The Morning Rant

Yamamoto’s apocryphal quotation, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve,” is, at least in part, an accurate description of America. We are slow to anger, we accept the status quo even when it is not in out best interests, and most of all we have accepted the slow and steady degradation of our culture and our country at the hands of our politicians.

We are a mostly apolitical people. Go to backyard barbecues or slide onto a bar stool or go to a baseball game and we won’t be talking politics much. Because by and large we are doing well enough to push those issues aside. Sure, we discuss the (literally) burning issues of the day, but our default is to accept that we will eventually arrive at some accommodation, that our politicians, flawed as they are, will muddle through and get something accomplished.

No more. We no longer have the luxury of burying our heads in the sand and expecting the typical American result. Because we are now in a battle for the core values of our country. This is no longer a battle that we can ignore.

When the rule of law, the guarantees of our rights in the Constitution, the concept of equal application of the law falls by the wayside…sacrificed on the altar of progressivism, globalism and anarchy, we cannot stand back and say, “Somebody ought to do something.” That somebody is us.

Vote, contact your politicians, exercise your rights as a free people, push back in whatever way you can against the encroachments of the anti-freedom, anti-liberty forces that are better prepared, more organized and certainly louder and more aggressive. Boycott the most outrageous of the corporations that are mostly arrayed against their own customers…the silent majority, the guy next you at the bar or the little league game or church. Buy weapons and learn how to use them. Create informal or formal networks of like-minded people. Speak out at town council meetings, campaign events and every public forum, and support only those politicians who are willing to join you in pushing back against the forces that will destroy American Exceptionalism.

The question is: are we going to awaken, and if we do, will it be to bend the knee or to exercise that “terrible resolve?”