The Morning Report 6/9/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and the beat goes on. More “protests” as well as some out and out violence and mayhem. The big story is this Leftist push to neutralize or outright abolish police forces. On the face of it, it’s absolute madness; as I stated yesterday the initial free for all that would ensue would bring about the immediate imposition of some sort of martial law. But it would not be enforced by what we would consider normal police or military forces. The ones with the guns will be, you guessed it, the ones who caused the violence and mayhem leading to the downfall of law and order, due process and ordered liberty. They will be dressed in all black, perhaps wear leather coats and berets in solidarity, so to speak with Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, and will enthusiastically enforce their capricious whim on anyone and everyone unfortunate enough to be in an area they control. That means up to and including summary execution for the slightest infraction, such as not kneeling fast enough or even not kneeling at all. Meh, I’m just a conspiracy nut. To paraphrase Sinclair Lewis, that can’t happen here, right? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Speaking of black-clad droogs, take a gander at the cancer the cops arrested for torching the Minneapolis police precinct. Funny how an “anti-fascist” champion of oppressed blacks looks like he stepped off of a Waffen-SS recruiting poster. The black body armor, duty belts, cuffs, baton, and knife stolen from the precinct he napalmed added that extra je ne sais quoi to the look as well. Somewhere in Hell, Hugo Boss must be drooling. If G-d forbid this madness does indeed consume much or all of the nation, it will be entertaining to see how the intersectionality angle plays out between Black Lives Matter and Antifa. That is if we live through the insanity going on now.

That said, I think we will. Don’t get me wrong; America is at a crossroads and thanks to the poisonous rot that has infected at least a generation or more of America’s youth, now all grown up and in every walk of life, deprogramming tens of millions of people won’t be easy. Yet, despite the madness in front of us, the Democrat-Media Complex cannot fully conceal the growing levels of disgust and feelings of betrayal by Blacks, Latinos and other core constituent grievance groups that traditionally vote for that party. Of course, far too many will continue to reflexively do that, as well as more affluent, middle class Dems who suffer from “Dershowitz Syndrome.” But President Trump’s election has resulted in so many masks falling and curtains being pulled back to reveal the ugly truths many didn’t see and too many others refused to see.

In terms of the tactical political situation, whatever the phony pandemic lockdown didn’t do in terms of pissing people off, watching Democrat hell-holes burn at the hands of terrorists and thugs I think will make a huge difference in sealing their fate come November and ensuring a Trump victory. And with Biden already coming out against the defund movement, his problematic VP picks divided on the issue, and “mainstream” Dems mum or taking the “splunge” position, they know they are in deep trouble. Just another indicator of the deep split within that party. Oh, they’ll still cry “racism” and “police brutality,” but the difference – as has always been the difference these past four years – is Trump placing the blame good, hard and loud at the stinking, purulent feet of the Democrats. 

And now that Trump is going to hit the campaign trail again in the next couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see if he dares go to any Democrat-controlled states. Obviously, the BLM/Antifa terrorists will not stand for it, nor will the politicians who control those territories. But as Trump himself told minority voters four years ago, what has he got to lose? 

“Interesting times” for sure. As the late great Dick Winters told his troops “hang tough.”


The Feds announced an arrest in the arson of the Minneapolis police station. Make him talk and cough up some names. AG Barr, this is war. Start rolling these bastards up and don’t stop until Soros, Creamer, Fithian and whoever else is funding and fomenting this is on a one-way trip to Gitmo, or Leavenworth.

Also, White House praises National Guard “surge” in DC, despite Guardsmen who were deployed pelted with bricks and urine, it is hateful that some of them along with cops actually prostrated themselves before the terrorists. Turns out that poor peaceful old man who Buffalo cops knocked to the ground is a professional anti-American agitator and the evidence seems to suggest the cops acted appropriately. Also, the scumbag who killed retired police captain David Dorn charged with murder.

In the race to destroy our society and hand it over to the barbarians – also known as the call to defund and abolish police departments – NYPD’s commie stooge commish backs the commie stooge mayor’s plan to shift funding to social justice garbage accounts that can easily be pilfered by the usual suspects, Minneapolis’ city council president spouts total idiocy when asked “who you gonna call?” if your house is being broken into, House and Senate Dems stage a disgusting stunt wearing black power talesim and kneeling before introducing some monstrous “police reform” bill. Of course, Malig-Nancy Pelosi not being able to get up is the perfect metaphor for the Democrats. Black-clad thugs burning cities is something a very large swathe of America does not want anywhere near them. 

