The Morning Report 5/7/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. It seems that in the wake of civil rights activist Shelly Luther, we have an increase in resistance with a concomitant increase in the ratcheting up of the oppression by the tyrants. Texas’ top three elected officials, Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and AG Ken Paxton denounced the actions of Leftist hack-in-black Eric Moye in demanding Luther kiss his ring or get thrown in the slammer. Abbott has called for her immediate release and Patrick will pay her fine and offered to take her place in jail. Over in California, the Riverside County Sheriff has told Gavin Noose-em that he will not comply with any edict demanding that citizens be jailed for opening their businesses. 

But in PA, the partisans on the state’s highest court upheld Wolf’s dictatorial shutdown, De Bolshevik has banned protests in the Rotten Apple and back on the west coast, Noose-em is going to cross a line that could lead to an Elian Gonzalez situation, or worse, a Randy Weaver or David Koresh one.

… California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday he was raising up an “army” of contact tracers – as many as 20,000 people – to track down everyone with COVID-19 and quarantine them.

…Newsom announced that the “army” – his word – will start with a deployment of 3,000 and grow to the 20,000 mark to chase down who, what, where, and with whom COVID positive people have had connections. To what end? Newsom said, “the tracing component requires workforce and to identify individuals who tested positive… to ID their contacts (with privacy) and maybe quarantine individuals to stop the spread of the disease.”

He means forcible quarantine…

The path to destruction apparently isn’t paved with good intentions, but instead with the Commerce Clause.

Why is it that we’re freeing prisoners and locking up innocents?

Where are all the Leftists who decry “family separation” with those dubious fake “families” at the border?

Now that governments are caging Americans, will any of them give a squat?…

Don Feder over at Frontpage Mag is not filled with strength and confidence.

…Add to the current death toll civil liberties, representative government and all of the economic gains since the end of the last recession.

Earlier generations of Americans wouldn’t have stood for it. Tar and feathers would been in short supply.

We cheerfully comply. According to an April 29 NPR/Marist poll, 65% say they’re opposed to letting Americans get back to work without more testing. Presumably, that includes pets.

The Corono-crats won’t let you go to church, won’t let Dads play catch with their sons in parks, and won’t let healthy men and women go to work or dine in restaurants. It makes us wear facemasks to buy groceries. It forces some independent businessmen to witness the deaths of what it took a lifetime to build.

How did we get here? Was it the feminization of America, whereby we’ve been taught to spurn what used to be called “manly virtues?” In an era of transgendered rights, micro-aggressions and drag-queen story hours, manhood is out of fashion.

People are no longer even ashamed to admit they’re cowards. The Land of the Free depends on the brave. That’s why we’re losing more territory every day…

I guess it took a woman, and notably one from Texas, to stand up to this in-your-face naked tyranny. But it’s going to take everyone of us, in unison, to grow a pair and do what Shelly Luther has done. As outrageous as Obamacare was and still is, or mass unchecked immigration and amnesty, or the out of control taxing, spending and deficits, a one-off one-day march on the Capitol is not going to do anything. Responsible, tax-paying Americans are just that; we never had the time to take off from work and our families to be professional agitators and protesters. So what did we do? Shrug it off, bitch about the GOP-e and got back to life as usual, perhaps a bit angrier, but we still had our homes, cars, businesses and livelihoods.

That is, until now. Now they have come for that, and as tens of millions of out-of-work Americans as well as business owners whose life’s work has been wiped out in a matter of weeks can attest, this time it’s personal. The wolf is at our throats. And this madness from Gavin Noose-em is, or at least it should be, the last straw. 

Ironically, we now have all the time in the world to protest. But to hell with marching on Washington or whatever blue state capital is crushing the life out of us. The only sane option is for everyone, regardless of where they are, to be Shelly Luther and go back to your businesses – assuming you still have a business to go back to – open up and go back to work. If we fail to do that, then the only other options are to knuckle under and let the terrorists win, or ultimately at some point be forced to resort to the unthinkable. We laugh at the image of MEAL Team 6, but an oleaginous pudgy digit can pull a trigger on an AR-15 the same as any other. And there are a lot of police departments out there that are not as laudable as Riverside County. If past is prologue, the situation is very much in doubt. That is, unless we see mass, peaceful civil disobedience to tyranny. Someone has got to rally the American people to take this country back, whether it’s the President or a Shelly Luther in our midst ready to capture the imagination and rally the people.

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America.


The President compares the Chinese Lung AIDS to a war worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. He also stated he’s reversing his decision on disbanding the task force and keeping it on “indefinitely.” I know he’s playing the game of “gotcha” with the propagandists but I think using this kind of terminology is problematic. It’s a disease. It’s bad. But regardless of how it got here (and I will assume its release was unintentional if not the actions of the Chinese to take advantage of it) it’s nothing that we haven’t dealt with in the past. The 1968 Hong Kong Flu killed somewhere between 1 and 4 million people worldwide and no one compared it to a war nor was the entire global economy shut down. But, Trump is Trump so perhaps he is playing some sort of 11-dimensional rhetorical chess.

Elsewhere, PDT honored healthcare workers in the Oval Office and when one of the filthy hack propagandists tried shaming a nurse for not wearing a mask, she let him have it, a new study offers clues as to how the virus works and its similarities to others, Nipsy Cuomo is a hot mess of arrogance, pomposity and incompetence that has led to the perhaps needless deaths of a few thousand people, and still he has the fucking gall to tax out of state volunteers because NY’s budget is overloaded with socialist, money-wasting fraud, De Bolshevik predictably casts the blame on for-profit nursing homes instead of the insane NY laws that killed elderly people, a call to secure the nursing homes and let the rest of the population be free, and Victor Davis Hanson takes a rhetorical blowtorch to the so-called “elites” who got everything so catastrophically wrong, yet continue to demand respect.


