The Morning Report 5/8/20

Good morning, kids. Friday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. Ironically, today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and I will have more to say on the subject at the end of this post.

The struggle for freedom goes on in the here and now, where on a positive note, Shelly Luther, the salon owner jailed in Texas for merely exercising her right to live free, was freed from jail, bursting into tears of joy at her liberation. Yet, to paraphrase Churchill after the tide turned with victory at El Alamein (as well as Stalingrad and Guadalcanal), perhaps this is the end of the beginning. From coast to coast, people are fed up with having their lives destroyed as well as the indignity of being told it’s for their own good and that they should be grateful. Hack-in-black Judge Moye’s demanding of an apology really was the bitter end on that score.

Another very positive signal is that the White House has rejected the CDC’s latest guidelines for lifting the lockdowns. As Julie Kelly postulates, it too is another example of Deep State bureaucracy every bit as corrupt as Comey’s/Wray’s FBI trying to sabotage President Trump:

… The two events, anyone who has been paying attention over the past five years certainly realizes, are not unrelated. Moreover, it’s becoming clear that the [Chinese] coronavirus crisis may succeed where the Russia collusion hoax failed: To oust Donald Trump from the Oval Office…

Not satisfied with throwing tens of millions of American workers on the unemployment line or forcing tens of millions of American students out of school with its initial “Flatten the Curve” plan immediately followed by its “Slow the Spread” plan, the CDC has prepared yet another outlandish plan to prolong the nation’s misery…

As one would expect, the guidance is a labyrinth of costly, unconstitutional, and draconian recommendations that would result in a permanent paranoid police state for the foreseeable future…

It is a prescription for despair.

The White House, mercifully and wisely, has shelved the plan. But it’s hard to see the proposal as anything but an egregious attempt to keep Americans depressed, isolated, and angry throughout the year, manifesting itself in a rebellion at the ballot box this November against the man allegedly responsible for causing so much misery – Donald Trump.

This latest guidance, however, isn’t the only politically motivated stunt coming from the CDC. The agency has published a series of voting recommendations that fulfill long-sought goals of the Democratic Party. This includes mail-in ballots and early voting…

Read the whole thing. In any case, as Momma Sefton of blessed memory always said, “evil never rests,” as the actions of Gavin Noose-em, Mike DeSwine, Gretchen Whitless, Kate Brownshirt and Wilhelm DeBolshevik clearly show. 

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America. And in the spirit of VE Day, if they refuse, do what Shelly Luther did and liberate yourselves. 



When you add egomania, incompetence, and politics to the geographic and demographic makeup that is the greater New York metropolitan area, it should come as no surprise then that it is far and away the epicenter of the Chinese Lung AIDS and its spreading. And the incompetence, which is driven by blind adherence to Democrat-Socialist dogma by Nipsy Cuomo, Bill DeBolshevik and their party has caused the bulk of the victims of this pox. Many of those victims perhaps have died needlessly as a result.

Elsewhere, and as I had shown in a number of links weeks ago now, Neil Ferguson has a very long career of completely and spectacularly wrong predictions. Most notably, in 2005 he postulated that the bird flu outbreak that began in ’03 would cause 150,000,000 deaths. The grand total for the past 17 years has been a confirmed 455. In the words of Maxwell Smart, “missed it by that much.

And yet his predictions for Sino Sinus Syphilis – 2,200,000 in the US and 500,000 in the UK are treated as gospel despite, yet again, being further removed from reality as Joe Biden’s cerebral cortex. Funny how a guy who insisted everyone remain imprisoned in their own homes until the 12th of Never had the guards look the other way as his side-piece of crumpet smuggled herself over for some close-proximity slap-and-tickle. Even funnier is the fact that Drs. Fauci and Brix, and everyone else in the Democrat-Media Complex still insist that we follow this madness of isolation and lockdown even as real science and biology is in our face showing that not only is doing this completely counterproductive, but that the virus itself – contagious as it definitely is – is just nowhere near as lethal as it is being portrayed. 

