The Morning Report 4/22/24

Good erev Pesach morning, kids. Passover eve, for those not of the Tribe. What an ironically appropriate holiday for all of us, all things considered. But, it’s also Earth Day! So happy Earth day, or more accurately happy Brutally-murder-and-compost-your-girlfriend-then-flee-to-France-for-23-years Day!

Speaking of compost, I give you a batch of it to start off the week, either with a laugh or as an emetic:

Although Joe Biden is a lifelong Democrat, his political career was long defined by bipartisan compromises and reaching out to the Republican Party with legislative compromises, budget battle solutions, foreign policy consensus, and, notably, personal friendships.

Now it’s time for him to make U.S. history by announcing, prior to the Democratic Party nominating convention, that he will name a bipartisan Cabinet and policy advisers and work with congressional Republican conservative leaders as well as progressive Democrats to find common ground on the issues Americans care about most, starting with border security, inflation, criminal justice, climate change, and support for democracy and the rule of law.

Beyond these problems that Americans want addressed with across-the-aisle cooperation, the issue of partisanship itself is one of voters’ biggest concerns. They tell this to pollsters constantly. Polarization and extremism ranked third across a list of 20 issues asked about in a poll taken in May-June 2023 – just after border security and inflation.

I can see you all alternately trying to laugh through your vomitus, hurtling out of your gullets like a firehose. But wait, there’s more:

As many of these conservative anti-Trump Republicans and independents tell me in my travels, despite their serious concerns about Trump’s anti-democratic views and support for Valdmir Putin and other autocrats, they won’t vote for Biden’s reelection because they consider him to ideologically “liberal” and, worse, too “partisan.”

This is not the Joe Biden I have known since he was first elected as a moderate Democrat from the then-Republican-leaning state of Delaware. This is someone who during six terms in the Senate was popular among his GOP colleagues who appreciated his knack for finding the sweet spot between left and right for legislative compromises; he’s a man who ran as a moderate in the Democratic presidential field as recently as 2020.

So, there is an opportunity here for Biden to win over these Biden-skeptical anti-Trump voters. One way to do it would be to hit a dramatic re-set button for his campaign – to make history (and good government) by committing to a bipartisan presidency in his second term if reelected. . . 

. . . There are many credible Republican leaders with strong anti-Trump views who are obvious candidates, if they are willing, to serve in an historic bipartisan Cabinet and second term Biden administration. The list includes Sen. Mitt Romney, former Rep. Liz Cheney, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former GOP governors Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie along with former Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and other GOP congressional leaders who opposed Trump’s election denialism. They recognize the reality of Trump’s complicity in an attempted insurrection to stop the counting of votes in 2021, and are repulsed by Trump’s pro-Putin and pro-autocratic foreign policy. . . 

. . . Biden is fortunate to be able to call upon former presidents and top leaders of prior Democratic and Republican administrations to serve on a newly created official Presidential Senior Advisory Council. The first co-chairs could be ex-presidents (and personal friends) Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, with Barack Obama waiting in the wings. On foreign policy, Biden could tap the expertise of luminaries ranging from former secretaries of state Condoleezza Rice, John Kerry, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mrs. Clinton could do double duty on a committee of former first ladies, with Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. A domestic policy bipartisan counterpart could be co-chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and could include former House Republican Speaker (and now anti-Trump conservative) Paul Ryan and former Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be part of the bipartisan team, too. Beyond her articulate expression of progressive views, AOC has been a constructive force in Congress for pragmatic compromise.

And the purveyor of this multi-trillion dollar ton of absolute horseshit is . . . Lanny Davis. Yup, the very same Lanny Davis who went to Yale Law School with Hilary Clinton and later served in the Clinton crime family during their stint at the White House as consigliere, er, special counsel (same thing) defending his sagging rapist ass from multiple scandals. After that, he’s represented a virtual rogue’s gallery of other scum and tyrants, with the cherry on the parfait now of being the mouthpiece for Michael Cohen. Perfect.

There are a couple of things to note with this inane waste of pixels that are nevertheless quite instructive. At first glance, Davis appears to be under the same delusion/illusion that the American citizenry as a whole, while divided on a few issues are nevertheless united in a common culture that seeks at a minimum tolerance if not accommodation. Given who he cites as “conservative,” or that each side of the divide share a common enemy, Donald Trump and everyone who supports him, the entire gravamen of this discourse is a patently obvious lie. 

