The Morning Report 6/8/20

Good morning, kids. Monday and there are several disturbing things on the insurrection front happening that are bad enough individually, but taken together are painting an alarming picture. The insane defund/abolish the police angle that was actually being pimped even before Tet Offensive 2: Overthrow America Boogaloo has now escaped the asylum. The Minneapolis City Council is claiming that it actually has the votes not just to defund its police force but to abolish it entirely. Of course, they say they’re going to replace it with… something: 

… “We recognize that we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like, but our community does. We’re committing to engaging with every willing community member in the city of Minneapolis over the next year to identify what safety looks like for you.”

I guess this is the Malig-Nancy Pelosi gambit of we have to abolish the police force before you know what the consequences are. But just like with Obamacare, they know full well what the consequences will be. It doesn’t take a Dick Tracy to figure it out either. For sure, there will be murder and mayhem galore, but that’s not the endgame. Because “what safety looks like” to them is a city that resembles a North Korean or Chinese gulag. Think of it as the ultimate safe space. Safe for every Leftist nightmarish policy to strangle free speech and whatever is left of free enterprise into submission. Remember back to the halcyon days of the early Obama Reign-of-Error, when his minions spoke of replacing the Defense Department with some sort of Internal Security Agency, the one that was supposed to have double the DoD’s funding. I remember half-jokingly remarking that its cadres would no doubt be made up of the Bloods, Crips and El Ruqns. And here we are today. I imagine Robert Creamer is waiting in the wings with binders full of Antifarians. 

Hold that thought for a moment as we delve into the second disturbing element. As policemen have been assaulted, grievously injured and in at least two instances killed while attempting to defend life and property, or cowardly ambushed and assassinated, we have witnessed far too many of them and even National Guardsman bowing down before their assailants. See the links to the chief of Webster, MA lying prostrate or the bizarre anti-Christian irreverence of NC cops washing the feet of black clergymen. Yes, as we all know, the police are problematic but they are the only ones standing between us and the barbarians. And certainly not all are bad or corrupted, and as former NYPD top cop Bernie Kerik points out hundreds have been injured in the mayhem and hundreds more are likely to hand in their badges. But that raises the question, which ones will be on our side and how many more will become the tools of repression wielded against a terrorized citizenry in a “reorganized” Leftist-controlled police department? 

Lastly, and perhaps most troubling of all is, as horrible as what Antifa and BLM have wrought is not really the instrument that potentially will bring us to our knees. The trump card, so to speak, is the absolute power over our lives that the so-called “woke” corporations have. Oh, we can live without Dick’s Sporting Goods or the deviant pornography that now bears the name of Walt Disney or even Target. But the tidal wave of mass insanity is sweeping across the land and infecting companies large and small. It’s only natural. The people who sit on corporate boards are now of an age and younger that have had their brains fully washed and lobotomized by Indoctrination Inc. And any holdouts with our mindset will be driven out by younger, “woke” employees if they are not down for the struggle, as it were. Last week, Tucker Carlson devoted much of one program warning about big corporations profiting off the riots, insofar as burning out the competition is good for business.

When blue city downtowns as well as main streets in the smaller burgs and towns are burned to the ground by fire or corporatist greed, people are left with fewer and fewer choices on who to buy from. And from whom they can draw a paycheck. You can criticize Drew Brees and his wife all you want, but there aren’t many of us that have millions in what is colloquially known as “FU money” to be immune from the Cultural Revolution. This is the ultimate endgame of “you will be made to care.”

So when you put all of these things together, no matter the fact that upwards of 200 million of us have probably double that number in weapons and ammunition. As the saying goes, when you’ve got ’em by their wallets, their hearts an minds will follow.


