The Morning Report 6/1/20

Good morning, kids. Monday and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage.

Except, America is not being held hostage by a Chinese virus or, to be more accurate, the phony propaganda about the virus as a pretext to take away our civil liberties. No, we are being held hostage by what can only be described as a pre-meditated, organized act of insurrection. For four years, the Democrat-Media Complex has failed in its singular mission to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States and destroy his wildly popular and successful agenda. Even its latest attempt – the forced strangulation of our economy with the concomitant loss of millions of jobs and businesses – is finally petering out, as are the slim chances of its standard bearer, a decrepit degenerate of mind, body and soul that can no longer be shielded from serious and substantive criminal charges, as well as a decades-long career of venality, arrogance, megalomania and incompetence. In that regard, Joe Biden perfectly encapsulates the essence of his party.

So what’s left? We’re now at the point in the film where after finally grabbing the cat, lighting the fuse, punching the accelerator in the escape pod and breathing a sigh of relief as the Nostromo explodes in a nuclear fireball in the rearview mirror, Ripley can breathe a sigh of relief as she strips down to her panties. And then…

As horrendous as the death of George Floyd was at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman, with three of his colleagues standing by and doing nothing to stop it, it in no way justifies the past several nights of out of control mayhem that have rocked numerous American cities. More to the point, it cannot have been a spontaneous reaction; someone or some group of people gave a pre-arranged signal to start this insurrection. 

Former Secret Service agent and political commentator Dan Bongino:

“This is an organized internal coup by a small group of agitators acting as a domestic terror group. That’s a fact… 

“There were legitimate reasons looking at the tape of Mr. Floyd for all Americans who agreed in unanimity, for one of the first times I’ve seen in the last probably 10 years, that there was something seriously wrong there and you know what we’re not talking about? Any of that because we’re talking about an Antifa group, an organized group of agitators, committed unquestionably now to the destruction of the United States…”

David Horowitz, editor in chief at Frontpage Mag:

… Virtually every official in Minnesota with influence over the Minneapolis police and the decision to keep Derek Chauvin on the force despite his alarming record is a Democrat: the governor, the attorney general, the Minneapolis congresswoman and the mayor. The city council consists of 12 Democrats and a Green Party member. The Democrat Party is the “system” that protected the bad cop and led to George Floyd’s death.

Just as the Democrats protected the bad cops, so they encouraged the rioters by fueling the myth of America’s systemic racism, by not providing a sufficient police presence, when the mayhem started, to nip it in the bud, and by attacking Trump for “glorifying violence,” when he warned the rioters that if the local authorities failed to protect law-abiding citizens he would meet force with force.

The organizers of the violence were two far left organizations – Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Until the Minneapolis riots Attorney General and former DNC head, Keith Ellison featured a picture on his website advertising the Antifa handbook for conducting civil war. The proximity of the Antifa-spearheaded riot in Minneapolis prompted Ellison to remove the photo, because Antifa’s destruction of his capital city would obviously lead to bad press…

I see that Ellison’s son has now openly pledged his loyalty to Antifa, along with the daughters of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Bro-Fo Omar/Nur and Bill DeBolshevik. They seem nice.

The estimable Daniel Greenfield:

…The Democrats created the atmosphere. They spilled the gasoline, lit the match, and are still too busy signaling their virtues and blaming Republicans, to do the hard work of putting out their own flames.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are their organizations. The Minneapolis city authorities and the police force bosses are also their people. The atmosphere was the undiluted work of the Democrats. And with the pandemic fading, they dug into their old playbook and decided that it was time for a new crisis.

After locking down the country didn’t work, the Democrats decided to set it on fire instead.