Every individual he cites as a veritable “Lincoln’s cabinet of rivals” all share the same goal: the fundamental transformation of America as founded from a nation where a limited government serves the will of the individual citizen by respecting his inalienable rights to that of a government that lords over an enslaved mass populace. 

Why write this insulting, tedious, irksome piffle? FEAR. Davis et al have a very deep, nagging fear that no matter what they do to rig the 2024 election in every state they can, and that no matter what happens in the debasement of American jurisprudence that are these kangaroo court persecutions against Donald Trump, that at the end of the day he and we shall overcome them. 

His notion that common ground exists in this country would be laughable were it not for the fact that not only are their political prisoners still having their lives ruined and rotting in jail as a result of the staged fake Democrat/DOJ/Deep State “insurrection” of 1/6/21, that a massive anarcho-terrorist crime wave is sweeping the nation as a result of Leftist anti-cop pro-criminal policies, and made even worse by an 8-million-strong invasion of illegal aliens that includes hardened criminals and even terrorists, and that Jews and Christians are being targeted and attacked on campuses as well as in churches and synagogues as a result of Islam and godless heathen secularism, the tip of the spear being the transexual mass-psychosis inflicted on us.

And all of the aforementioned inflicted on us by his anti-American party, political movement and the RINO scum who profit off of it.

On the latest podcast with friend and friend of the blog Jim Lakely of the Heartland Institute, I asserted that America today is probably more divided than it was at the time of the Civil War. Regardless of the issues of slavery and states rights as well as other factors such as economics, at least there was some common ground and heritage that was shared by both North and South, regardless of the aforementioned issues.

In point of fact, I believe we are now no longer one people. We are two very different nations occupying the same territory. The Left hate us, everything we stand for, and America itself. There is no common ground, and like Israel, there can be no two-state solution vis a vis some sort of national divorce, even if it could be engineered. Our very existence is anathema to their own. It would negate everything they stand for, insane as it is. 

It’s us or them:

Any political prediction for the remainder of 2024 must, to be taken seriously, account for one overbearing fact:  neither side can afford to lose.  For one side or the other, it will be game over.  Political power will thereafter be denied forever to the defeated party. . .

. . . There are other factors that will spell the end of constitutional democracy, the end of the rule of law, and the bastardization of our culture but government-funded lawbreaking will be sufficient to do its intended job. . . 

. . . The only reason Clinton lost in 2016 was because the Left lied, cheated, stole, but not enough.  In 2020, the limits came undone, and the left pulled off the greatest fraud in history.

They fully expect to do it again, but on an even grander scale. 

Only this time, even fraud will not be enough.  If the leftist candidate officially “wins” in a historic landslide, nobody will believe it.  The ordinary American, shocked into inaction since the January 6 incident, is in no mood to hand over his country to yet another blatant, obvious theft. State legislators are on notice.  In order to certify their electors, there must be no reasonable doubt that the vote was conducted within the requirements of the law.  The legislators now know, as many of them did not in 2020, that no one can require them to certify an elector until they have performed their due diligence.  That power is theirs alone, not the secretaries of state.

But the Left is also aware of this.  Their game plan will factor that in.  Some Democrats in Congress have already stated, in advance, that they will refuse to count electoral votes which would cause their party to lose the presidency.  They can’t surrender.  A leftist defeat will be utterly unacceptable to them. 

How, then, will the deadlock be broken?

Quite a good essay but the fact is that even elections, that is even elections wherein a now massive margin of institutional fraud can be overcome will still leave in place an entirely corrupt government, bureaucracy and courts that will not allow anyone, even a Donald Trump on steroids, to denude them of even the tiniest scintilla of their illegitimate power. 

It is a sad state of affairs that owing to 100 years of the overturning of the Constitution because of the will-to-power of several generations of our so-called elites, as well as the societal dissolution that has erased morality and ethics of not only the aforementioned but at far too many of our now-erstwhile fellow citizens, we must now fundamentally re-transform America. Either back to the way it was or to some other state wherein those who destroyed it in the first place are never ever in a position to do it again.

As Allen Ludden might say, the password is Revolution.

