The Morning Report 5/29/20

Good morning, kids. Friday and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. 

Funny how just as the Democrat-Left media complex was running out of the justification to keep the entire country locked down, the death of George Floyd at the hands of police rides in to the rescue to sow discord, discontent and provide yet another convenient weapon with which to bash America, and President Trump. 

Some commenters here seemed to think that my editorial yesterday was pro-cop; it wasn’t. Meh, maybe it’s the way I phrased things. For sure my sentiments are in line with Rush Limbaugh who, zapped as he must be from chemotherapy was still audibly rage-stroking against not only the officer for putting his knee on the back of George Floyd’s neck but for the two or three other officers who stood around and watched it without doing anything. I’m not a policeman and have no knowledge of training or protocol, but what they did cannot be proper procedure. If it is, there is something terribly wrong in the Minneapolis PD and probably elsewhere across the nation. But I digress.

Let me try and make things as crystal clear as I can. Whatever Floyd did in terms of why he was arrested in the first place and from the look of how he was behaving while being arrested cannot ever justify the taking of his life. I don’t buy the official story either that he died at the hospital perhaps from some other cause. He died at the hands of that officer and the others who did not intercede to prevent it. 

With that out of the way, we now have the city of Minneapolis in flames, as well as copycat rioting in other cities to “protest” Floyd’s killing. In fact, thugs evidently were able to pull off an Assault on Precinct 13 attack on a police station and set it on fire. Even more disturbing is the attack on a woman in a wheelchair by these poor, misunderstood little darlings who were no doubt turning their lives around and reacted in a way that should not be criticized because moral relativism or some such thing. This kind of behavior is as horrendous as that of the police. But I suppose I’ll be criticized for being too blindly pro-law enforcement for mentioning it? 

Worst of all are the pronouncements from what I consider to be down there with pedophiles, sex-traffickers and drug dealers as the lowest form of humanity: the self-promoting political opportunist. Bipedal turds like Colin Kaepernick, Cookie Milano and Frances Fisher whose contributions to our cultural heritage are less than nil, yet are openly fomenting race wars. To paraphrase a famous bit of First World War propaganda, “white elitist Leftists will fight to the last poor, ignorant black man.” Not to pat myself on the back but if that doesn’t crystallize the history of Democrat racism and racialism in this country, I don’t know what does. It cannot be stated enough that as horrendous and abhorrent as a white policeman killing a subdued black suspect is, this particular kind of incident is rare. The vast majority of violent crimes in America’s cities, by orders of magnitude, are committed by blacks against other blacks. In either case, it’s the Democrat-Media Complex that makes sure the former is always in the public eye and the latter is covered up. That’s because it keeps them in power and has kept them in power, especially on the state and local level, for decades. That’s why, all things considered, it is not hyperbole to openly and emphatically label the American Left and Democrat party as evil. 

This incident, and virtually every other incident involving white law enforcement and minority perpetrator took place in jurisdictions that are and have been controlled by Democrats. In part or in toto, Democrats comprise the majority of mayors, city councils, DAs, police commissioners and chiefs, aldermen, as well as state legislatures, attorneys general and governors in some instances. They write the laws, they train the officers, they enact the policies. And yet year after year, blacks and other minorities vote for them blindly because they are told that Democrats are the solution to their problems – problems that only get worse and get blamed on the white man, conservatives, Republicans, capitalism, etc. etc. etc.

Again, it’s either an amazing coincidence or damned good luck that the tragic and completely unjustified killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis cop came just as Democrats were running out of excuses to continue the General Tso’s Sicken lockdown – – and that the revelations about Barack Obama’s direct knowledge of and more than likely participation in the plot to sabotage the 2016 election and then overthrow President Trump with the Russia Collusion hoax/fraud are coming to light.

UPDATE: A rather salient point that I forgot to mention is that it would not surprise me in the least that most of the rioters were from out of town, and hasty as it might have been, the rioting was a pre-planned and premeditated action that may have been organized by Antifa/BLM and perhaps agents of the Democrat Party itself. In fact, I’d bet on it, especially in places other than Minneapolis. Thanks to commenter Lizzy for sparking my memory.

Aside from the rioting putting that off of the front page – at least in the Democrat propaganda house organs that are the legacy media – there is no doubt the Democrats are itching for Trump and AG Barr to continue. Then watch as the biggest race card ever played is thrown on the political poker table. You can bet your ass that the headlines will read something close to “Trump’s Racist Attack on Obama to Deflect from Culpability in Police Brutality,” or something Himmler, er, similar.