With order seemingly restored to the nation’s capital for now, the President has ordered the National Guard to stand down there, elderly man attacked for heinous crime of holding a pro-Trump sign is personally consoled by PDT, Santa Cruz cop slain in domestic terrorist ambush, terrorist threatens to incinerate NYC’s famed Diamond District (where’s the JDL when you need them), subhuman animal who gunned down hero David Dorn nabbed; no doubt the St. Louis DA will release him and apologize for the inconvenience, and with the poor man not even cold in his grave, his alleged brother officers around the country are defecating on his memory, “tolerance for criminality and political sabotage has led America into one of it’s darkest moments in decades. Do we have the will to unite once more?”, dangerous signs on the road to the White House, David Horowitz with “the origins of the violent racist organization behind the riots” and his Discover the Networks gives the rundown on Antifa, MLK’s niece disgusted with the Leftist racialism, Black Georgia trooper refuses to kneel to the terrorists and I bet he’ll suffer one way or another, Dallas cops are still doing their duty, all this bullshit about looting only luxury stores is total bullshit as one poor Bronx business owner can attest, with Minneapolis now looking like Dresden in ’45, that is our fate if we cannot stop this, Chuck De Caro has some good ideas for business owners but these days, they’d be prosecuted for harming the looters, Seb Gorka says Haw-Haw Mattis not just wrong but “a moral coward,” “the unelected parts of the government, including the military, are revolting against the electoral control by the people enshrined in the Constitution,” “whatever the former defense secretary’s motivations for speaking out now, his hypocrisy is on full display. It is well past time he retired from public life entirely,” the great Shelby Steele rips the Black Lives Matter fraud, and finally, Victor Davis Hanson asks “is it deemed more or less evil to wear a mask while hitting a store owner over the head with a two-by-four?”


Madness as Minneapolis City Council goes all the way wild and now pushes for total abolition of the police department. That does not mean there won’t be law and order; there will be the law of the new New Order and swift punishment for those who do not kneel before the Marxist overlords. As Daniel Davidson says “calls to defund or abolish the police are not about restoring an open and liberal society, they are about tearing it down and seizing power.” Meanwhile, “Talcum X” King is dead right about where the worst police brutality is, Minneapolis’ mayor feels the heat for not getting with the program, 57 Buffalo cops resign in protest over the arrest of two of their own for shoving a protester to the ground, but it turns out that the deviant in question is a professional Marxist agitator, Keith “Wife Beater” Ellison may have totally screwed up the George Floyd case even before any trials begin, three links on the madness in NYC; as DeBolshevik gets on the defund the police bandwagon, violent crime skyrockets under the cover of the rioting, and Bernie Kerik says over 300 cops have been injured in the mayhem and another 600 might hand in their shields. Well, the way things are going, how many of those 600 will be on our side and how many will defect to the terrorists? The world wonders… 

Meanwhile, rioting and mayhem to overthrow the government, I mean as a righteous expression of protest, is totally fine but defending yourself and your property is “vigilantism” and will not be tolerated in Chicago or in Lowell, MI, more on the complete myth of an epidemic of racist police shootings, Manhattan DA Vance (or “vontz” in Yiddish [means bedbug]) as well as other insurrectionists will not prosecute the goon squads, some alternatives for those looking to abolish the police, AG Barr weighs in, if black lives really do matter, then it’s time to empower good policing, and finally, Congressional Dems craft a sweeping crime/police reform bill. Trust me, you don’t have to pass it to find out what’s in it.


The long march through the institutions infected even hard science, evidently, Wretched Whitmer refuses to come clean in oversight probe shining a light on her, at this point it is cruel and unusual punishment, kids are suffering and they will reap a whirlwind of psychological damage down the road, and finally, “throughout the pandemic, political leaders have consistently relied on questionable expert guidance – and ducked responsibility for their own choices.”


“Either we scrap FISA or Rod Rosenstein needs to be punished for facilitating a fraud on the FISA court. If there are no consequences for this fraud, then the FISA process has become an unconstitutional joke,” Lindsey Graham being stonewalled by the Deep Staters, playing fast and loose with the laughable Logan Act to nail Flynn, and finally Daniel Greenfield on how “Obamagate redefined opposition to Islamic terrorism as a national security threat.”


Wrist, meet slap.