The discussion during the podcast and Heartland’s latest poll are, no pun, disheartening in the extreme. Recall that their earlier poll showed an alarming percentage of respondents admitting to cheating in 2020, which led to the conclusion that 2020 was indeed severely compromised if not for sure stolen. This latest poll is even more alarming in that a majority of respondents when asked are willing to cheat and break the law again if it means ensuring their candidate wins.

Yes, the other side are fully amoral and corrupt, but because they are true believers who see us as an existential evil, “by any means necessary” is in their view perfectly justified if not demanded. And what of us? If the whole damned shit house is corrupt, then where is the sin in doing exactly what they do to prevent them from stealing the election?

Look how far we have sunk when contemplating guerrilla tactics in our own country, such as it was, is not beyond the pale. 


  • David Solway: “The American political model, as envisioned by the founding fathers, provides the clue to what constitutes not only a viable nation but a good marriage as well: a presidential husband supported by the power of a Congressional wife.” The Paradox of the Good Marriage
  • “The enormously destructive influence of leftist billionaires on our civic life goes largely unnoticed.” Arabella Advisors: the Dark Money Incubator for Leftist Billionaires
  • Roger Kimball: “We remember the past. Are we still condemned to repeat it?” Socialism’s Survival: The Endurance of an Ideological Paradox
  • The ordeal of the J6ers began when the Department of Justice adopted Lavrentiy Beria’s Law: Show me the man, and I will show you the crime. Rather than arresting those who may have committed a crime, Biden’s FBI obtained “geo-fence” warrants. These warrants compelled Google, AT&T, Verizon and other cell service providers to identify everyone near the Capitol on January 6 via cell phone tracking. What About America’s Political Prisoners?
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “In the American Left’s vision of contemporary war, the West brings too many advantages in science, technology, and wealth.” War By Affirmative Action?



* * * * *


  • “Prosecutors in the Alexander Scott Mercurio case need more than the ‘fidelity, bravery, and integrity’ of federal agents upon which to base their case.” The FBI Arrests a Terrorist, Raising Questions
  • Robert Spencer: “A Houston child abuse case uncovers larger issues no one wants to face.”Who’s the Victim Here?
  • . . . while migrants are largely allowed to run amok, Germans who complain about their country and the rule of law conceded to chaos and degradation are smeared as “far-right” and targeted for “pre-crime” surveillance by the German state. Germany: Violent Migrant Crime Hit Record High in 2023


  • “All of us, Jewish or not, have an interest in defeating the racialist ideology that enables anti-Semitism to flourish.” Embrace Pluralism over Racialism


  • “Even as all eyes are on the geographic Middle East, Iran’s agent, Hezbollah, has set up shop in Latin America and is heading here.” The Middle Eastern War Being Waged Across America’s Southern Border
  • “It’s no longer passive people just trying to kind of mosey about their business. It is a different element of people,” the Congressman told Fox News. He added: “They’re more aggressive, they’re demanding and they’re culturally not the same. And that’s why, once again, a district 70 percent Hispanic, the people in my district had enough.” Bloodthirsty Gang Continues to Infiltrate America: “They Have No Rules”
  • The SSP funds non-federal bodies such as NGOs and local governments that aid illegal aliens who are released into the United States. Of the total funding, $275 million will be dispensed initially, with the remaining $25 million set aside for later in the year.The program covers costs related to providing shelter, food, transportation, medical care, and personal hygiene to illegal aliens. Other expenses, such as the remodeling of existing facilities, clothing, translation services, outreach information, and administrative costs, are also included.Biden Drops $300 Million (Of Your Cash) on Sanctuary Cities
  • The above examples of illegal aliens victimizing U.S. residents and consuming public resources are illustrative rather than exhaustive. Some indication of the full scale of migrant crime, dismissed as “negligible” by leftist commentators such as MSNBC’s Joy Reid, was given by Rep. Glenn Grothman, Chairman of the House National Security, Border, and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, during a hearing on Tuesday.Grothman indicated that ICE is attempting to monitor at least 6 million illegal aliens. Of these, 617,000 — greater than the population of Wyoming — are known to have criminal records or pending criminal charges.MIGRANT CRIME ROUND-UP: Gangsters, Killers, and Pedophiles Victimize Public, Sap Public Resources
  • “Democrats just made it okay to dismiss impeachment without a Senate trial. Republicans definitely didn’t learn that lesson.” Democrats Just Blew Off Impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas, and Republicans Will Do Nothing About It
  • “It’s not just because of [migrants], but because of a myriad of other things too, like people breaking into cars, that kind of stuff,” the man explained. . . One worker claimed a female supervisor saw a migrant “washing his privates with a water bottle in the lot, and that several women have called customer service to complain that migrants robbed them of purses or phones,” the Post article said. (As long as he didn’t wash his generals . . . – jjs)PHOTO: New York Home Depot Hires Guards with German Shepherd to Deter ‘Aggressive’ Migrants and Thieves





