The Morning Report 4/23/24

Good morning, kids. Aside from being absolutely sickened to my stomach by the rabid, nearly and actually violent Jew-hatred that has exploded across college campuses and beyond in the wake of the 10/7 attack on Israel, it’s stunning to me how so many people, most dishearteningly my fellow Jews, are shocked – SHOCKED! – at why this suddenly happened. Of course, it’s neither shocking nor stunning nor sudden when all of the signs taken in context with actual history have been in one’s face for decades. 

I guess the perfect illustration of the dichotomy of being book smart, intellectual, worldly, etc. with that of plain old common sense comes from none other than the estimable Alan Dershowitz:

Dershowitz expressed profound disappointment in his party’s failure to address the pro-Palestine demonstrations at Columbia University that have been ongoing since last Wednesday.

“We’re hearing nothing from Democrats. We are hearing nothing from Chuck Schumer,” Dershowitz explained. “We’re hearing nothing really direct from [sham] President Biden. He made a very disappointing statement. In the same breath, he talked about the demonstrators in passing and he said, ‘but you have to understand the Palestinian situation.’ No, you don’t have to understand the Palestinian situation. When people are calling for rape and murder and beheading. The Democrats are an extraordinary disappointment.”

“I am no longer presumptively voting for Democrats,” he added. “I’m gonna vote for whoever is the best candidate, that may include Democrats, but I have no loyalty anymore to the party.” 

Dershowitz criticized college admissions practices and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies, which he argued have contributed to the recent issues observed at prestigious universities.“

Many of the students [protesting] today are unqualified students,” Dershowitz said. “They were admitted because of DEI. They were admitted because Qatar and other Arab countries are paying for foreign students. These are not the best and the brightest students, they are the loudest students, but they’re certainly not students who are looking out for the best interests of America.”

Oh, counselor, with all due respect, get your head out of your ass and wake the fuck up! You haven’t heard from Schumer? Not even two weeks ago he and most of the party that despite what you say still bitterly cling to attempted to overthrow the Netanyahu government during war time. And as for your railing against unqualified students from Muslim countries infiltrating academia, you completely disregard the capture of American academia by our own native born terrorists with doctorates and tenure whose mission is the brainwashing of American-born youth to hate and overthrow this country. The loudest voices at these near pogroms are those. 

Forget Israel and Jews for a moment. Since at least the end of World War Two, American colleges and universities have been focused on dismantling this nation, its culture, western civilization and Judeo-Christianity, erasing the accomplishments of 1,000 years of human development achieved slowly and painfully at times and taking us back to what will be the darkest of dark ages. And that rot can be found now in pre-K through high schools. 

To not have seen the likes of Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, Theodore Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, William Ayers, Ward Churchill and thousands upon thousands just like them, less well known but no less infamous for the raping of the American mind, is to have been willfully blind. While I’m loathe to criticize someone as prominent as Dershowitz for saying generally what needs to be said at this time, which of course should be encouraged, my castigation stands. Unless and until you deprogram yourself from no doubt decades of propaganda that you’ve been stewing in that Democrats are the good guys, who are for the downtrodden and the little guy and Republicans are the Nazis, better you should just keep quiet. All the equivocation you spout in a desperate attempt to preserve the fictitious image about a party and political movement that you idolized and dedicated yourself is an exercise in radioactive turd-polishing. 

Give it up. Let it go. 

And ditto for multi-billionaire Robert Kraft opening his eyes as to what all his donations to Columbia has bought.

Kraft, 82, called for academics with secure jobs at the Ivy League school to be held accountable for incendiary remarks and lectures that some argue have indoctrinated students to hate Israel. 

“We have professors who, instead of teaching how to think, are trying to tell our young people what they should think,” the billionaire former Columbia University donor told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “I think one of the biggest problems that we have to do something about is really tenure at these universities,” Kraft added. “Where people can do things and don’t have accountability.” 

