing with the Democrat-Media Complex who even into late January exhorted the public to go to Mardi Gras, party in Chinatown and go about business as usual. Of course, Trump being privy to the same information from Fauci and other sources downplayed the severity of the bug, but now that we’re in lockdown and the panic headlines are non-stop, Trump’s words are being used to beat him to death. And Fauci was no help over the weekend either, going on Fake Tapper’s broadcast to not very subtly hint that the President’s supposed inaction early on – a complete myth as he shut down travel with China within a day – cost lives. Now, the good doctor is walking back his comments, but he is still going on about the irrelevant social distancing, the continued lockdowns and worst of all insisting that the totally debunked computer models still be used to guide policy. Fauci, and Birx, have got to go. If “firing” them is too distasteful, then at least sideline or otherwise reassign them elsewhere, and then get Kudlow and Meadows moving full steam ahead to restart the engines.

Breaking down the links, House Republicans have seen and had enough with the models and want a hearing on them, Michiganders also have had enough of Gauleiter/Gruppenfuhrer Whitmer’s tyrannical streak and are planning a mass protest tomorrow, Nipsy Cuomo actually agreeing with Trump on the WHO while praising his compassion toward his brother and mother, the tyranny of the Karens, the lockdowns are hindering recovery, Tu-Ca rips the false pretenses that we agreed to and now being told otherwise to keep the economy strangled, Larry Hogan wants Baltimore labeled a hotspot (I guess to grab more lucre), South Dakota begins clinical trials of HCQ, medical masks really don’t do much at all, and finally, Julie Kelly says “there will be plenty of soul searching after this crisis abates: demanding to know the scientific rationale for keeping us six feet apart when people needed each other most should be at the top of the list.”


Several links on the news that Trump might be at last signaling an end to this long national self-induced nightmare is coming soon, Conrad Black writes “if the president acts carefully and puts the issues squarely, he will succeed, the economy will recover quickly, and he will be invincible in November,” American small business is on the ropes, world’s largest pork processor closes a US plant, which is a warning about potential food shortages if this lockdown is not lifted (and the plant is owned IIRC by the Chi-Coms), and finally Cuck and Malig-Nancy posture and spew lies. What else is new?


If the Democrat-Media Complex thought that the self-inflicted economic crash was going to crush the Trump base’s spirit, a massive Q1 haul should disabuse them of that delusion, Biden, or at least Valerie Jarret’s words on his teleprompter, go into full Lefty pander mode, but it looks as if the Maoist wing is not biting. In fact, the big news this morning is that the Democrat-Socialists of America will not be endorsing Joey Sniff-Sniff-Rape-Rape. That said, Donkey-Chompers AOC wants to have it both ways vis a vis supporting Joe, Kevin McCarthy rips Malig-Nancy Pelosi for her attempting to ram through election laws that will grease the wheels of vote fraud, Moochelle now out front pimping write-in ballots, Coonman BabyKiller nixes Virginia voter I.D. law, Daniel Greenfield explodes the myth of Chi-Com Lung AIDS and the racism angle pushed by the Dems, Pennsy’s recovery from the Wu-Flu a bellwether for November and Trump, and a bit of levity to lighten the mood from pudgy fraud Justin Amash.


Penetrate, like Joe Biden? Also, the estimable Margot Cleveland and her take on the lying fraudsters at our top law enforcement agencies.


An absolute sin what was done to this kid. 


Brokeback Booker, Paypal Jaypal trying to sabotage or national sovereignty and foment unrest and crime, stop bringing in foreign workers especially now, and Rancida Taliban in your pocket.


Trump took a wrecking ball to the media by throwing their words right back at them, and they went ape as exemplified by some CBS hack and CNN’s caption writer who was probably Jeff Zucker in the control room, a former CNN producer rips D-list actor Jm J Accoster, more on the Slimes covering up for Biden’s rapey ways while the paper’s executive editor admits the campaign pressured them to whitewash the story, Trump campaign slams anti-American front group SPLC for its smears, nixing net neutrality killed millions… and increased net speed by 70%, media may be on the ropes from Wu-Flu, Chris Cuomo said what?, CNN husky lipid Stetler gets a lesson in federalism, persecuting the Amish at a wedding, and lastly, Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop being targeted yet again. The Left is evil, relentless cancer. 


Suddenly Putin and Russia under the gun from Chi-Com Lung AIDS, but not to worry as a forest fire is raging near Chernobyl, Chi-Coms muzzle scientists, Marsha Blackburn jumps on the cancel our China debt as reparations bandwagon, WHO hates Joo, the world is waking up to the Chi-Coms, what the pandemic has done to the world’s oldest profession in France, and Maduro is horrendous but this Juan Guaido guy may not be all that hot either.


So the Catholic Church is home to pedophile priests but not a peep on what goes on in Pakistan, I have the info! His mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries, so where do I collect the $10 million?, and finally, I’m shocked it took the BBC until now to do this. 


More on the in-your-face hijacking of our freedoms due to the Wu-Flu, SCOTUS to hear cases for first time via teleconferencing, and a call for Governor Gruesome to stop frivolous lawsuits. Meh, trial lawyers are a constituency so that’s a non-starter.


Trump brokers cease fire in oil war, Mario Dondi wants drugs made here, and a call for bigger but different thinking than the 2008 model. For sure different.


“George Zimmerman is charging that Trayvon Martin’s support team, including Martin’s parents and their attorney Benjamin Crump, knowingly substituted an imposter witness in order to secure Zimmerman’s arrest,” and play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 


Break up the teachers unions.


Our intrepid science reporter with an update on an amazing unmanned mission to land on an asteroid to get samples. 


Governor Lawnjockey McStalin with yet another Easter Sunday massacre and surprise.


The Left’s continued foaming at the mouth, Coors comes through for a dry nonagenarian, a look at this Netflix Tiger show, and Christian Toto on the trials and tribulations of author Anne Tyler in the wake of her controversial book.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.