It turns out that, media attempts to bamboozle or hide the facts notwithstanding, long-suffering minority residents of those cities – suffering at the hands of Democrats for decades, that is – are enraged as well. Chicago just suffered its worst murder spree in 60 years and fish-faced enemy of the people Lori “Light in the Loafers” Lightfoot got into an obscenity-laced tired with a Latino alderman who is horrified by her incompetence and inaction that has left his already devastated constituency in ruins and in further peril from AK-47 armed gang-bangers. Also, Brevard County, FL has extended the welcome mat to the 57 Buffalo cops who resigned in protest over their colleagues’ disciplined for that dust-up with the professional agitator, West Hollywood issues guidelines for white people before BLM protestors march through, debunking the “anti-fascist” moniker of Antifa, bad as the rioting and mayhem are, it’s the nefarious political ends they force on us via the so-called protesters when we cave to them, and a look at the surprise! German roots of Antifa. See above photos…


Wait, you mean even if you have the Peking Pox and are asymptomatic the odds of spreading it are slim? WHO knew. Literally. Also, yet another doctor named Gupta does the Trofim Lysenko mambo to justify rioting while preserving the meme that the Chinese Lung AIDS is totes dangerous, Michigan Supreme Court smacks down Wretched Whitmer hard, a look at the tribulations of another barber in West Virginia, Minnesota’s stats on who died from Sino Sinus Syphilis are a complete sham, rioters can rampage en masse but Camp Lackanookie is verboten, and SD Governor Kristi Noem is a champ.


If it’s not the big-wigs, let alone Obama and Hillary, and for serious Federal prison time, then it’s a whitewash.


DoJ is going after Prince Andrew in l’affaire Epstein but can they really get at him, and all of Joey Sex-Knuckles’ potential veep picks have all kinds of baggage and meshugas attached to them.


The economy trumps everything else and Trump’s economy is still the winning edge, PDT is going back on the rally circuit within two weeks, defunding/abolishing the police is electoral poison, and while Biden comes out against it, fellow Democrats and VP picks are all over the map or tap dancing their asses off so as not to piss off either the radicals or normal Americans they think they can bamboozle into voting for them. That’s not going to fly. Meanwhile, the silent majority of black voters are still standing with Trump because of both the economy and the madness that is the Democrat Party.

Elsewhere, an establishment Dem gunning for Maine Pain Collins too afraid to debate her Maoist opponent in the primary, a rundown of the major metropolitan shit-holes now burning showing all of them overwhelming controlled by Democrats for decades, two links on Lord Haw-Haw Mattis including one from Victor Davis Hanson, Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway team up to talk with PDT on Mattis and other things, Salena Zito with an interesting comparison of the 2020 race and William McKinley’s victory, “whoever emerges as the next great populist will have to excite the Silent Majority and represent its core interests. That person will have to understand that the Trump base is primarily motivated by cultural and identity issues, not economic wonkery,” and Conrad Black notes “this is hardball politics of a kind the country has never seen before, the ultimate attempt to criminalize policy differences.”


Opportunity knocks.


Kayleigh McEnany makes the leftists’ heads explode, Dubya spox sez Slimes’ claim he won’t support Trump is wrong, Mollie Hemingway with the unsurprising news that “some of the most colorful descriptions of the violence facing police officers at Lafayette Square were clumsily spliced out of the middle of Barr’s answers to questions,” Pull-It Surprise winner Hannah Jones is a filthy slag, on the demonization of the Federalist Society, any outlet taking money from the Chi-Coms is a foreign agent and should be treated as such, Fredo Cuomo performs “Afternoon of a Fraud,” Trump hires fact-checker to debunk XiNN’s phony polling, Lloyd Billingsley on “unmasking Twitter’s ‘Head of Site Integrity,’ the man who fact-checked President Trump,” and “the media’s coverage of Jair Bolsonaro is just as awful as their coverage of President Trump.”


Will Joe approve funding for canned food hurling and begging for your life training?


London is gone as is England, Congressional GOPers unveil massive new Iran sanctions, admin going after Farsi shipping company linked to WMD, Hong Kong freedom fighters spooked, cheap two-bit racialist Ben Crump pulls anti-American UN stunt, Russia treating Belarus like it treated Cuba after the Soviet Union collapsed, and let’s stop being the world’s policemen. 


Nicole Gelinas says “New Yorkers are trying their best to muddle through – but will their government and political class fail them?”, a financial tool that could help cities achieve a sustainable fiscal recovery, and “government-employee unions – including those for police – put the power and interests of their workers above the public interest.”


Heather Mac Donald on cops: “they save lives and keep New York City safe for all residents – especially the most vulnerable.”


The markets are on a tear, Dept. of Labor with a good move on 401-Ks, and after the terrorists destroy a Minneapolis manufacturing plant, the company has had enough and is leaving town forever. Maybe the plan to abolish the police will make them reconsider…


KY Dem Gov. Beshear “singled out only ‘black and African-American communities,’ while declaring that ‘health care is a basic human right’ “


The mind-numbed cadres of Cultural Revolution Two: Gulag For You Boogaloo strike again.


Our intrepid science reporter on that funny, orange ball in the sky that the smart set dismisses as having anything to do with “climate change.” Yet it does, gentle reader.


Want to make book that after the businesses are burned out the terrorists start burning down middle to upper income neighborhoods? Also, the SJW scolds come after Terry Crews for his supposed Twitter apostasy, Shelby Steele and Rabbi Fischer explode the “systemic racism” myth, Colonel West’s take, Bette Midler is right, except for the one minor detail about who the fascists actually are (hint, tubbo; it’s your side), Kathryn Bigelow’s 1995 dystopian flick was prescient, Dennis Prager with “four roots of evil that are guaranteed to destroy a civilization,” and “Americans didn’t kneel to British tyranny, Nazi fascism, or Soviet communism. We won’t kneel for a collective guilt movement that’s gone off the rails.”

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