The Morning Report 4/16/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. I’m not going to bother showing the box score since the numbers are being juiced and to my way of thinking are irrelevant to what the hell is happening on the ground, both medically and more importantly politically. There are a lot of things happening that in and of themselves would merit top story status, some Peking Pulmonary Pox-related and some not. Not to give the former short shrift, but since the latter is swamping everything else, let’s begin there.

First, the President has stated that the Chinese Coronavirus has peaked and that some states will be reopening before May 1st. His task force is also scheduled to release the guidelines for reopening the country later today. Yet, with this, or pretty much in anticipation of this, the tyrants in charge of a number of blue states are doubling down on the draconian measures while arguably the most hated broad in America, Malig-Nancy Pelosi is holding a knife to the throat of American businesses by blockading a major relief bill and then pushing back the House reopening by another three weeks. The image of her standing in front of high-end deep freezer chock full of $8.00 a pint gelato just radiates utter/udder contempt for the American people. My loathing for her knows no bounds, and so to I hope with the rest of the nation.

Perhaps my hope is justified as Michiganders held a massive protest in the state capital of Lansing against the tyrannical diktats of Governor/Gauleiter Gretchen Whitmer. Although the tone-deaf slag continues to justify her capricious and unconstitutional edicts, I am heartened that four county sheriffs in the state have openly announced that they stand with the citizenry and will not enforce her orders. You’d never know it if you watched the propaganda broadcasts, but even more encouraging is that Americans all over the country are getting fed up over what is more and more looking like a forcible state of siege:

… I am delighted that the nationwide rebellion against unconstitutional coronavirus dictates has begun. 

In Michigan, citizens will launch “Operation Gridlock,” a traffic jam protesting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s absurd overreaching shutdown. 

Citizens in North Carolina started a social media campaign titled, #ReOpenNC. They held a protest rally at which a woman was arrested. Like the black civil rights movement, people are willing to go to jail for their rights and freedom.

A hot thread on Twitter is #ReopenAmericaNow. Reopen rallies are popping up in Ohio, Utah and other states…

Trump is on the same page as Americans who want our country reopened. However, with fake news media lying about everything he says and does, Trump must play his cards close to his vest. As I stated weeks ago, I would not be surprised if Trump begins reopening America before April 30th…

But as I stated, the bargain basement Bolsheviks have taken Mel Brooks’ words from “History of the World” to heart and will tighten the screws in their hopes of destroying the economy to screw over Trump this November. But this Judge Michael Chmiel in Illinois is ordering a hospital to reveal a list of its Chi-Com Lung AIDS patients to the police. I assume for their own “protection” but perhaps he wants to do what his heroes in China are doing and throw them alive into an oven. Where the hell did he earn is JD, the Roland Freisler School of Law and Taxidermy?! 

Meanwhile, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland’s Gruppenfuhrers have decreed the wearing of facemasks. The latter has threatened fines and imprisonment for non-compliance, which I find ironic as in disgusting, considering his cohorts in NY, CA and elsewhere are literally emptying the jails of hardened criminals to prevent them from catching a fucking cold. And then there’s New Jersey’s President-for-Life Phil Murphy who, when pressed by Tucker Carlson about his overreach with “social distancing” and banning religious services, matter of fact and almost boastfully declared “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights.” You can see Tu-Ca do a double take and when he gave him one last shot to clarify himself, Murphy basically stood by his assertions by not very cleverly belching up “we have to find a different way to worship. I think that’s the point.” 

If you think this Murphy’s words and Whitmer’s actions were inartful or at worst clumsy, you’re not paying attention. The Democrats are attempting to use this crisis not only to try and steal the November election – because they now know that Trump’s approval in handling this crisis is massive – but as cover to cement in place a whole host of localized power grabs in their seemingly permanent blue state fiefdoms that will have long-lasting and corrosive effect on a national level. I didn’t think anything could be worse than the attempt to sabotage Trump’s 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns and worse, to try and overthrow his presidency, which this entire nightmarish episode is the latest and last desperate gamble. But the now intentional strangulation of the economy, the in-your-face shredding of our rights to assemble, worship and indeed, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a crossing of a very bright and broad red line.

Look no further than the ramblings of Andrew Cuomo to see the brave new world they have in store for us:


… “Let’s say that where we’re going it’s not a reopening, in that we are going to reopen what was. We are going to a different place, and we should go to a different place, and we should go to a better place. If we don’t learn the lessons from this situation, that all of this will have been in vain,” Cuomo said.

“So we’re going to a different place, which is a new normal. We talk about the new normal. We’ve been talking about the new normal for years. We are going to have a new normal in public health. By the way, the way we have a new normal in an environment, the new normal in economics, a new normal in civil rights, a new normal and social justice, right? This is the way of the world now,” he said.