Republicans looking at several options now that Charlotte is out, a triumvirate of backstabbing, self-serving vermin side with the terrorists against Trump and the American people, PDT endorses ham sandwich over Alaskan Snow-Blower, pondering what might have been had Hillary went solo, Hillary is the Tin Man and Scarecrow, evidently, except not likeable, big turnout being recorded in mail-in ballots, if it walks like an intifada, swims like an intifada and quacks like an intifada, Roger Kimball says “like the word ‘heretic’ in an earlier age, ‘racism’ is more weapon than word,” Lloyd Billingsley with “repent of your ‘white privilege’ as protesters make you ‘feel uncomfortable’ while they ‘seize the moment.’ Any sinner could be forgiven for thinking they are trying to seize a lot more than ‘the moment,’ ” the political lessons of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, and finally how history is repeating itself as the Democrat Party heads for extinction.


Pajama Boy loser Ossoff with a surefire winning idea – for Republican adverts, and the other angle of law enforcement hijacked against the will of the people and our Constitution.


Slimes and Inquirer purge the heretics, “if they will censor the President, how will they treat you?”, AG Barr rips the media for lying about Lafayette Park demonstration, the danger of social(ist) media, the lowlights of the new censorship, Bezos forgets the rule that the customer is always right; then again, pretty soon the customers will have no choice but Amazon, media covering up the American victims of Democrat-backed BLM/Antifa terrorism, GoFundMe nixes account for Alabama bar because Candace Owens backs it. Leftist tolerance is intolerable.


“Despite the best efforts of the left and their media fellow travelers, America is once again on a roll.”


Foreign propaganda merchants use Leftist-led anti-American violence to smear America, Aussies and Indians sign pact to counter Chi-Com aggression, new evidence shows Chinese scientists knew virus was lethal and “clearly contagious” before officials informed WHO, Iranian dissidents still with a powerful voice that the regime can’t squelch, nuke Afghanistan and be done with it, “the Bizarro World of the Islamic Republic – and the Left,” and US troops on German Soil? As Henry Hill said, “F**k you, pay me!”


Hell, send these three to Gitmo and make them rat out the network, and “the Pentagon says your loved one’s name is left off of the Wall because he had died outside of an arbitrarily designated ‘combat zone.’ “


A hat trick from Robert Spencer; first, the freak who stabbed the NYPD cop was not an Aryan Nations MAGA-hat wearer upset about Obamacare, the nexus between the Left and Islamic terrorism closer than ever with the insurrection, and terrorist front group CAIR sues over truth being told about their ideology in Army War College lecture they tried to squelch.


That’s all we need right now: hurricane season. Also, last second Obama-era lawsuit against Oracle still dragging on in the courts, and this is one unemployment number that gives me a stiffie.


Fantastic jobs numbers from last week, “while we recover from the [Chinese] coronavirus shutdowns, the last thing we need is to shift more American jobs to China by repealing the Jones Act,” “Governors must be convinced by all means possible to fully reopen their economies now lest America descend into an economic abyss from which it will take years to exit,” “the New Deal did not save us in the 1930s, and any neo-version of it will hardly save us now,” “from the Black Lives Matter movement to Pride month, corporate America is enriching itself through the appropriation of anti-capitalist cultural leftism.”




Unintended consequences of keeping the kids out of school during the phony pandemic panic may bite the Indoctrination Complex in the ass, UCLA to purge a blasphemer, and a Brown University professor rips his employer’s racism bromide. Hope he’s tenured… and has a fireproof office.


Probably the greatest scientific fraud ever committed, even greater than global warming.


J.K. Rowling faces un-personhood.


Lloyd Billingsley looks at Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood experience as “guidance for President Trump in the current insurrection,” affirmative action is the real racism no one dare mention, ” ‘baffling and reprehensible’ behavior, to use the archbishop’s words, in his attack on President Trump and his efforts to defend international religious freedom,” “it’s pretty simple: if the NFL chooses to promote kneeling over American patriotism, Americans should choose patriotism and love of country over the NFL,” Reebok un-persons CrossFit CEO for heresy, on toxic “collective guilt,” Looney Toons goes looney toons, Christian Toto on how “far-left singer changed her tune in a New York minute regarding protests,” assessing the History Channel’s Grant, and Ivanka feels the sting of cancel culture. And yet she and hubby still pimp DACA and other idiocy to dad. Ugh.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.