Speaking of quacks, hacks and devotees of Lysenkoism, the madness of the anti-vaccine movement seems to have left a mark on society as a poll on who would and would not get a shot, San Francisco is lost, and a look at how medical pros and researchers actually on the front lines of treatment go about finding the best courses of action. And it’s not the Neil Ferguson approach of reading the entrails of a freshly slaughtered pangolin.


Schemer and Malig-Nancy refusing to budge on massive, insane spending bills that have nothing to do with relief and De Bolshevik tells property owners “fuck you, pay me.”


Between Tara Reade, the simmering Ukraine scandal, and Biden’s deteriorating by the day mental state, the Democrats are screwed. From the estimable Victor Davis Hanson:

… So suddenly the press decided that Biden was no longer worth shielding. Yet the change of heart was not entirely for fear of appearing hypocritical. Rather, the media seems terrified of Biden’s increasingly obvious cognitive decline.

In other words, the media was most certainly not going to be degraded on behalf of a nominee who may no longer seem viable.

In the three months before the Democratic National Convention, Americans will witness some of the strangest political scramblings [sic] in presidential campaign history. Simply put, how does the Democratic Party cut from its neck an albatross – one who has the most delegates but is likely not up to serving as president?

And how to do the deed without inciting the moribund Sanders campaign and his army of Bernie bros?… But even if Democrats know why Biden must go, they haven’t a clue about when or how.


Daniel Greenfield with a timely reminder that just because Old Joe seems like a doddering grandpa, he was and still is a venal, corrupt, vicious political operator who’s been selling out America to our enemies for decades now.


Flynndication! How sweet it is! Certainly would be much sweeter with the coup plotters up to and including Obama and Clinton sitting in the dock facing judgment (and at least 1,000 miles from a DC courtroom). But it’s gratifying enough that an innocent man and a decent guy is finally vindicated. He’s still financially ruined and went through hell for nearly four years, all because he was in a position to expose the Obama/Clinton-led coup against Trump. And Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are still going through hell.

Rush Limbaugh closed his show out with this:

It’s kind of funny watching CNN on the Flynn story. They can’t believe it. Their reporter, “He pleaded guilty! He pleaded guilty, he said he did it. Why are they dropping the charges, he pleaded guilty? We must always remember that Flynn pleaded guilty, he did it!”

He pleaded guilty after Robert J Mueller III promised to bankrupt him, to bankrupt his son, to take everything away from him, including his home, and to not stop until he had made sure that Flynn could never recover from it. He pled guilty to stop the carnage. He pled guilty to protect his son. “He pled guilty, he did it!”

I tell you, folks, some days it’s beyond frustration. The truth is right there. It’s easily understood. It’s staring you in the face. And there are people too blind with partisanship and hatred to see it. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a big deal. I cannot describe what a monumental, big deal it is for the Department of Justice to drop a case. It so rarely happens. They got a guilty plea and they still dropped it? You have no idea even now how big this is.

The links speak for themselves, and I also recommend David Goldman’s (aka Spengler) on another big reason Flynn was targeted; because he went against Obama and the Deep State enterprise of wasting American blood and treasure in endless wars and “nation building.” But above all, I am standing on my chair and cheering President Trump for calling out Obama and his minions as “human scum.” For doing what they did, not only to him, but to all of us in their quest for absolute power, that is exactly what they are. I could care fuck-all for decorum, muh principulz, and not looking/acting presidential. He not only said what needed to be said but exactly in the manner it needed to be said. Bravo.


Meanwhile, Schiff-for-Brains must be Schiffing a pill as Rick Grenell has forced him to release the transcripts from the secret basement Russia shampeachment probe. The reason? The bug-eyed pencil-neck kept going on and on and on about how he had the hard evidence proving Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election… except he didn’t. And these transcripts are going to prove it. Not only that, there is evidence to strongly suggest this witch hunt was minimally known about if not sanctioned by Barack Hussein Kenya-Kona Blend himself. Also, the FBI traitor who targeted George Papadopoulos is a real piece of work, isn’t he.