“We’re moving to a new place, and we are moving to a challenging place, but also potentially better place,” Cuomo said…

What the fuck kind of Fidel Castro/Pol Pot/Mao Tse-Dong/Bernie Sanders/Lord Garth bullshit is that? Excuse me but my uncle didn’t get cut in half by a Japanese machine gun on Saipan nor my mother survive 13 months at the hands of your fellow travelers the National Socialists to bequeath this for me. If you think I’m going to willingly, cheerfully stick my head in that noose, you’ve got another thing coming, pal. 

Go to Hell.



Malig-Nancy Pelosi is playing stupid games and she deserves to win stupid prizes, if you catch my meaning. Also, she and her cohorts are looking to bypass McConnell and deal directly with Trump and Mnuchin, “we’re dying out here!”, Eric Garcetti decrees no fun of any kind in LA for two more years, and House Dems pimping putting everyone on the dole forever. 


Per the abstract “these donors fund a Democrat Party that is creating the up-down coalition and destroying the middle class. While they try to make us blame the president, the mega businesses they invest in are using this crisis to break the will and the solvency of small independent business owners.” Also, Trump slams Malig-Nancy for her total hypocrisy and lies, Obama pressed Bernie to take a dive, Elizabeth Hekawi endorses the brain-dead rapist and the Progs rip her a new one over it, and as the Dems as illustrated by fish-faced enemy of the people Holder try to steal the election, the Honest Elections Project is on the case to stop them.


Some big news here that should not be overlooked: FISA bombshell reveals Russkies knew Christopher Steele was “investigating” Trump, Margot Cleveland on the revelations involving the set-up of Papadopoulos, on the constitutionality or not of NY DA Vance’s attempt to screw over Trump, and finally Judicial Watch hits Google for deleted Hillary e-mails.


Per the abstract, ” Confronting a sexual-harassment allegation, will the former vice president demand the due-process protections that he previously denied to others?”


Some pretty nasty things here: Cali election official admits there was mass voter fraud during Super Tuesday, Democrat group gets funding from Chi-Coms; hello? DoJ? Also, all the top Dem veep broads mum on Joe Biden’s wandering penis, and Bro-Fo Omar/Nur still funneling campaign lucre to her husband. Insert your definition of “husband” here.


To the border we go where Chi-Com Lung AIDS has a silver lining, but DHS still disappoints, a hell of a meth, and as they insist we stay locked down and muzzled, Dems want the border wall stopped, while Bro-Fo wants instant amnesty for all illegal aliens.


Daniel Greenfield on the Tara Reade credible accusations and the media’s censorship of same, NY Slimes colludes with Team Biden to shield him, if Trump acted earlier you can imagine the reaction, of course the media not covering the Wuhan lab angle, The Other McCain on the media ignoring the virus fading in Florida, CNN/XiNN dissembles after being accused of spreading Chi-Com propaganda, Jm J Acosta blasted for spouting PRC propaganda, the media lies about HCQ, and the nation-state of Gavin Gruesome persecutes religious believers. Put California down or cut it loose. Also, Billboard employee has the last laugh, biker who Fredo verbally abused fights back, and shady leftist group abuses consumer law to try and muzzle Fox News.


Pro-life lawmakers appeal to Trump on keeping regs in place.


Oh boy, it looks like there is confirmation that the Chinese Lung AIDS did indeed come from the Wuahn lab, Tom Cotton is vindicated, Malig-Nancy Pelosi vows to stop Trump’s legal and justified cutting off of WHO funding, WHO totally acting as an agent of the Chi-Coms and deserves to be cut off (and dissolved), WHO chief totally lied early on yet Chris Murphy is completely insane or perhaps in the pocket of the Chi-Coms for claiming China has nothing to do with the pandemic, the EU fears the Chi-Coms will scoop up European companies whose stock prices have tanked thanks to their eponymous virus, US intel thinks millions of Chinese have died but all things considered it doesn’t add up (YMMV), five fun facts about wet markets, WHO suggests Europeans not consume booze; yeah, that’ll go over well, a look at the populists in Quebec and happy 80th birthday to the Queen of Denmark.


We are being tested. I wonder who the Democrats are rooting for…


Can we please dissolve the entire Federal bureaucracy?


The hi-test is still too damn high, and what lies ahead for air travel.


Again, we have to stay locked up or face prison if we don’t do the social distancing two-step, but criminals get to go free?


I hate blanket statements but nursing homes are just evil, and a look at smoking, drinking and drugs in relation to “saving just one life.”


While everyone is looking at Green Nude Eels, the “Con” Servatives are ready to give the Left credibility.


They’re cute when they’re young but when they get into their teens they’re impossible, and accelerated computational power finally shows its worth in the era of Chinese Covid-19.


You will be made to cheer.


A good argument for self-sufficiency and rugged individualism, thumbs up for a new sit-com, and finally Christian Toto as well as Phyllis Schlafley’s daughter on the Hulu Phyllis Schlafly hit piece.

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