The Morning Report 6/2/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage.

As the seventh straight night of violent insurrection engulfs America’s cities, or more accurately what have rapidly devolved into Democrat-Leftist separatist city-states, there can be no doubt at all that the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis cop is being used as a pretext to foment a political terror campaign that threatens to destabilize the nation. Ironically, the justifiable anger at the killing of Floyd is one of the few things shared across a broad spectrum of the political and geographic landscape. Yet it is the constant, decades-long drumbeat of anti-American propaganda by the Democrat-Media-Academia complex that condemns the nation, its culture and heritage for the very crimes against humanity it alone is guilty of. All one has to do is take a cursory look at the words of that movement’s leaders and luminaries and the absolute truth of my statement jumps out at you.

It’s the same old story; divide and conquer. Forget the fact that we have had blacks elected in virtually every city, town and state all the way up to president of the United States, and yet the toxic bromide of “white supremacy” and “white privilege” is ever pervasive. I consider Rush Limbaugh a national treasure, but for him to waste his time and energy – which due to his cancer he can ill afford to expend – on three dolts that have the collective IQ of a used toothbrush in trying to get them to open their eyes was just head scratching to me. Yeah, I suppose it’s a good PR move and Rush also is genuinely trying to reach out and find common ground, so that is commendable. But the attitude of those he sat down with was not one of trying to find common ground so much as it was them demanding unconditional surrender from Limbaugh, and for him to confess and beg forgiveness. But I digress. 

The attitude of the Breakfast Clubbers comes from the hideous propaganda of Leftists like the execrable Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan. Ironically, in her disgusting words blaming “white men” for the violence, she’s not entirely wrong. Blacks and other minorities have been put upon for generations by white Americans – historically, specifically and exclusively as a matter of policy and political expediency by the Democrat Party and the American Leftist Movement. Period, full stop. Charlamagne tha Gd and his other two pals maybe don’t see it, but after nearly four years of the Trump presidency, I’d bet others do. And that is what had the Democrats scared out of their minds up until the phony pandemic lockdowns. Like everything else you are being shown in the media, I’d wager most American Blacks are fed up with having their neighborhoods burned to the ground every so often so that Democrats have yet another cudgel with which to tear at the fabric of society in their constant bid for power. 

In 1865, the Democrat Party formed the KKK, officially known as “the armed militant wing of the Democrat Party” in order to thwart the efforts of reconstruction and integration of former slaves into American society as full citizens. What they could not accomplish by outright physical murder, they achieved through the subversion of the Constitution via Jim Crow laws and a corrupt judiciary (sound familiar?). Here we are 155 years later and Antifa/BLM is doing the exact same thing, aided and abetted by their allies in Congress and some even in the courts. There’s no way to prove that the Democrat Party itself formed Antifa, but for now they do share the same goal; attainment of absolute power and control. Once that happens though, all bets are off and I don’t think the Dems really understand the nature of who they are in bed with. 

The mayhem and carnage in the streets, as the saying goes does not play well in Peoria (whatever is actually going on in the streets of Peoria notwithstanding). The election season of 2020 is shaping up more and more to be like a repeat of 1968. The insurrection, coupled with Biden’s scandals and loss of cognitive function, along with anger over the misery imposed on us mostly by Democrats with the quarantines leads me to believe that Trump will win re-election. If G-d forbid he loses then the nation is lost right then and there. But if he wins, considering everything they have tried and spectacularly failed at to destroy Donald Trump, what more can the Democrat Party and American Leftist movement do? Yes, I am well aware of what I’m hinting at. But call me a cockeyed optimist, I think the legacy of this President will last well beyond his (please G-d) eight years in office. 

It is obvious that America has passed a point of no return, insofar as we cannot go on as before. I do not think there can be a national reconciliation because we no longer have two sides that, despite massive differences, share a common heritage. At least one has renounced and repudiated that heritage in no uncertain terms. We either will split apart or it’s winner take all, with all the recriminations that both those options bring. The Left is evil, and as Momma Sefton wisely said to her dying day “evil never rests.” But I think that what we are seeing, at least in this phase of our political history is the equivalent of the Tet Offensive. They are about to become a spent force, but is there an equivalent of the duplicitous Walter Cronkite to convince us that it is we who have lost the war? I don’t think so. In spite of everything, this is still the age of miracles and wonders – the age of Trump.