Bingo. From a political standpoint, I think the Democrats have done what one of their little darlings did last night – set themselves on fire with their own Molotov cocktail. And with President Trump officially declaring Antifa a terrorist organization, it’s going to consume them. Already the brain dead meat puppets and warblers in the entertainment industry are rushing to defend a violent domestic terrorist organization, with cretins like Patton Oswalt trying to compare these cowardly sucker-punchers to the GIs who stormed Normandy. Calling Antifa “anti-fascist” is like Hitler declaring the Wehrmacht and the SS the same as the Irgun and Hadassah. 

It’s funny how everyone thinks Trump is brilliant at hoisting the Democrat-Media Complex on its own petard but it’s not so much brilliance as it is common sense and the willingness to pull the rhetorical trigger. As David Horowitz notes, the mainstream Democrat Party going back almost 10 years to the astroturfed Occupy Wall Street event have embraced extremist and violent agitators in its quest to gain political victories. Even with 50-plus years of school brainwashing and reinforcement in the media, much of America finds what they stand for repulsive and abhorrent. With individuals such as Sanders, Warren, Bro-Fo, Rancida Taliban, Donkey Chompers and all the rest, there is no going back to the sham of pretending to be pro-American. 

Whatever damage to Trump and the GOP that might have happened over the past few months, there is no way in hell real America is going to abandon him and embrace a Winnie Mandela 96-octane necklace. That’s not just me talking:

… “This is going to get Trump reelected. Please stop. Think first. Do not get Trump reelected for your behavior,” the woman said. “Please, Santa Monica. We don’t want Trump reelected.”

Even a dim-bulb in Soviet Monica knows that this does not play well in Peoria, despite schmucks like Ali Velshi felching up Baghdad Bob-esque hairballs of “mostly peaceful protests.” Yes please, Democrats. Do tell us why Antifa are peace loving pro-American freedom fighters. 

The die has been cast, and the Democrat-Media Complex has now declared open war on America to prevent what is now more than likely the re-election of President Trump and the further discrediting of their agenda and diminution of their elected power. But the forces of insurrection and treason are still at work and are not going to back down, especially as the weather heats up and we head towards both the Democrat and Republican conventions this summer.

…Who are those masked men in black with secret-service quality ear-pieces, military grade gas masks and backpacks full of Molotov cocktails? They are very likely professional rioters, recruited, transported and paid by the likes of some George Soros front group or other anonymous Cloward-Piven devotees who share Soros’ hatred of America and want to see this nation bought to its knees. Panic over the virus was waning. These orchestrated riots across the country are the next ploy. Someone is organizing this madness. Someone is supplying the most lethal rioters with all the accoutrements of conflagration and moving them into place to all the affected cities. That all costs a great deal of money. Antifa owes its funding to Soros as do the more violent branches of Black Lives Matter. These players seem strangely secure that they will not be arrested or that if they are, they will be quickly released…

With the President officially declaring Antifa a terrorist organization, the full weight of the national law enforcement and national security apparatus must be brought to bear to destroy it. Frankly, death, destruction and mayhem warrant extreme measures as it is not hyperbole on my part to state that we face a mortal threat and open insurrection. Unfortunately, thanks to the Obama regime’s almost total subversion of our national LE and IC agencies, there are doubts as to whether or not we can trust them to be on our side or the terrorists. 

Here’s an idea: declare war on Antifa and tap both General Mike Flynn and Rick Grenell to crush the insurrection. Target number one should be Nazi collaborator and convicted felon George Soros. He should be arrested and deported to Hungary as an actual Nazi collaborator, or better yet Malaysia where IIRC he has been sentenced to death in absentia. At the same time, all of his assets should be seized and every political front group be shut down immediately.

Obviously Soros is not the lone actor in all of this, and I strongly suspect individuals including Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Tom Steyer and even Warren Buffet have been funding this madness as well. But the rot is deep; truly the Democrat Party is now an openly anti-American organization that seeks the overthrow of this nation. I’d say dissolve it as well but that’s a bit more problematic. There’s crossing the Rubicon but at some point I think the Rubicon will cross us, if it hasn’t already.



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