The Morning Report 4/19/24

Good morning, kids. Were it not for the fact that Israel evidently launched what it describes as “limited” yet by most reports pretty sharp retaliatory strikes on Iran – that is directly and overtly on Iranian territory by IDF assets, not merely suspected covert Mossad assassinations or sabotage – you would not know (if you weren’t reading this editorial) that the braindead kohlrabi-in-chief, or his puppet-master(s) as James O’Keefe seems to have officially confirmed in his latest undercover exposé, has yet again abandoned American military personnel to their fate in yet another international hotspot that doubtless would not be so hot had the 2020 election not been stolen. This time, it’s Niger. Wait, do I have to write that as Ni*er so I don’t get sent to a gulag?

Ironically, when I think of Niger, I think of yellow cake. You might recall that that’s a form of uranium-containing ore which supposedly the wizards of smart at Langley back during the Dubya years used as the proof that Saddam Hussein was intending to go nuclear, and thus a/the casus bellifor Gulf War 2, Shock and Awe Boogaloo. Maybe if we told Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants that Niger is holding Betty Crocker hostage, he’ll launch a rescue mission for our trapped soldiers. 

Be that as it may, the stumbling, shambling, stuttering clusterfuckery that is our foreign policy might well be shoving us down the slippery slope (sorry Xi) towards a major conflagration in the Middle East. 

Israeli missiles hit at least one site in Iran, ABC News reported, citing US officials, and Iranian state media alerted citizens to explosions heard in the central part of the Islamic republic.

The attack comes after Iran rained down more than 300 drones and missiles toward the Jewish nation last Saturday — though nearly all were intercepted by Israel and its allies. Israel’s early morning retaliatory strike, however, appeared to be “limited,” a military source told Fox News. Israeli officials notified the US on Thursday that it had planned to strike Iran within 24 to 48 hours, according to Bloomberg News. 

The Biden [junta] “didn’t endorse” Israel’s response, a US official told CNN.T

he city of Isfahan – home of Iran’s Natanz nuclear research facility and a major air base – appears to have been Israel’s primary target. A scroll alerting viewers to a “loud noise” near Isfahan was displayed on Iranian state television, but provided no other information, according to the Associated Press. State television claimed that all nuclear sites in the region were “fully safe.”

Hossein Dalirian, a spokesman for Iran’s civilian space program, claimed that the explosions were the results of three quadcopter drones that had been shot down, dismissing the threat Israel’s apparent retaliation posed to Iran.  Iran’s air defense systems were activated in several provinces after the explosions first rang out, state news outlet IRNA reported, according to CNN. . . 

. . . “Hearing [Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei] is having a blast today on his birthday,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wrote on X, shortly after reports of the Israeli strike began to emerge. Khamenei, 84, was indeed born on April 19.

Maybe we can dress up a goat to resemble Marylin Monroe, replete with full burqa-witz, and get it to bleat “Happy Birthday” in a sultry manner. Or we can deliver Rashida Tlaib on a silver platter with an apple in her mouth. Same difference. 

In all seriousness, the world has been destabilized, not only in the Middle East, but almost everywhere on the map as a result of the head-up-the-ass Ivy League/Kennedy School/Johns Hopkins-fueled delusions of the Foggy Bottom elites whose worldview is completely out of phase with reality and just plain old Jew-hatred that’s also part and parcel of that worldview. As I implied, if elections indeed have consequences, take a good look around and consider the consequences of stolen elections. 

The only thing that irks me from that report is that Israel supposedly informed the White House (boy, you talk about the term “Occupied Territories”) that it was going to retaliate, and if that is true, likely the extent/nature of the retaliation. I imagine this was some sort of face-saving diplomatic gesture but the real-politik of who is a friend and enemy kind of blows this out of the water.

In any case, on the broader diplomatic front of this brewing war, the Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants banana-in-the-tailpipe junta might have totally screwed itself – and that means some good news for a change for Israel and all of us.

The United States used its veto on Thursday at the United Nations (UN) Security Council to block a Palestinian state from being declared unilaterally.

American policy has held for decades that a Palestinian state should emerge after negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Still, the Biden administration played coy until the last hours before the UN Security Council vote, with the White House dodging questions about a potential veto until the State Department announced the U.S. position earlier on Thursday. . . 

. . . The U.S. tried to portray a Palestinian state as something that “Hamas and its Iranian backers” would oppose, though Hamas denounced the U.S. veto.

Israel welcomed the veto. The Israeli government had argued against Palestinian statehood, either at the UN or outside of it, arguing that recognizing a Palestinian state in the present context would reward Hamas for terror.

This comes a couple of weeks after the US stabbed Israel in the heart by not vetoing another General Assembly vote which paved the way for “Palestinian” statehood. There’s either no one at the helm or Commodore Decker has sealed himself on the Enterprise bridge and is intent on ramming us down the throat of the planet killer; that cheapo model on strings that resembles a Biden ice cream cone on end.

At least, to paraphrase Gil Scot Heron, they might have “lost Detroit.” But for sure, they’ve lost Dearborn and possibly Minneapolis. Will they have regained some (most, all) of the self-gassing idiot Jews who had initially distanced themselves in the wake of 10/7 to come back and open their checkbooks for the DNC? TBD.

So, let’s take a quick gander at the state of play on the RISK board:

IRAN – is going to have to respond to this, and with the abject failure of its mass aerial assault last weekend, I would imagine there will be some sort of mass combined ground and artillery attack from Hezbollah coming from Lebanon. 

ISRAEL – no doubt sees this and perhaps is preparing some sort of preemptive strike on Iranian assets up north to blunt that attack, or whatever command and control assets Iran has up there and possibly in Iran itself. Combined ops of Mossad and Sayeret Matkal, the IDF’s equivalent of the SEALs/Delta Force.

The Biden-Junta-controlled USA – in order to salvage the Muslim-Marxist voting base might have to somehow intervene militarily or otherwise assist Iran to defend itself if they catch wind of what Israel is going to do. Oh boy! Talk about getting hair mussed.

In any case, this may be anecdotal but remember that there is a lot of pent up hatred of the mullahs in Iran itself:

The Iranian police reportedly arrested Iranian national volleyball team player Mobina Rostami for condemning the Iranian attack on Israel:

Iranian national volleyball team player Mobina Rostami posted on her Instagram account: “As an Iranian, I am truly ashamed of the authorities’ attack on Israel, but you need to know that the people in Iran love Israel and hate the Islamic Republic.” 

She was reportedly arrested shortly afterwards. One of the comments on her post came from an account associated with Iranian security forces, stating: “We will shove you in a bag.”

“Only God knows what fate awaits her,” her friends posted on social media.

No one knows where she is right now.

Pray for her. Pray for all the truly innocent Iranian people who think like her. Pray for Israel, Judeo-Christian civilization as well as for our personnel abandoned in Ni*er.

And Joey should only choke on a big fat slice of yellow cake. How fucked is this world with Obama or whoever pulling his strings?

BIDEN: “I made it clear to the Israelis — don’t move on Haifa!

. . . Biden has tried to pressure Israel not to enter Rafah, a city in Gaza on the Egyptian border that is thought to be the location of the last Hamas battalions, and the remaining Israeli hostages.

Haifa is considered Israel’s third city, after Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It features a large port in a natural harbor. It is also seen as an example of coexistence between Arabs and Jews, and is a headquarters for the Baha’i faith.

My latest essay is up at Taki’s Magazine. Please read and comment. 

Have a good weekend. And as Buck Turgidson said to Suge (not Knight) “Don’t forget to say your prayers!”




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