The Morning Report 5/5/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. If anyone had any doubts that what we are now witnessing is an intentional political move by the Democrat-Media Complex to destroy the President by keeping the citizenry under national house arrest, then the latest move by Oregon’s Democrat dictator Kate Brown-Shirt proves the point. Avoiding any mention of the procedures her state plans to implement to reopen its economy during a Friday press conference that was supposed to do just that, she took the opportunity to declare the state of emergency will remain in effect until July 6th. That’s two days after the 244th anniversary of the founding of the nation, in case anyone reading this was weaned on the Pulitzer Prize winning “1619 Project.”

The reaction by Oregonians was swift. The next day, over 2,000 of them descended on the capital in Salem to protest Brown-Shirt’s arbitrary decision. As I alluded to yesterday, I can’t imagine anyone but the most brain-dead of true believers supporting this because a one- or maybe two-time check from Uncle Sugar is not going to alleviate your losing your livelihoods and life savings and keep you happy with the people you put in office. The longer this drags on, meaning the closer this gets to election day with probably only blue states still held captive, the worse it’s going to get.

The question is will this redound more on the President or on the Democrat-Media Complex? Again, at the risk of being repetitive – which is almost unavoidable given the inertia of the past 8 weeks – it all depends on the situation going forward in red state, real America as things begin getting back to normal. On the flip side, Rasmussen just released the results of a new survey that shows an overwhelming percentage of conservatives want America to get back to work while an equally large number of libs want just the opposite. But again, that’s a snapshot with everyone and everything more or less equally miserable. Once things get rolling again in the rest of the nation, please G-d very soon, that calculus might very well change.

Demagogues like Brown, Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Pritzker and the rest are not going to stop this, no matter the growing medical evidence and other realities about the hyped lethality of the Chinese Lung AIDS that comes to light. This is about preventing Trump from being re-elected, either by attempting to destroy his polling numbers (which is not happening) or pushing for vote-by-mail which all but guarantees Democrats steal the election. In doing so, they will then presumably go from horrifying victory to victory by wiping out free market capitalism, instituting the top-down socialist rejiggering of American society and seizing absolute power once and for all. 

… For Democrats, this is what it’s come to: A last attempt to drive down support for Trump by doing everything they can to heighten public fear of the coronavirus and extend for as long as possible the resulting economic disruption.

As demands to open businesses increase in states around the country, Democrats’ target date for getting Americans back to work is 18 months from now. By which time, they hope, Trump’s plan to restart the economy will have backfired, and they’ll be running what’s left of the country, Green New Deal-style.

China would like nothing better. In October 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared a 30-year war on the United States. When the war is over in 2049, the 100th anniversary of Communist Party rule, China expects to be victorious economically, politically and, if necessary, militarily. This is something about which few Americans are aware, and most who are don’t take it seriously. Donald Trump does – and Beijing knows it…

After failing repeatedly, Democrats and their allies think they finally have the perfect one-two combination – spiked Chinese bat flu along with a sci-fi panic attack – for getting rid of Trump and capitalism once and for all. The Democratic Party, the media and a newly aggressive China have morphed into a single opposition, and the one person capable of rallying the nation to fight back and win is Donald Trump…

At this point the only thing that can save the Chinese Communist Party from a reckoning long overdue is a Democrat in the White House.

Because of the coronavirus, the 2020 campaign will be a debate about political systems, economics and national security, issues that play to the strengths that helped Trump win in 2016. And, as president, he can use campaign events, as Reagan did, to spell out the options in language every voter understands.

Will the United States be held hostage and eventually dominated by China and its Democratic Party collaborators, or will it “Stay the course,” as Reagan put it?

If the Democrats take over, the answer is obvious. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America (USSA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Communist China…

I highly recommend reading the whole article. It seems that for the past few election cycles, we’ve heard this is the most crucial election of our lifetime. Well, yes it is. But that said, given that the Democrat Party is officially an organized anti-American entity that openly seeks the overthrow of America as founded, the reality is that every election going forward is the most crucial of our lifetime. Because every election going forward has the potential to be the last election we’ll ever have. And if you think that that’s hyperbole, then go sign over your $1,200 stimulus check to Kate Brown-Shirt’s re-election campaign.

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America.



Say what you will about Mike Pence or about the administration’s response, he has done yeoman’s work and earned praise from all 50 governors on both sides of the divide, Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to find a vaccine for Peking Pox encounters typical Democrat Deep State speed bumps, but we also have an announcement out of Israel about a significant breakthrough in finding an antidote. We’ve heard this before but it seems that there may already be human trials going, and that is tantalizing if it pans out. Elsewhere, Julie Kelly on the fact that after two months, social distancing made zero difference and yet we’re still locked down, schools staying closed prevents herd immunity and quick mitigation, the White House tells the Dems to LOLGF by barring task force members from testifying, the induced panic has traumatized the public, “playing games with people’s lives will be destructive in the long run,” and a manicure in Georgia is a lesson for all.


A call to use this crisis as the means to decrease the public sector’s burden on private enterprise, “Washington must preclude a flood of tort claims that threaten to kneecap the economy even further,” another lesson on how the government produces nothing but just confiscates and redistributes wealth, and Rep Jim Banks with a great, and necessary, idea.