  • Consumers are also suffering from higher-than-expected inflation. Energy price rises have been especially punishing, increasing by 29.4 percent since Joe Biden assumed office in 2021. The price of gasoline has risen by over 52.1 percent over the same period and was even higher in 2022.Donald Trump has made Biden’s faltering economy one of his key pitches to voters ahead of the presidential election in November, regularly asking, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Bidenomics: Home Sales See Biggest Dip in a Year, Mortgages Soar
  • “If we want to get back to what the Founders envisioned, maybe the government could try these.” Some Crude But Worthwhile Tax Solutions


  • The [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] recent proposals won’t have a large effect on bolstering the steel industry, but environmental policies from the [junta] pushing for “green steel” could severely harm its competitiveness, according to experts who spoke to the DCNF.Biden Vowed To Protect American Steel — But Another Effort Of His Could Destroy It
  • The study claims that the climate and culture in marine and climate sciences “have been identified as actively contributing to the low participation and retention of BIPOC individuals in the disciplines and their disparate academic and professional outcomes, through gatekeeping, professional barriers, and other obstacles.” Biden Junta To Spend Over $2 Million To Diversify Marine Biology, Climate Science
  • We are funding our own destruction. As economist Stephen Moore explains, “Green energy subsidies — mostly created by Biden policies like the so-called Inflation Reduction Act — will drain the Treasury of as much as $1.8 trillion over 10 years.”
  • “Not a chance.” Could EVs Compete in a True Free Market? A ‘Green’ Constitutional Solution
  • “Scientific inquiry in pursuit of truth has produced modern marvels, but it should never be poisoned by ideology and treated as incontrovertibly established — in fact, the latter attitude is the total opposite of the scientific method!  Dillon is right: Scientific progressivism is not only a religion, it is a dangerous cult.” Babylon Bee CEO: “Scientific Progressivism Is a Religion”
  • “Those who remember the days of relying on a noisy, smelly diesel in the shed have no wish to be dragged back there by green zealots.” A Diesel in the Shed



  • “U.S. taxpayers are not only funding potentially dangerous bird flu research, however. Peter Daszak, the Anthony Fauci-linked researcher whose EcoHealth Alliance group has been accused of involvement in the Wuhan Institute of Virology leaking COVID-19, continues to receive funding for work with exotic viruses in bats, pangolins, and other animals.” Did You Know That You’re Funding Dangerous Chinese Bird Flu Research?





  • Robert Spencer: “Was there no way to tell that a Democrat politician was mentally ill?” (The “D” party affiliation was all you needed – jjs) Warrant Out for Dem State Rep. Kevin Boyle
  • “While Trump sits in a kangaroo court for an imaginary felony predicted on time-barred misdemeanors tied to the alleged misuse of campaign funds, Ted Lieu walks free.” (You can’t spell Lieu without L-I-E – jjs) “I’m Shocked!” Dept.: Ted Lieu Allegedly Channeled Campaign Funds for Personal Use
  • Murphy & Rudolf, a criminal defense firm Murphy founded in 2011, touts its “notable case results,” including a dismissal of charges for clients accused of rape, child rape, and murder. In one post on its website, Murphy & Rudolf touts its “50 years of combined experience to defend clients in cases of sex crimes against children. . . ” That kind of aggressive criminal defense work could throw a kink into Murphy’s confirmation process, especially during a high-profile election year with several swing-state Democrats up for reelection. (If we had an actual opposition party to “Willie Horton” it – jjs) Biden Judicial Pick’s Law Firm Touts an ‘Arsenal’ of Legal Tactics to Help Clients Accused of Murder, Child Rape