After finally calling in the military to clamp down on much the mayhem in DC, Team Trump is pondering the invocation of the Insurrection Act for the rest of the nation, Julie Kelly opposes the invocation of the Insurrection Act: “Not one drop of Marine blood should be shed on the streets of Minneapolis or Chicago or Los Angeles to save Democrats from themselves yet again,” Angel-of-Death Cuomo and DeBolshevik talk out of both sides of their anuses, NYC mayhem and looting continue despite curfews and even Macy’s Herald Square flagship got hit bad. Between their madness with the lockdowns and now letting the animals run wild in the streets, they will turn NYC into Detroit before long. Malig-Nancy and Cuck Schemer prove they are rooting for the terrorists if not behind the scenes supporting them materially and politically, I cannot for the life of me understand cops kneeling in solidarity with these thugs. Yeah, maybe it’s a PR stunt because one of your own was a psycho that should never have been given a badge, but we’re in a war here. Shoot to kill. Proving my point, a thug plows his car into a line of cops in Buffalo, Polk County sheriff is dead right and a Nebraska bar owner proves why we have a Second Amendment, George Floyd’s kids denounce the violence, Rudy rips idiocy of letting a precinct burn, Rabbi Fischer asks “has liberal governance ever been more neglectful and incompetent?,” two NYC lawyers face a federal beef for Molotov cocktail hurling at cops, the usual gaggle of mental defective celebs, profs and pols spew garbage about the President while raising money to bail out the thugs, and finally for those who don’t understand the meaning of “social justice,” cities on fire and citizens terrorized in their homes should give you an education.


Gauleiter Whitmer finally relents and lifts Michigan’s lockdown, Oregon GOP sues Kate Brown-Shirt, and Daniel Greenfield on this mask nonsense as political theater.

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America.


Colorado testing shows that this virus is no more than bad flu, Brits pass the Neil Ferguson edict, Biden a bald-faced liar, a correlation between ventilator use and death, and “shaky data from a leading medical journal that progressive opinion has swallowed with delight.”


Here come the trial lawyers, and Salena Zito from the heartland with a business success story in the midst of this madness.


Margot Cleveland asserts “the newly released transcripts should cause longtime federal Judge Emmet Sullivan to realize the error of his way and immediately dismiss the charges against Michael Flynn.”


It’s Kristallnacht-clear what’s happening here, and Schemer’s PAC boosts Joo-hating Plame in contested primary.


Joey Sex-Knuckles gets a whiff of victory, Toothy McBigTits assumes Carlos the Jackal role as cities burn, foretelling the Dems crashing and burning, and Conrad Black on Trump: “Leadership in crises is preeminently what presidents do and the effectiveness of their responses to crises largely determines how they are evaluated in history.”


“Hopefully, as the elite rediscover the importance of national borders after the pandemic, they also rediscover what a nation-first immigration policy looks like and whom it’s supposed to serve.”


Tu-Ca utterly napalms Jared Kushner and others for the riot response, media sez “Pandemic? Never heard of it,” filthy Chi-Coms dare compare fellow-traveler Leftist scum with the Hong Kong freedom fighters, Madison, WI a leftist shithole of hypocrisy, small, bitter fruit engages in projection, SCOTUS caves to Bar Association, and “the exile of the churches into virtual reality provides an opportunity for some self-examination.”


Oh, Camera Hogg? Time for a lesson…


Iran set to test America’s resolve with more fuel shipments to Venezuela, but”catastrophic Iranian air and naval mishaps reveal severe military shortcomings.”


“Washington should buy time with intermediate measures before committing itself to handing over as much as $1 trillion.”


Floyd Family autopsy indicates Murder-1, riots downtown are a great cover for murder in the projects, lastly, more facts and figures to debunk Leftist memes, and “the current storm will pass. But in its wake, Trump will need, among other things, to make good on his vows to crush crime.”


Two on the latest Space-X success including “how an unprecedented strategy cut costs, shook up the status quo, and returned the US to the forefront of space exploration,” and or intrepid science reporter with exciting Martian discoveries.


Malig-Nancy Pelosi is just vile.


Christian Toto with “indie doc shows the pitfalls of modern romance in fine Woody Allen-esque fashion,” and finally “reflections on urban unrest, past and present.”

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