The Morning Report 6/5/20

Good morning, kids. Friday and before I get into my thoughts for today, I want to apologize to all for a comment I left yesterday in a late afternoon thread. I do not want to rehash it, and would appreciate it if those who saw it and reacted would not either. It was distasteful and not reflective of who I am and you all are. It came out as a result of the gun we are collectively under; that’s an explanation, not an excuse. You deserve better from me and I shall endeavor to persevere in that light.

Now, back to putting our head under the gun as it were. Yesterday, I confided that I was not only depressed but actually felt genuinely terrified about what we have been going through over the past eight days. I’m not going to be a Pollyanna about things because this nation is arguably facing the greatest threat to its existence in its history, even greater than that of the Civil War and World War 2. At least in the latter, despite our divisions and differences we shared common values, heritage and belief in the founding principles. One can perhaps argue that that existed even with the former.

Not today. America has effectively been cleaved in half. On one side we have those who believe in this nation, the righteousness and divine providence of its founding, and with all its many flaws that it is still the last best hope for humanity and the greatest nation that will ever exist in this world. On the other side, we have in essence, a hostile foreign power that believes the polar opposite. But it is not a foreign power at all, as Abraham Lincoln so presciently predicted in 1838:

…At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

Let’s get real here; if G-d forbid Joe Biden wins this November, the nation ceases to exist right then and there. Oh sure, the riots will magically stop and the lockdowns and quarantines will be lifted. But the Democrats and their all-too-willing Renfield-icans will finish the job that somehow Obama’s 8-year Reign of Error miraculously failed to do.

But if Trump wins, as I still feel he will, you can expect open warfare even worse than what we have seen, and without the corpse of an unfortunate black man to wave around as a talisman. The rot within the vitals of our nation to paraphrase Lincoln’s words will still be there – in Washington, in the courts, the agitprop media and worst of all in the schools, where we are reaping the Gramscian whirlwind that Bill Ayers sowed decades ago. They can neither be reasoned nor bargained with. They will not cease, they will not stop. I believe that four more years of a Trump presidency could and should turn around even this disaster, in terms of the economy and getting real Americans back to work. But it cannot last forever. The Democrats can never again be allowed to wield power and yet eventually they will. 

Even with that said and on top of what I admitted to you yesterday, I feel a sense of optimism. What cannot go on will not go on. There are only three options: 1) a national divorce where we are geographically and politically split into some sort of North American version of the former Yugoslavia, 2) America completely subsumed by the Maoists or 3) defeating the Left, if not completely (which I think is impossible given the circumstances) then to the extent that they can no longer threaten to overthrow the nation while still participating in governance (almost as impossible as a total defeat).

Given the fact that they are who they are, with a fundamentalist belief in a perverted sort of “manifest destiny” as it were to conquer the world that parallels their Muslim fellow travelers’ weltanschauung, I don’t see how they would ever surrender, nor even agree to a split. They would never leave us alone for several reasons. First, it would be painfully obvious in short order that as free America flourishes and grows, New Antifaria would turn into a hellish nightmare that would make Zimbabwe a paradise in comparison. And that contrast would completely counter their worldview and expose them for the liars they are and always were. They cannot countenance that. Just like the Jews and now Christians. If Israel did not exist and there was only one Jew left and he lived on the other side of the universe, Islam would expend every ounce of its strength to build a spaceship to travel to him so they could cut his head off. Ditto for the Left and the last real American standing.

Wherever we are, however we are, they will not sleep until we are wiped off the face of the earth. That is the challenge we are facing here and now. I don’t have a crystal ball, I cannot see the future. But freedom is never free and it never will be. We have to fight for it. Most of our lives, it was in a rhetorical sense. Now the wolf is at our throat and it’s the real thing. But it’s worth fighting for. And President Trump is worth fighting for. The only reason we are seeing this is because, unlike previous Republican presidents and politicians who roll over, HE FIGHTS BACK. I stand with him. 

Yes, we will be stabbed in the back and in the heart by the likes of the Deep Staters, cucks, RINO flunkies and traitors. Accept that and go forward. I think in spite of everything, and even in spite of the grim choices/scenarios I have laid out, events have a way of unfolding that we cannot predict and that can work out in our favor. Tet Offensive and all that. The fire that has been set by the Left may very well blowback and burn them in profound ways that we cannot see. If nothing else, just fight back because it pisses the Left off that we are here and we are not going anywhere.