  • “. . . look, I’m a progressive Democrat and I think you would have a few progressive Democrats doing that. And I disagree with Speaker Johnson on many issues and have been very critical of him. But he did the right thing here and he deserves to keep his job until the end of his term.” (So, selling out to Commie scum like you is the “right thing”- jjs Hardcore Marxist “Democrat” Ro Khanna: I Would Vote to Protect Speaker Johnson
  • “Ousting Johnson for allowing the Ukraine aid bill to go through is suicide for the GOP, and will cost them the White House, too.” How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mike Johnson?
  • “Polling organizations are supposed to be ethical, unbiased, and consistent in their methodology.  The truth is the way a poll is conducted can significantly affect the results.”Is Biden’s Poll Surge for Real?
  • Miranda Devine: “Most Americans agree that the Weekend at Bernie’s presidency has not turned out well. . . Even if Biden is a dead man walking, you can bet Democrats have plenty of dirty tricks up their sleeves.” Democrats are Using an Infirm 81-year-old Joe Biden to Defraud the Electorate (Just like 4 years ago, AKA playing to one’s strengths – jjs) 
  • Clarice Feldman: “This year, it’s not just the pro-Hamas wing that will be protesting, but Black Chicagoans opposed to the Democrats’ open-border policies.” Chicago is the DNC’s Kind of Town?
  • “Because of growing backlash against radical gender ideology, it certainly does seem like a ripe time for the Republican Party to expand their coalition. . . Social conservatives may not be happy about the appeal to win votes from this community, but sometimes you have to form alliances against a larger evil.” Trump Seeks Support from Another Reliably Democrat Voting Bloc
  • “A new Manhattan Institute poll suggests that Mayor Eric Adams’s reelection prospects may hinge on his ability to make progress on crime and the migrant crisis.” Gotham Voters’ Growing Discontent
  • “There is an opportunity for Biden to win over Biden-skeptical anti-Trump voters. By committing to a bipartisan presidency in his second term if reelected.” (Not so much clueless as reeking of desperation. – jjs) ROFLMAO!!! Lanny Davis Op-Ed: Time for a Bipartisan Presidency




  • “A 2020 Equal Opportunity law opened the door for commanders to subject someone who refuses to affirm a transgender servicemember’s so-called gender identity to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for charges related to harassment, Capt. Thomas Wheatley, an assistant professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Such a move would likely infringe on a servicemember’s constitutional rights to uphold their conscience, but it might not prevent leaders from employing more subtle ways of disciplining service members.” Military Could Hit Troops With Court-Martials For Refusing To Use Preferred Pronouns, Experts Say





  • Gabriel, who was renowned for his robust physique and powerful arm, still holds the Los Angeles Rams‘ record for the most touchdown passes at 154, according to The Associated Press (AP). Drafted second overall by the Rams in 1962, Gabriel’s impact was profound, both on and off the field. Despite an era dominated by run-heavy offenses, Gabriel’s aerial abilities shone brightly. His career achievements include being named the NFL’s MVP in 1969, a year in which he threw for 2,549 yards and contributed 29 touchdowns. Former NFL Quarterback Roman Gabriel Dies At 83
  • Deroy Murdock: “An honest and inspiring film that features multiple plot twists and a surprisingly high number of laughs.” Hard Miles Proves That Positive Thinking Levels Mountains
  • “The Library of America gives Jimmy Breslin the treatment.” (Meh. He lamented the cleaning up of 42nd Street at the onset of the Giuliani era – jjs) The Columnist
  • “Passover commemorates the miracle of God leading the Jews out of slavery, but it also has deeply important things to say about the nature of tyranny and how to end it.” The World’s Leaders, Including Biden, Must Learn The Lesson Of Passover

FINALLY . . . 

  • “Jerele was among thousands of U.S. and Filipino service members who were captured and interned at POW camps. He was reported captured during the surrender of U.S. forces in Bataan to the Japanese and endured the 65-mile Bataan Death March before being held at the Cabanatuan POW camp. More than 2,500 POWs lost their lives in this camp during the war, the DPAA [Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency] said.” RIP, Soldier: WWII POW Who Died in 1942 Finally Accounted For

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