. . . Kraft said he was dismayed by the level of antisemitism he’s witnessed on college campuses since Oct. 7, 2023. 

“I never thought I’d see what’s going on in America, what’s happening right now, and it really pains me to see it,” he said.

Really? I seem to recall Robert Kraft being a team owner about the time that a brillo-headed scrub named Colin Kaepernick got a whole bunch of players around the league to take a knee during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. In all fairness, I don’t know what his reaction to that was and I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was equally disgusted. But what did the coaches and the owners do back then? IIRC, not a whole hell of a lot to discourage that behavior. 

I thought Kraft and his ilk were savvy businessmen. Perhaps the image of the ivy covered walls of academia got him bamboozled but look what’s been going on with his and his colleagues’ money in his own business, right under his nose.

The left-wing nonprofit that bailed out anti-Israel protesters who blocked bridges and highways across the country last week was a multi-year partner of the NFL’s “Inspire Change program” whose work is still promoted on the NFL’s website.

Community Justice Exchange set up a “bail and legal defense fund” for those arrested during last week’s A15 protests. The protests targeted major airports, highways, and bridges in dozens of U.S. cities including San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia. Their explicit goal was to disrupt economic “choke points” to maximize financial disruption, as explained on their website.

The partnership appears to have since lapsed—the nonprofit wasn’t on the list of grantees announced in May 2023. The NFL’s “Inspire Change” website lists Community Justice Exchange under “Previous Grant Recipients” and still includes a link to the group’s website.

The NFL’s promotion of the left-wing group underscores the extent to which anti-Israel groups have been propped up by major donors and institutions in the United States. Community Justice Exchange is also a project of the Tides Center—a left-wing dark money network funded by George Soros and other prominent liberal billionaires like Pierre Omidyar. The Tides Center serves as a hub for a variety of left-wing groups, channeling substantial funds from affluent donors and functioning as a “fiscal sponsor,” enabling them to sidestep IRS registration.

To paraphrase Robert Frost, the rot is ugly, dark and deep. And if you’ve decided to return to watching the NFL just because Kaepernick has vanished from the scene, you’re stupid. 

Meanwhile, Sen Josh Hawley has called on Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants to activate the National Guard to ensure the protection of Jewish students at Columbia U.

At the same time, Eric Adams, the mayor of the completely rotten apple belched up this hideous equivocation:

“But I also look back to Little Rock, AR, and what it meant for African Americans to be escorted on campuses because they were afraid for their lives. And that is what I see when I see Jewish students going through this at this moment. There is no place for hate in this city. I don’t care if it’s antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Sikhism. We don’t have a place for that, and I don’t want to be, and I won’t be the mayor where you have to take off your hijab, your yarmulke, or your turban when you enter a place of higher education or use our transportation system or walk our streets.”

The pathetic attempt to both condemn the assault on Jews while trying to preserve the votes of those instigating the pogroms at the ballot box is disgusting. Funny he brings up Little Rock because it was the Democrat Party that instigated a Civil War to preserve slavery, that created the KKK as a terrorist organization to intimidate freed black slaves, that instituted Jim Crow laws to keep the down, that opposed civil rights legislation and created a gigantic welfare state that has committed genocide against blacks and kept them as virtual slaves to Big Government. And he has the fucking gall to invoke Little Rock?

Ditto Biden, who actually used verbiage similar to Trump’s “good people on both sides” Charlottesville statement. 

The media took that out of context since Trump was referring only to the issue of the Confederate flag’s defenders and detractors, not those engaged in violence, who turned out to be Leftist “confederates” so to speak. Biden cannot afford to lose the Muslim/Maoist alliance and his equivocation between perpetrators and victims, dementia notwithstanding, clearly in evidence. This time, though, the media is obviously silent.

Speaking of Rashid Khalidi, worst of all was Obama who desecrated the Passover holiday by equating “Palestinians” with Jews in bondage to Pharaoh. That was his Passover message. 