But like everything else they have tried or glommed on to these past five years, they still don’t understand with whom they are dealing. When Trump himself encouraged American Blacks to vote for him by asking “what have you got to lose?,” referring to their past record of being used like toilet paper every two to four years by the Democrats, a lot of American Blacks listened. And before this phony pandemic shutdown, Trump delivered for them like no other president in American history since Abraham Lincoln. 

As heinous and horrendous as what happened in Minneapolis is, and now in the reaction there and elsewhere, it is on the heads of the Democrats and the American Left. We know it, and I believe Trump knows it. It’s up to him to let Black Americans and all Americans know it.



I invite Frances Fisher to go to Minneapolis – unarmed and without bodyguards. I look forward to the reaction of the rioters to her presence.


Meanwhile, Michigan’s Court of Appeals tells Karl Manke to drop dead, for once I agree with Bernie Sanders in that we should be doing what Scandinavia is doing, California skateboarders tell Noose-’em to pound sand – literally, Jay Inbreed is a comedian but Catholic Bishops in Washington laugh at all his jokes, the lockdowns are tyranny straight up, and the Oregon salon owner who was persecuted by Kate Brown-shirt fights back.

UPDATE: The Minneapolis rioting will be used as a pretext to shut down any and all nonviolent anti-lockdown protests. And you can bet the police will be giving out hickory shampoos con gusto to any who dare defy the order, and there won’t be a peep out of the BLM/Antifa and media.

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America. 


Fauci now whistling a very different tune about the severity of this virus and says facemasks are symbolic. This bastard should be run out on a rail, and yet I see book and TV deals galore. Feh. Also, Angel-of-Death Cuomo still acting like the bastard child of Mussolini and Idi Amin, Michigan bureaucrat totally clueless as to how many old folks Whitmer killed, only half of Americans willing to be guinea pigs, and this whole thing was a scam from the get-go.


WH advisors Navarro and Goodspeed bullish, numbers show perhaps we have bottomed out, California still strangling itself, Illinois a hot mess, seniors could face money woes if the Dem governors don’t kill them first, and Victor Davis Hanson warns about how all this affects the debt.


I saw that Lindsey Graham intends to call all the conspirators, but we shall see. In any case this thing is not going to go away. Tick-tock…


Hickenlooper wins the Day-Ending-in-Y Dept. award for today.


Suddenly, Val Demings looks to win the Fickle Fingers of Biden award as Whitmer and Klobuchar get ensnared in problems, Hillary shambles and shoots self in face, absentee ballots and other mail-in fraud sound alarm bells or should, two links that talk up Trump, and Democrats are “terrified the American private sector will defeat them this fall.”


Kick out every Chi-Com national, RINOs still hell bent to screw over working Americans now out of work, and Daniel Greenfield notes “who knew that anonymously handing out $1,000 to criminals could go wrong?”


Trump drops EO hammer on Big Tech censorship, for good reason, McEnany with a truth bomb, PBS forced to yank Chi-Com agitprop, destroy the SPLC, Julie Kelly shreds Chris Wallace and Fox, and Conrad Black says “this is a brave new world for the uncontrolled and inexplicably self-confident forces of belligerent American secularism.”


Pompeo puts nail in coffin on Iran sanctions waivers, Chi-Coms on a rampage, Russkies meddling in Libya quagmire (thanks Hillary!), Pierre Trudeau is a fey little tyrant, several links on Israel’s planned and justified “annexation” of West Bank land, and “maybe Mahmoud Abbas will actually go through with cutting ties with Israel this time.”




“Communist China plays the long game, and if the United States plans to fix the imbalances in the Sino-American relationship, we must as well,” and “as president, Biden would replicate California’s repressive AB5 law.”


Mass shooting stopped by soldier with… a truck, “it’s time for conservatives to speak out against police brutality and confront a union-rigged system of ‘accountability,’ ” and a viral video highlights an inconsistency among left-leaning criminal-justice reformers.”


More bad news for the teacher unions, sanity in PA, Betsy DeVos wants blood from stone, universities in trouble and on Elon Musk and education vis a vis his supposed newfound conservatism.


Dem white senators think Black people are stupid, and “if the California state government and PG&E are willing to put their citizens and customers first then both will employ alternative policies for preventing forest fires, policies that do not harm an already struggling economy.”


Our intrepid science reporter with a two-fer: With the launch of its manned rocket now slated for tomorrow, Elon Musk is attracting investment bucks, and paging Roy Thinnes to the Eurosec launch pad.


Of course Netflix whitewashed the Clintons, 1619 Project ripped, Christian Toto with “part romance, part music industry takedown, this story pulls too many punches,” and socialism attracts the aimless, helpless and lazy.

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