Secretary of the Senate tells Team Biden it can’t go rooting through records for Tara Reade correspondence because of privacy laws, Fauxca-Has-Been Warren debases herself completely, Tara Reade stands alone, with the exception of other victims of Democrat sex abuse like Juanita Broaddrick, and credible pederast and pervert Kurt Eichenwald gives shining example of liberal tolerance and inclusion.


The estimable Margot Cleveland, who has been on the Michael Flynn beat from the start has a detailed accounting, another good recap on why Flynn was Obama’s prime target and former Rep Bob Barr is right on the money.


Gay bashing is indefensible but her anti-Semitic tirade was no big deal, eh?


Daniel Greenfield with “the ‘Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations’ surrenders to the anti-Israel Left.”


Desperate Dems look to Obama’s beard to save them from the disaster that is Joe Biden, GOP leaders have a plan to reopen Congress, Trump “Star Wars Day” ad is a riot, Lloyd Billingsley on the Dem plan to steal the election via mail-in voting, Trump endorses Bro-Fo’s GOP rival Lacy Johnson, and David Horowitz on how Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s demagoguery exemplifies the typical true-believing leftist. It really is a mental disorder.


I guess it still is the Ninth Circus despite Trump’s appointees, Bloomberg’s tired organ doesn’t realize we just destroyed 20 million jobs and still pimps open borders, and LOLGF, California.


Trump actually went there! He called for an investigation into the death of Scarborough’s intern, to see if Scarborough did in fact murder her, Vanity Fair propaganda rag passed on Tara Reade and goes after real media for doing real journalism, the AP memory holes Reade interview, a look at the ties between US media and the Chi-Coms, XiNN attacks Ron DeSantis, phony ADL goes after Steam gaming platform, the small bitter fruit’s infantile attack on Trump, and the Pulitzer Prize can be added to the list of awards and institutions whose reputation are in the sewer. Meh, the NY Slimes has yet to renounce and return the Pulitzer that was given to Walter Duranty for covering up Stalin’s mass murder of 3 million Ukrainians during the Holodomar. 




“Pro-choicers shouldn’t be surprised when the right doesn’t take their economic arguments seriously. When [Chinese] COVID-19 came knocking, they didn’t take them seriously either.”


We’re in a state of cold to lukewarm war with China and we have got to win it, Trump making the right moves, Chi-Coms bristle at Mike Pompeo and desperate to place blame elsewhere, Chi-Coms may be getting trigger happy, Teh Ted warns about Yellow Peril, RoK AOK with schools reopening, a couple of good essays on the strategic picture in and outside China, Brits tired of being imprisoned too, France may be mixed up in Chi-Com Wuhan lab antics, Iran hit so hard they can’t organize the annual Nuremburg Rally, a Biden flunky is mixed up in yet another scheme to meddle in a foreign election – this time in the Netherlands, Obama stooges hate Trump peace plan, and Conrad Black high on Trump’s foreign policy moves vis a vis China and elsewhere.


Well, put some bootblack on this guy’s face and he’s ready for prime time…


SCOTUS makes history with first ever live broadcast, NYC housing policy’s unintended consequences and a modest proposal.


Bezos > Blofeld?


While we’re all under house arrest, the Democrats are emptying the prisons and we better show our appreciation.


Once again, big government regulations make bad situations horrendous and almost impossible to deal with.


Harvard in Chi-Coms’ pocket, what’s to investigate; they’re everywhere, and students send mixed signals on free speech.


I’m sure the walk-back is on page one with a humble note of apology to the President, and the Peking Pox as pretext for malthusians and luddites to rule the roost.


I imagine it’s like 60 grit sandpaper wrapped around the fingers of a former senator and vice president applied with forced to the vaginal area, and our intrepid science reporter with a message from long ago and far away…


Aging, jug-eared lezbo craves attention.


Don Shula who took the 1972-73 Dolphins to a Super Bowl win and the only perfect NFL season has passed away at 90, Christian Toto slaps around Jimmy Kimmel, a Hillary documentary? Okay… and finally Michael Jordan earns my respect. Whatever his politics may or may not be, at least he has the good sense and the decency to keep it to himself.

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  1. I saw this over at Ace. Thank you for posting the truth about Kate Brown. She tends to fly under the radar which is a shame because she’s dangerous. It’s impossible to get real news in Oregon. The rally was said to have “less than 200 people”. The newspaper comments were predictably disparaging. I live east of the Cascades. Its notoriously conservative over here but there are not enough of us. I’m not a native Oregonian and have spent the past 3.5 years observing them. What has surprised me the most is how many people have conservative ideals on the western side of the cascades. The best description I can give is Libertarian. Most are not involved in politics. A lot of people seem naive about government and overly trusting. There is a saying here, called Northwest Nice. They are clueless. That’s mostly western Oregon. There are some firebrands. They should move over here but most of them won’t. So that’s the layout as far as I can tell. The hellbent hard core left is a much smaller faction than I ever imagined. Kate Brown is one of them but she wears expensive suits and smart glasses and NW nice is fooled by that. Meanwhile over here on the other side of the mountains folks are pissed off. We’re sorta isolated and people have been coming out of isolation for the last 3 weeks or so. Lots of cars on the road, people going to work. I’ve been working the whole time as I’m deemed “essential” so I’ve noticed. And I have a long commute. Today I saw more cops on the highway than I’ve ever seen. Since I moved here. Appears Comrade Kate is now aware and preparing to crack down. I’m going to find the group that organized the Salem rally. I feel were being crushed and we need to resist.
    Rant off/. I am soooooo frustrated.

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