I stated yesterday and with all this garbage both on this issue and virtually any other topic covered in the links, the divide is no longer about two sides disagreeing about an issue or issues. It’s about one side’s hatred of the nation it allegedly is a part of, and its obsession with destroying it and the side that seeks its preservation.

“We’ll see you at your house. We’ll murder you,” Riddhi Patel, the co-founder of the local chapter of the Sunrise Movement, told members of the Bakersfield City Council.

The Sunrise Movement, a radical environmentalist group founded by a former Occupy Wall Street activist and funded by the Ford Foundation, had become notorious for its ugly tactics, recruiting young people and children to harass and even threaten elected officials.

Dressed in stark black shirts with yellow letters, sometimes decorated with skulls, the angry teens of the Sunrise Movement had reminded some people of the Chinese Communist Red Guard and the Nazi stormtroopers, which only increased with Sunrise’s support for a second genocide of the Jews.

While the Sunrise Movement had supposedly been created to force a Green New Deal, it had an obsession with the Jews that broke out when it demanded that Jewish groups be banned from a leftist event “because they “are all in alignment with and in support of Zionism”.

. . . Riddhi Patel was at the end of a pipeline designed to train leftist foot soldiers determined to overthrow America and destroy Israel. The confrontations, whether it was Patel calling for murder, or the pro-Hamas activists shutting down bridges and roads, or assailing synagogues and scrawling swastikas, were not meant to convince, but to radicalize the activists.

Although the Neo-Nazi Left loves to hide behind the legacy of MLK and the Civil Rights movement, its business is not persuasion, it’s revolution. Its ideal activists, like Patel, started out with a political wing of the far Left, like the Bernie Sanders campaign, before transitioning into more openly radical organizations combining day jobs as community organizers with real roles as domestic terrorists. The ugliness and the violence are there to alienate, to get the activists to hate everyone and to confuse violent emotional tantrums with meaningful political change.

The only extraordinary thing about Patel was that she got caught making the political violence that the Neo-Nazi Left thrives on personal. Had she called for the destruction of America or Israel, she would have been fine, and had she spoken in general terms of a leftist uprising that would wipe out the capitalists, that too would have gotten a pass, but she threatened individuals, in unmistakable language and on video, and, like Lee Harvey Oswald or Jim Jones stopped being a revolutionary hero and became an embarrassment to be quickly covered up.

If Dershowitz or Kraft or anyone else still can’t understand what they’re seeing on college campuses, they should read this column. Good friend and friend of blog Michael Walsh has some cromulent observations about the great divide and the potential for some kind of reconciliation:

Hard as this may seem to believe, back before the election of Barack Hussein Obama — just seven years after 9/11, remember — there was at least one thing sane people on both the Left and the Right agreed upon: freedom of speech and the primacy of the First Amendment. Conservatives were dedicated to the constitution in all its aspects, while liberals at least pretended to enjoy the blessings of free expression, even if they often employed the 1A as a shield with which to protect themselves and their dissention from the consequences of their intentions. Honest men on both sides could not only have reasoned discussions with one another, but actually be friends.

Obama’s elections, in ways which still remain to be understood, changed all that. The notion that not everybody saw the Lightbringer as a divinized politician descended, deus ex machina, from the flies and wings of the American stage to redeem the U.S.A. from its original sin of “racism” threw them into a fit. By their lights, the election should have been unanimous, by acclamation; how dare their former darling maverick, John McCain, have the effrontery to oppose him? Even the fact that McCain, a born tomato can whose last public act was to betray his Senate comrades and his country over Obamacare, threw the election by “suspending” his campaign near the end didn’t appease them. As for those who actually voted against the Punahou Kid, off to purdah and perdition with them. And thus the Cold Civil War (as I dubbed it at the time) was well and truly underway. . .