In the words of their hero Joe Stalin “not one step back.”


Frankly, I think we’re making a mistake like we did with the Islamic terrorists and turning this into a law enforcement issue. We’re facing an uprising by an insurrectionist movement that is part and parcel of the Democrat Party that is allied with if not funding and protecting an almost paramilitary force of violent terrorists. This is a war and it should be fought as such. Do we even have counterinsurgency elements in our own armed forces? I hope we do because now is the time to break the glass and get the fire axe.

Looks like terrorists had the Richmond Federal Courthouse in their literal sights and no doubt others around the country, equally culpable IMHO as the terrorists hurling Molotov cocktails are the vile, filthy, traitorous words of Pee-Air Defecto and the Alaskan Snow-Blower who praised Lord Haw-Haw Mattis’ backstabbing of the President to the hilt. Those two, and everyone pretending to be on our side are every bit the enemy as the Leftists. Both John Dowd and Jeffrey Lord shred Mattis, another essay on whether or not Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act to quell the rioting. I think that’s what the enemy wants so they can call him a dictator and blame the unrest on him since he’ll own the subsequent reaction to it, which may make the past eight days seem tame by comparison. As I stated, time to go after the ringleaders and the financiers out of the spotlight. Deep State traitors and leakers notwithstanding.

America’s pus-laden bedsore Al Sharpton was the featured speaker at Wellstone Memorial 2: Death-to-America Boogaloo which I’m sure will be just as helpful to Biden this November as the original was to Kerry 16 years ago now, and the invaluable David Horowitz has his response to the Sharpton blood-libeling of America, Bill DeBolshevik set upon by his own minions, NYPD finally enforces the curfews with arrests across the city, the idiocy and a soupcon of Lysenkoism from the city council, Mikvah Waters sez rioting is negative language hurtful to black rioters or something (the new “N” word), aren’t we sick of the reruns already, women gets the Donald Sutherland pod-person finger-point for daring to erase graffiti, Larry Elder on the sham of BLM considering the year-in-year-out black on black carnage no one dare mention, and Barack Obama opened his mouth and sang his rendition of “I Me Mine” for the umpteenth time. 

As an aside, I would not be surprised to learn that what we are witnessing was orchestrated in whole or in part inside the Kalorama Kommie Kompound – just like the original Russia Collusion hoax and even the blue state lockdowns. 


As Oscar Wilde once quipped “there are only two tragedies in life; one is not getting what you want and the other is getting it.” This is why I am not entirely against blue cities abolishing their police forces. Elsewhere, perhaps the Portland police, if they really are horrified by what’s going on in their city (and I have my doubts given recent history) should emulate the cops in Louisville. Hell, march on City Hall, arrest that psycho mayor and the city council and take over. Nazi collaborator and convicted felon George Soros not only bankrolled the terrorists, he installed DA’s and A’sG who will let them get away with it by not prosecuting. Meanwhile Daniel Greenfield puts two and two together as St. Louis makes his point, Angel-of-Death Cuomo ripped for his lies about the rioting and Andy Ngo takes the terrorists who assaulted him to court. Meh, he’ll get an Emmet Sullivan or Amy Berman Jackson so what’s the use?


Media goes nuts as Sweden explodes their sky-is-falling propaganda that still has us imprisoned, funny how no one is scared of the virus so long as they have a sledge hammer and Molotov cocktail at hand, we are all FDR’s Japanese internees now, hand sanitizer politics, NYC doctor rips the raging incompetence of city and state leadership, and “New York City’s hiring process for contact tracers has been marked by internal strife, bureaucratic delays, and union fights,” or just a day ending in “Y.”


Julie Kelly with a blood-boiler: “after winning his Republican primary last month, Sasse is back to his old anti-Trump tricks,” Chuck Grassley is another annoying twerp looking for a spotlight, and Ron Johnson given the power to haul Obama henchman before the committee. We’ll see how this goes.


Arrest warrant. Problem solved. Meh, Democrats.


Hard to have sympathy for the NYPD when DeBolshevik pisses on them when they agree to persecute Jews at his behest.


