The Morning Report 4/24/20

Good morning, kids. Friday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. Let me start off by declaring here and now that come this November, I will gladly crawl over molten lava, eat ground glass washed down with a mug of battery acid, and contemplate necrophilia with the moldering bones of Helen Thomas to vote for Donald Trump. That said, I am not a blinkered true believer and have always held the position that if and when he does something wrong, I’m not going to behave like a typical Democrat to circle the wagons and place the blame elsewhere. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that the situation in his state warrants the lifting of the lockdown and the start of a return to a normal routine. He is not ordering people back to work, nor is he mandating they exchange bodily fluids, as the Democrat-Media Complex is implying. It’s highly suggested that people continue to exercise common sense hygiene, but they have the freedom to choose whether or not to open and/or patronize businesses. I can hear Charlie Gibson now – “Individual freedom to choose? Never heard of it.”

Unfortunately, President Trump has decided to join the bandwagon and criticize Governor Kemp for his decision, albeit much less harshly than the usual suspects. But it’s just as damaging, perhaps even more so, because it runs contrary to the President’s own decision to leave these policies to the governors in the first place. Worse, it legitimizes the Left’s shifting goalpost narrative that everyone must remain in suspended animation until we have a cure, until there are no more deaths, no new cases, or until we achieve total world peace, love and understanding; i.e. never. 

It is now evident that this virus, though nastier than most, never was and is never going to be the Andromeda Strain Black Death. The original predictions and models were about as close to reality as the past 50 years of prognostications about global warming, which originally predicted Manhattan under 1,000 feet of ice. The other myth that the lockdown mitigated the spread of the disease has also been exploded since evidence from Stanford and NYC that millions might have been infected weeks or months before the lockdowns and travel bans, and the resultant herd immunity mitigated mass death, just like with every other flu season or severe viral outbreak in the past. Doubt me? See the link about Sweden. As for “bending the curve,” that never meant preventing infection and death; it meant slowing the rate of those things to keep hospitals from being overrun. And that never happened since hospitals and medical professionals are facing closure and mass layoffs as much as anyone else. Huge numbers were infected, many got sick, sadly some died and will continue to die… and at least 98% of them recovered completely.

Naturally, the “experts” will poo-poo the facts in evidence and the Left, sensing the opportunity for a national kill shot are not going to relent. But frustratingly and now alarmingly, the President continues to play along. Yes, it’s great that he’s calling out the media and blasting China as well as the intransigent Democrats. But it doesn’t amount to much because by accepting their narrative, he’s playing cricket on a hockey rink. I get the fact that he, and we, may have been initially frightened and bamboozled into the lockdowns. And G-d bless Trump, it’s not in his nature to admit mistakes. But by going along with this bullshit and accepting the premise that Brian Kemp is acting hastily or recklessly is just flat out wrong and dangerous. 

I think the President needs to do what he does best, and that is communicate. While the optics perhaps of firing Dr. Falsie would be sub-optimal to say the least, he has to have some other epidemiologists who can counter him. The other thing he can do is to cite the new evidence that this virus is nowhere near as lethal as we thought it might have been and most importantly shift the focus of these daily press conferences away from the drumbeat of viral doom and gloom and make it about Lifting the Lockdowns and Reopening the Country. Look, people are going to die and for sure the Democrat-Media Complex will make the first death post the return to normalcy the Horst Wessel albatross to hang on Trump’s neck. But all across the country, red states and blue, people are fed up and are desperate. If anything, the political winds are at the President’s back on this. All he has to do is hoist his sails and tell it like it is. As has been his wont to do since he came down the Trump Tower escalator five years ago.

Yes, the onus is on the governors to lift the lockdowns, but by standing by the governors, mayors and county executives that do lift them, the political pressure will be on the Democrat-Fascist tyrants that refuse. The sight of Trump and Pence visiting reopened states will be the psychological boost the country desperately needs. And when blue staters see the rest of the nation getting back on its feet while their life savings, pensions and businesses disintegrate in front of their eyes, a good many will turn their ire on the likes of Whitmer, Cuomo, Newsom, Murphy and the rest of the Grating Bi-Coastal Covid-Non-Prosperity Sphere.

But if Trump does not change course, and fast, he’s going to be in serious trouble this November and risks not only losing this election, but sinking the nation into an abyss from whence we will never emerge. 

The time to change course and lead us out of this nightmare is now, Mr. President. You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.


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With the depressing news of people turning to sloth and eschewing honest work, here’s an uplifting story on so many levels.

Enjoy the weekend and tune out the news.

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