. . . Is there still a way for honest patriots on both sides to come together? Yes, there are some, even though the Democrat-Media Complex has erased almost all traces of their existence, owing to its complete control of the public Narrative.

I’d like to believe that honest men on both sides can come together. But the problem for me is that whatever defined those two sides no longer exists, or is well on the way to extinction. What we have is one side that is hell bent to destroy us and . . . us. People who cling (bitterly) to the desire to be left alone. To be free to live as we see fit. The other side cannot abide by that as to them it is a zero sum game. 

Are we willing to do whatever is necessary to preserve our freedom? That requires self-preservation “by any means necessary.” What comes after that, if we do emerge on top please God, is open for discussion afterwards.


  • Michael Walsh: “Perhaps, later, in the rubble, we can find common ground and begin anew. Not with the New Soviet Man but the rebirth of Western Man, a believer in freedom, a capitalist with a conscience, and a man whose philosophy is not beggar-thy-neighbor, who doesn’t see the world as a zero-sum game, and who only asks to live and let live. But it begins with free speech, or it never begins at all.” In Search of Common Ground
  • “For those of us who remember Soviet totalitarianism, it was a déjà vu.” How the West Suppresses Dissent
  • “The left will find and use children in perverse ways that endanger their innocence, and politicians will do nothing to prevent it. It’s up to parents to create safety for their families. It starts at the school board and ends in their state capitols.” Fleeing To Red States Won’t Spare You From The War Against Wokeness
  • Daniel Greenfield: “’We’ll see you at your house. We’ll murder you,’ Riddhi Patel, the co-founder of the local chapter of the Sunrise Movement, told members of the Bakersfield City Council.” How the Neo-Nazi Left Brainwashes its Recruits to Kill


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  • Kraft, who is worth $11.1 billion and has been one of Columbia University’s most prolific donors, announced earlier on Monday that he was pulling his financial support from the school “until corrective action is taken” to address the “virulent hate” plaguing the Manhattan campus.  BIG SHOT: Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Calls Tenured Columbia Professors One of the “Biggest Problems” as Anti-Israel Protests Roil Campus
  • “Community Justice Exchange received grants from NFL’s ‘Inspire Change’ program as recently as 2022.” (If you returned to watching pro football just because Kaepernick disappeared, you’re stupid- jjs) BIG CHASER: NFL Funded Left-Wing Group Bailing Out Anti-Israel Bridge Blockers
  • “Inventing a conspiracy to blame the antisemitism and terror support of the protestors on police and others doesn’t work when everyone can see the truth …” AG (@aghamilton29) posted, adding, “It’s almost hilarious the extent to which the defenders of the antisemitic mobs at Columbia are completely reliant on pretending the numerous videos and the witness testimony from Jewish students simply don’t exist to preserve their narratives.”Bro-Fo Omar Tries To Defend Columbia Protesters (And Her Daughter), And It Backfires Immediately
  • Obama’s equivocation obscured the fact that ‘Palestinian’ terrorists continue to hold 133 Israeli hostages. He failed, in fact, to mention the hostages, instead saying that people should “remember everyone who is unable to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.” He also failed to mention the ongoing wave of antisemitism on college campuses and in Democrat-run cities, saying that “people of all religions … deserve to feel safe and secure” wherever they are. Obama’s Passover Message Adds “Palestinians” Into the Story; Omits Hostages
  • “The current genocidal anti-Semitism at Columbia both realizes the Jews’ worst fears and explains their long-standing, misguided fealty to the Democrat party.” The Columbia U Pogrom and the Jews’ Bad Gamble on the Democrats
  • “Flyer calling on university to end relationship with Hillel may have violated anti-harassment policies.” Northwestern Investigates Flyer Targeting Jewish Community Center
  • “You are just unusual Black and colorful mouth for Israeli and AIPAC and looking for payday of over 500K,” Hadid said in a different message. “You will get it .. unfortunately. We have people like you in congress.. keeping this conversation between us.” After the New York Post exposed Hadid’s racist messages, he gave a backhanded apology to the congressman, claiming that he was a “shill” for Israel: Democrat Ritchie Torres Slams ‘Rabid Racist’ Mohamed Hadid For Vile Messages
  • “We’re hearing nothing from Democrats. We are hearing nothing from Chuck Schumer,” Dershowitz explained. “We’re hearing nothing really direct from [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden. He made a very disappointing statement. In the same breath, he talked about the demonstrators in passing and he said, ‘but you have to understand the Palestinian situation.’ No, you don’t have to understand the Palestinian situation. When people are calling for rape and murder and beheading. The Democrats are an extraordinary disappointment.” (Someone so smart yet so utterly ignorant to the history of the party he bitterly clung to – jjs) Alan Dershowitz No Longer Feels Loyal to the Democrat Party