Rand Paul in his Dr. Jekyll mode and saying what needs to be said, Tom Massie calls for deregulation of the meat industry before shortages hit, United Airlines takes our money and screws over employees, roll up our sleeves and put our backs into it, and “the corona-crisis puts the Prairie State at the center of a bailout debate.”


Malig-Nancy Pelosi indignant, refuses to talk about highly credible rape allegation against Biden, it is perfectly clear to any who have eyes to see that the Democrats care not a whit about women or any other so-called victim group over and above getting their vote and using them to bash Republicans and conservatives, and a mash-up of all those times the Dems screamed to believe all women. The TV ads for the President’s team and the RNC write themselves.


Gee, I wonder why…


Schiff-for-Brains forced to release the transcripts, Rod Rosenpenis was/is a co-conspirator, and I’d make book on the answer being “yes.”


Well that’s a tad unsportsmanlike.


Two polls that should have the Dems shitting bricks, especially the first one, since as the lockdowns and beat-downs continue and the morale doesn’t improve, anger at the Dems and not Trump will rise, all of the aforementioned means the blue state tyrants and their national overlords will keep their jackboots on their fiefdoms in order to demand vote-by-mail to steal the election, a California GOP sighting vis a vis a lawsuit to stop the vote-by-mail fraud in a special election, LA Times pundit sees 6 states as the key to 2020, and Brokeback Booker has a GOP challenger in the Garden State.


Lock up the citizens and unleash the criminals. That is a recipe for disaster.


Kayleigh McEnany unloads on the media’s duplicitousness, CBS exposed for faking news report, media still trying to beat this HHS “whistleblower” dead horse to try and gin up yet another impeachment angle, unmasked nurse pimp-slaps rude reporter, debunking the “Trump ignored early warnings” myth, Mollie Hemingway on how a Politico reporter is freaking out that the open letter to the Slimes from its founder to ignore the rape and elect the rapist is being used against him, Ann Coulter steps on her tits to attack Pompeo and Cotton as “neocon” war-mongers or something, Buzzfeed frees employees so they can learn to code, Pulitzer Prize is now Pull It Surprise, Hemingway again ripping into the endless loop of tired Never-Trump screeds, and another warning about Big Brother Tech.


Religious liberty in the form of the Little Sisters of the Poor once again goes before SCOTUS. How will Cheap Justice Roberts rule? Not holding my breath.


China now virtually parroting Hitler’s words about Jews to describe Hong Kong freedom fighters, EU knuckles under to the evil Mandarins, Max Baucus should be investigated as a foreign agent working for a hostile power by opening his noxious blowhole, we must de-link ASAP, Pompeo rips Chi-Coms for not sharing info (as if they ever would), Michael Ledeen and Miranda Devine asking the key questions, is the world really waking up to the Yellow Peril?, Judging by its forced conciliatory remarks to get PPE equipment, I’d say not.

Also, heads roll in Tanzania after president rightfully suspicious of Peking Pox tests that came back positive. Africa has a remarkably low infection rate and death count. Katie Hopkins bemoans the fate of England in the wake of this self-inflicted disaster, ex-US Special Forces operative who allegedly plotted coup against Madure gives a Raymond Shaw hostage speech on Venezuelan TV, Joe Biden eager to heed Rancida Taliban’s demand that we continue paying off so-called “Palestinians” so they can keep keeling us, drug cartels becoming Mexico’s de facto government, Iran seemingly got its ass kicked and is bugging out of Syria while Caroline Glick counts down the days until the insane Obama Iran Nuke Sellout is no more.


I have mixed feelings about this. In a sane world, there should always be checks and balances but the world is insane and Congress is a corrupt mess of anti-American Democrats. Also, Chubby Gillibrand will finish the destruction of our military Obama started if G-d forbid she becomes Sec Def in a Jarret-controlled Biden regime, and finally, Space Force!


Commies pressure LA to seize private property to house homeless. I saw a similar scene in Dr. Zhivago with Ralph Richardson forced to shut up and sing the praises of the proletariat, and it didn’t end well. Also, Kelly Loeffler ankles subcommittee post, another nominee survives the Democrat smear machine and is confirmed, and finally, “New York City takes a welcome step to get control of the homeless problem in the subways.”


Perfectly timed for just after the November election, right?


Wait, what about all those PSAs about the childhood hunger problem all across the USA, how many more unnecessary cancer deaths because the phony pandemic panic prevented treatments, and Cuck Schemer goes ape because Trump wants SCOTUS to kill off Obamacare for good. Inshalla…


Betsy DeVos quietly delivers a big win which credibly accused rapist Joe Biden wants to reverse, and the already dumbed-down student body gets even more dumberer thanks to Peking Pox isolation.


Our intrepid science reporter with news that Al Gore and Scoldilocks will cover their ears, stamp their feat and shout “I’m not hearing you!” when you tell them.


Being an angry, selfish, insensitive cvnt is no way to go through life, pal. I feel bad for the daughters to have that as a mother. Just wow with her statement.


Not surprisingly, bathhouse bottom-feeding has-been gets America totally wrong. Ever hear of Patrick Henry or the New Hampshire state motto, or what the Warsaw Ghetto fighters were thinking? Sheesh. Also, Hannah Arendt in terms of the current situation, our ancestors would be ashamed, SJWs go after people applauding Adele shedding her blubber and not wanting to join MEAL Team 6, “the desire for communion with our fellows is inborn – but substituting allegiance to government for that urge has its perils,” Christian Toto unimpressed with new feminazi-tinged flick, and Fox all in for hijabs as the women who wear them get a one-way trip to Evin Prison.

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