The Morning Rant

Is progressivism the political philosophy of misplaced priorities? Obviously it is also the purview of the masturbatory fantasies of every budding dictator, who giggles with glee at the prospect of sending the jack-booted thugs of the state to enforce increasingly ridiculous edicts, all in service of their ultimate goal…power over the People. Examine most of the grand schemes of the Left over the past three generations and one will discover some spectacularly misdirected efforts. Gun control leaps to mind, where the thousands of byzantine laws are directed not at the miscreants who would misuse weapons, but at the law-abiding citizens who are exercising their God-given, natural rights to self defense and protection against those despots who would steal their rights!

Fast forward from 1968 to 2020, and the same tired stupidity reigns supreme. Instead of protecting those who are most at risk from Sino-Lung-Rot, the elites, in their imagined infinite wisdom decided to focus their fascistic power grab on those who are least threatened by it, and leave to their own devices the most vulnerable among us.

Blue State Governors Lied, Thousands of Nursing Home Residents Died

Over 7,000 of the country’s coronavirus deaths emerged out of nursing homes. Of the 4,377 coronavirus deaths in New Jersey, over 1,700 died due to infections in nursing homes. That nearly 40% of coronavirus deaths in one of the hardest hit states took place in nursing homes casts a stark light on the misplaced priorities of blue states battling the pandemic by locking down houses of worship and small businesses, while putting few to no resources into protecting nursing home residents.

Lest you think that nothing much can be done, I have first-hand experience with a facility that was proactive and took Kung Flu seriously. But they have the resources to deal with it effectively, going beyond the state mandates. And those mandates are scattershot and chaotic. So State Troopers patrol the parking lots of state parks, and arrest peaceful protesters. State administrators write arcane and insane rules governing face masks to be used by the healthy, while our most vulnerable and most in need of finite government resources die in their beds in understaffed nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Meanwhile our hospitals are furloughing employees because the expected (by the elites) tsunami of Commie-Flu cases never appeared, but they were told to cancel everything else, including cancer surgeries and cardiovascular procedures!

Yes…they worship at the alter of power, but they also focus their attentions on exactly the wrong things. It is a toxic combination of arrogance, power and stupidity, and it has come close to destroying us.

At least their philosophical antecedents could do a few things well…Mussolini was famous for getting the trains to run on time. The current crop of authoritarians can’t balance a checkbook or manage to keep the streets clean.

And they want to run healthcare in America? Our experience of the last few months should be the final nail in the coffin of single-payer, government-run medicine in America.

But it won’t be…