The Morning Rant

Fake conservatives…I’m sick of them. And I’m not referring to the chattering class of professional court jesters who are trotted out by the media to represent us. And I am not pointing at toads and lackeys like Cap’n Bill Kristol, whose idea of Nirvana is fluffing for any Democrat who hates President Trump, and a fat check from a progressive thought leader so he can pimp his own brand of flaccid and dishonest politics for a few more months until he identifies another mark.

No…I’m pointing at the pseudo-cons who mouth all the correct words, but when presented with adversity they rush to their true home, the Left. Paraphrased case in point; “American banks should cancel interest and principal payments on their loans for some undefined length of time because they can afford it.” That smacks of socialist foolishness, and wouldn’t surprise me coming from a man-bunned Bernie-Bot or an idiot hausfrau with Warren 2020 bumper-stickers on her Prius and nine cats in her apartment. But it was pulled straight from a smart military blog called AoSHQ!

One of the tenets of conservative thought is the simple idea that we are responsible for ourselves. Calling on others who are better off to accept our burdens is antithetical to that simple concept. The fact that some banks have done very well over the last few years has no bearing on their responsibility to help others (In fact, I think that corporate charitable giving is an affront to the primary mission of any business, which is to maximize shareholder value).

In reality, this is thinly veiled class warfare…another favorite tool of the Left. Go after the big, bad, evil banks (owned by the evil Jooos!) who are sticking it to the little guy. And those oil companies love to rip off the little guy with their high gas prices. And can you believe the cable company?

Here’s a suggestion: if you don’t like the way some company conducts business, start your own and do it the correct way. But whining about how unfair it all is and there OUGHT TO BE A LAW is just SJW bullshit, disguised as some sort of ignorant fake conservative populism. After all, you signed the damned contract, agreeing to repay the loan. If you didn’t like the terms, then you shouldn’t have signed. It is as simple as that.

But if you really want it both ways…the incredible advantages of a market economy coupled with cradle-to-grave suckling at the government teat, complete with bailouts and asswiping whenever you shart, then move to Venezuela or Cuba, where the living is grand and everyone is equal.