The Freedom Ratchet Only Goes One Way, And It’s The Wrong Way

facial recog.png

Facial Recognition. Digital IDs. Electronic Funds. License Plate Readers. Surveillance Cameras. Internet Usage Tracking. National Gun Database.

You name the technology program, and the odds are that it will reduce individual freedom. Where are the robust safeguards against government misuse of all of these data? They do not exist, except as a throwaway comment from a back-bencher to pacify the stoners over at Reason Magazine (even they don’t believe it). The surveillance state is here, and it is by no means spectacular.

I went through two passport controls last week, and both used facial recognition to identify me. That’s chilling, and not because of the reasonable need in the interest of national security at a border. It’s that the data are instantly available to every department of our bloated, deep-state-controlled Leviathan. Sure, the Department of Agriculture probably won’t use the data, but what’s to prevent them if they just sort of feel like it?

Cops can now cruise around the streets while using automated license plate readers that will pick out all sorts of potential violations. But that sounds like unreasonable search! I thought there had to be an articulatable reason for a policeman to pull me over. And a search of my data for no reason other than he can does not satisfy that requirement.

How long until the Deep StateTM sets up facial recognition systems outside of Trump rallies? Or NRA meetings? Or the local range? Or the “Anytown Citizens For Limited Government” meeting?

Oh…our staunch defenders of freedom in the United States Senate just renewed Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and it wasn’t along party lines. 60-34 means there are at least 60 senators who dream about jack boots and kicking down doors. Of course they were just following the lead of the House of Representatives!

This is all about power and control. Our government wants as much of it as they can accumulate, and its purpose is to make us obedient, and subservient to their needs and desires.

The United States of America was created because of exactly the same thing emanating from London, rather than Washington. We now have parliament and King George, only it is Congress and King Joseph.

Where is our Samuel Adams?