Trump reams Joey Sex-Knuckles for his hypocrisy on support for the Clinton crime bill when Trump has been spearheading criminal justice reform, cop unions ditching Biden, Menshevik on Bolshevik in the Sanders gulag, Ron DeSantis throws out the welcome mat for the RNC, Malig-Nancy Pelosi suffers gran mal seizure on camera, huge win in Texas against steal-the-vote-by-mail, Dinesh D’Souza on winds and whirlwinds, Mark Cuban sees writing on wall, Eliot Engel desperate to save his comb-over, and three links in praise of PDT: “The evocative images of the President standing for freedom, supporting law enforcement and respecting the church universal in front of St. John’s while holding the Holy Scriptures were powerful symbols of the foundations of American freedom and justice,” “David Horowitz writes the definitive summing-up of Donald Trump’s efforts during the last three years to enact his ‘big agenda’ – and of his enemies’ obsessive campaign to foil those efforts at every turn,” and finally, Conrad Black still believes PDT will prevail: “the president will stay the course and defeat the unholy coalition of improvident events and the shopworn Democrats who, in their desperation, have allied themselves with pestilence and mayhem.”


Open revolt at the Slimes for daring to print an actual op-ed with a contrary point of view, the paper issues an apology for printing Tom Cotton’s piece, and Cotton has them dead on the money, Amazon muzzles author whose questioned the lockdowns but Hitler and Ted Kaczynski are not controversial at all to Bezos, whoever runs this app should be arrested for aiding and abetting domestic terrorism, social(ist) media runs red with anti-white hate speech (hello, SPLC?), Facebook getting its mind right as in wrong by censoring Antifa critic and GOP candidate, Philly Inquirer staff sick-out over headline decrying property destruction, Newsweek is still around? I guess they are and they’re playing fast and loose with facts, Charlamagne the Cog calls sit-down with Limbaugh a waste of time. Considering the former is clueless dolt, he deserves to be led around by the nose by his Democrat-Left masters.

Also, after three years of incessant Kolluzhnikovs, media suddenly ignores Rod Rosenpenis testimony, hack-in-black who tried to ban Federalist Society is a leftist (no!), and finally, conservative film maker and Trump pick to head the VOA is approved by the Senate. Good.


Great news out of Florida, and “Leftists fear an empowered citizenry that can do things without the pre-approval of liberal bureaucrats.” 


G-d bless the wonderful oppressed people of Hong Kong, someone actually survived the Tiananmen Square mass murder of civilians? Also, Victor Davis Hanson on how China no longer playing games but is now a bust-out thug regime, Michael Ledeen reads Chinese tea leaves, Russian meddling right here! Crickets from the media. Also Betsy McCaughey praises PDT for ditching the WHO, Farsis and Russkies arming up Libyan terrorists (thanks Obama and Hillary!) and finally, wow, a suspect named in the 13-year-old Madeline McCann cold case kidnapping.


Trump gets Iranians to free Navy vet they had on ice for two years. What a relief.


Just abolish the EPA. But this is a great start and one reason he was elected, as well as why the economy took off when it did.


Bad news on Chinese imports, better news on unemployment filing, an interesting and frightening theory from Tu-Ca, a piece along a parallel brainwave posits “could the riots be the end result of choices made over time by some of our leaders to bankrupt America and African-Americans economically, morally, educationally, and spiritually?” and a profile of Pete Thiel: “wherever there’s a major shift in the American landscape, one can usually find Silicon Valley’s iconoclastic investor.”


Here’s a solution; those who want to protest can take their finals a week early.


Black, red and green all over.


Our intrepid science reporter with a nice diversion on both the geologic and robotic doings on Mars.


We are experiencing an ever tightening noose that virtually mirrors the Cultural Revolution that killed millions: “The left’s multi-decade project to teach everyone that America is irredeemably racist has led to the emergence of a new regime in American life.” Also, more fallout over Drew Brees now bowing down like a dog and begging forgiveness from the terrorists, LEGO clarifies the supposed withdrawal of cop related merchandise and the Left explodes in rage, Mammy McMengele orders the wiping out of history with the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, McDonald’s supersizes the BLM pandering, myth-busting the “systemic racism” bromide, and Christian Toto with a fascinating profile on dancer and aerialist Dreya Weber.


In a way, I’m glad that Churchill and perhaps most if not all of the men rescued at Dunkirk are not around to see what’s become of Albion. And now what’s happening here, as the direct descendants of the racialist, nihilist totalitarianism they defeated have set a match to our society.

Still miracles do happen. So take the words Churchill himself once intoned to heart and let us steel ourselves:

…Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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