  • “The department expressed their concerns to the Biden [junta] regarding his visit, and the quick turnaround of a Syracuse police officer being buried and an Onondaga County Sheriff’s deputy being buried, and then the manpower that it would take and everything that our members have been through in the past week. Those concerns were expressed to the Biden [junta] and the Biden [junta] elected to move forward with the visit,” Moran told the Daily Caller. Despite Police Pushback, Biden Presses On With Visit To Syracuse After Two Cops Were Just Slain
  • “Delivering the mail should not be a harrowing, life-threatening ordeal.” Postal Crime Remains Rampant



  • “Flipping a gun for a price higher than one paid now may turn anyone into a dealer, making any such sale unlawful if it does not involve all the licensing and paperwork that govern gun dealers.” ATF Rule Change Creates a Trap for the Unwary



  • Newsom’s move follows the Arizona Supreme Court’s upholding of an 1864 law that effectively bans all abortions in the state. The ruling has proved highly controversial, and the Biden campaign has seized on it in an effort to link former President Donald Trump to local state efforts to implement abortion restrictions.Trump, however, has made it clear that he does not wish to enact a nationwide federal ban on abortions, arguing that the matter is one on which individual states should decide. He also cautioned Republicans on the unpopularity of total bans with voters and the risk such bans pose to Republicans’ electoral prospects. DEAD BABIES INC: Newsom Rushes to Boost CA’s Abortion Tourism Industry







  • Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), Johnson’s handpicked choice to take over the House Appropriations Committee after Rep. Kay Granger’s (R-TX) resignation in March, wants to “unlock the possibility of more earmarks,” Politico reports. . . Cole, in making clear his opinion, said Johnson would be the decider. “Whatever the speaker comes back with is what I’ll be supporting,” Cole said. (Grifting Oleaginous Parasites – jjs) Former Fiscal Conservative Mike Johnson Considering Scheme to Expand Earmarks
  • In one of her colloquies with Grants Pass attorney Theane Evangelis, Sotomayor summed up the liberal wing’s concern when she asked, “Where do we put [the homeless] if every city, every village, every town lacks compassion and passes a law identical to this?” And, continuing in her how long have you been beating your wife way, she asked, “Where are they supposed to sleep? Are they supposed to kill themselves, not sleeping?”  Lefty SCOTUS Justice Says Quiet Part Out Loud in Argument Over Huge Homeless Case


  • “Though unconfirmed and uncertain, these results when looked at honestly make sense. Europa is a very cold world. An underground ocean might exist due to tidal forces imposed by Jupiter, but that dark and sunless ocean is also likely to be very hostile to life. Not enough energy to sustain it.” Computer models suggest there is no life in Europa’s underground ocean
  • Robert Zimmerman: “As with all the recent announcements, the NASA press release now insists that the accords are designed to ‘reinforce and implement key obligations in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty,’ the exact opposite of the original goals of the accords. Rather than overvcome the Outer Space Treaty’s restriction on private property in space, the Biden [junta] is now using the accords to strengthen that restriction.” Slovenia signs Artemis Accords



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