The people who did this to us need to swing.


Faculty lounge pinhead spews virus known as James Hodgkinson’s lymphoma.


Yup, Biden is a real moderate, and the Slimes slobbers all over no-talent hack Alice Walker, without bothering to ask some impolite questions. How genteel of them.


Liberal polling outfit hits the HQ poll trolls hard, the Other McCain on the verge of a “kineinahurra,” Joe Biden suggests that Obama hit on him, Biden’s virtual rally goes about as well as you expect, between Reade, Ukraine, hair-sniffing teeny-bopperss, dementia and the consequences of dumping him, the Dems are royally screwed, SCOTUS vindicates Krispy Kreosote by unanimously overturning BridgeGate convictions, Malig-Nancy Pelosi a real tech whiz too, Tank Abrams places blame on media, and bust-out Commie PayPal Jaypal pimps the socialism cure hard. It’s a single pill, about nine millimeters in diameter. Administered in 300 million doses.


At least the CDC is good for something, hacks-in-black rubber stamp Noose-em’s scam, and we did it to ourselves.


CBS deserves to have the broadcast licenses of its stations pulled, more on YouTube muzzling the doctors who question the Peking Pox narrative, Facebook censors are all lefties (surprise!), “market-friendly policies let Americans stream to their hearts’ content, while regulation-heavy Europe imposes speed limits,” and the long, sordid history of the Pull It Surprise.


Justice in Massachusetts while Canada is about to go under.


The Chi-Com actions involving the Peking Pox will come back to haunt them, Merkwerdige Merkel setting Germans free-ish, with no schlong, the No-Dong pops up again as NorKs pursue nukes again, and Bibi at long last will form a new government.


On the mad Democrat desire to pack the courts with anti-Constitutional hacks-in-black. 


For sure, recovery will take time, But if the President takes actions similar to what was done just before Pearl Harbor, the recovery may be a heck of a lot faster than “the experts” think. And by actions, I mean things like major tax incentives and long tax holidays for new factories, mills, and plants (pharma, steel, textile, etc.) that open up, suspension and dissolution of bureaucracies that impede construction of same, suspension of insane union regulations that gave businesses a big reason to move overseas in the first place, requirement for only American citizens to be employed and the building of trade and technical schools to teach real skills and not “social justice” claptrap. This is a war, and we just got Pearl Harbored badly. We need a mobilization as if we were fighting one. If we don’t, we’ll soon be carved up by enemies foreign and domestic. Especially the latter.

Also, unemployment roles rise again to levels not seen since the FDR-induced Great Depression, and “crises change what we pay for things, but Washington should be careful not to obliterate price signals.”


Okay, which one of you geniuses is this? Platinum membership if you can show proof.


Two reasons why I hope the Chinese Lung AIDS wipes out higher ed.


Christain Toto on Michael S’Moore’s love affair with nihilistic malthusians, and “if [Chinese] coronavirus kills climate change, the international Left, after a spirited attempt to roll the world over, will have to try another angle.”


Our intrepid science reporter with a red planet geological feature that Perry Como would love.


When you abolish the family, the State becomes the parent. QED.


NY Mets great Daryl Strawberry comes out in support of President Trump, a look at George Washington’s wisdom vis a vis Peking Pox panic, and former A’s pitcher channeled his inner Mickey Mantle to throw a perfect game. Or so he claims.


Today is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, marking the Allied victory in Europe and the end of World War Two on the continent.

It more than likely marks the last major anniversary that veterans of that war will be with us to celebrate. That fact is made all the more poignant and sad since a very good many of them are locked down in nursing homes and other facilities, along with the rest of the nation that cannot be with them to celebrate and honor what they did for us so long ago, and yet not really all that long ago.

The struggle for freedom over tyranny continues. We are the heirs of that struggle and in profound ways are fighting the same fight. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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