The Morning Rant

Organized religion disgusts our elites, and the unrelenting attacks on it have only intensified as the totalitarian masks come off and we see what they really think of those Americans who take God and religion seriously, rather than as a campaign talking point or a throwaway line in a speech about Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and the church on the corner.

I am not a particularly religious man, but I am becoming increasingly disgusted with the shrieking harpies on the Left who find repulsive the idea that normal Americans want to worship as they see fit…together in churches or at weddings or funerals.

Ignoring my suspicion that the draconian measures enacted will not do anything, how a group at a church is any different than those in supermarkets or standing in line buying lottery tickets is beyond me. Except that those who gather to worship tend to be outside of the deep blue cities, so they are the enemy.

Let’s not pretend it is anything other than naked and aggressive use of the coercive power of the state to punish the elite’s enemies. They know that their heroes fell in 1989 with help from the Catholic Church and the titan at its head. They are afraid of the power of American churches, and they will stop at nothing to constrain that power.

So every pastor and congregant who is fined for an illegal gathering and then returns the next Sunday for another service is a soldier in the fight against the most base totalitarian leanings of the Left…and I salute them.