The Morning Report 6/10/20

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and the madness continues. Adding to the bloodiest day in Chicago since 1961, Los Angeles is reporting that the over two-week wave of terror that has ripped through Democrat-controlled cities has resulted in a massive spike in murders and other violent crime. Waiting for the media to add the word “unexpectedly” to the headlines. If they report it at all. Meh, they’ll blame Trump, white people, Jews, capitalism and the fact that Robert E. Lee’s statue is still standing on the other side of the country. But why even wait for that? An entire Seattle police station was literally surrendered to Vanilla ISIS, otherwise known as Antifa, who then cordoned off the area and effectively seceded from the United States. 

And the spike in the bloodletting is with Chicago’s and LA’s police departments yet to be abolished, and still supposedly patrolling the streets. Well, the writing is on the wall. Or in the case of DC, Charlotte and now New York City on the streets: the ebonic hakenkreuz otherwise known as “Black Lives Matter.” And woe betide any infidel who dares criticize it, let alone let their feet tread upon the new holy-of-holies. Recall what happened last week to the poor woman who committed the apostasy of erasing similar holy relics, aka graffiti, from a building in DC. Along with the mass, and frankly understandable, retirement of NYPD cops and probably every other major Dem stronghold, will what happened in Seattle play out elsewhere, and not just in a precinct or two but entire cities? And even without the messy process of having to pass legislation to do it?

All things considered, the situation is very much in doubt.

America went insane over the weekend. That’s barely an overstatement. People in their 80s who have lived in the U.S. all their lives said they’ve never seen anything like it. Ask an 80-year-old.

This was without precedent in the modern era, a small group of highly aggressive emotionally charged activists took over our culture. They forced the entire country to obey their will. It all happened so fast and with such ferocity that virtually no one resisted it.

People seem bewildered, even stunned by what was happening. Statements of fact and opinion that were entirely within the bounds of reasonable conversation just last Sunday, suddenly, a week later, were enough to get you fired from your job and a number people were fired…

The use of terror in and of itself to seize power by force of arms is not the strategy. That will never work. The strategy is to use terror to make you “take a knee” and hand over the keys to the kingdom without firing a shot. And Vanilla ISIS and Black September Matters are a hell of a lot more powerful than fists, bricks, Molotov cocktails and even firearms. When Jeff Bezos flat out states he doesn’t care if conservatives never patronize Amazon again, he is stating that comfortable in the knowledge that what he and his cronies are doing is forcing his competition out of business so that there is no one else you can patronize. And what a coincidence – when the terrorists burn down and loot entire central business districts, Amazon becomes the only alternative. How convenient.

Or try getting and holding a job, or getting a contract and generating business, in or with a company that is “down for the struggle.” Bad enough being purged from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the other social(ist) media platforms. Even if you stay silent, it’s easy enough to look up your party affiliation via Google. And wait until the Chi-Com funded high tech “social credit scoring systems” software becomes fully Colossus: The Forbin Project activated. 

A bit of a pickle we’re in, wouldn’t you say?


Latest chapter in Project Veritas undercover video exposes the gun-wielding element of the Antifa terrorists, scum who killed California deputy posted threats before the shooting, LA homicides and shooting go through the roof – unexpectedly, George Floyd “funeral” about as peaceful and dignified as you’d expect, Republicans nowhere to be found after Trump speaks about the dubious nature of the senior citizen “protester” who taunted the Buffalo cops, Vanilla ISIS seizes a Seattle police station and sets up its own no-go zone all without the cops firing a shot, NYPD cops see the graffiti on the walls and retiring in droves, werewolf-looking ignoramus Al Green hot and horny to set up Stalin-like show trial inquisitions where we beg for our lives, as DeBolshevik flip-flops harder than a tuna on a pitching trawler deck, he okays giant BLM to be painted on streets in each borough, NYPD PBA chief with impassioned plea, the subhuman cancer that killed David Dorn never served a single day of a seven-year prison term – yay, criminal justice reform!, and unknown miscreants setting fire to American flags in SoCal. This is what is known in the trade as a “metaphor.”


If you need any proof that the WHO is a den of fraudsters and conmen, this is it, persecuted pastor goes off on the hypocrisy of allowing protests, while blacks were truly hardest hit, Wall Street and government felt no pain, Daniel Greenfield explodes the “all in this together” bromide, what could possibly go wrong in Ohio schools, Angel-of-Death Cuomo has some ‘splainin’ to do, “we still have much to learn about the transmission of Chinese COVID-19,” Fauci keeps fucking that Chicken-Little, and finally, Julie Kelly states “after misleading Americans on a long list of consequential issues over the past few decades – from climate change to dietary guidelines and now the common cry of ‘systemic racism’ – the body of expertise is twitching. In this case, I will even allow for coding its death as another [Chinese] coronavirus fatality.”


Pompeo on the warpath with IG that Trump fired.


Dem Senate candidate Hickenlooper characterized lunch with Clinton aide as not political, despite having admitted to discussing campaign strategy, and today’s installment from the Democrat Chutz-pocrisy Files.


Rabbi Fischer on why you didn’t hear of the pogrom in Los Angeles, and I may have to revise the title of this section, considering “Democrats’ increasing and frightening anti-Christian bigotry, the growing popularity of socialism, and the aggressive attacks on beliefs that Christians have treasured for millennia should all serve as a wakeup call to all believers.”


Tucker Carlson on the transmogrification right before our eyes of the Democrat Party into the Mau-Maus, “Picture every Democrat presenting every part of their platform to the crowd of protesters in Minneapolis, then modifying it leftward until they pass the test,” the police abolition movement will destroy the Dems at least in this election, Lloyd Billingsley with Obama “encouraging rioters and protecting cop killer Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur, icon of Black Lives Matter,” GOP eyeing Jacksonville for the convention, the Punk wants Joey Sex-Knuckles under wraps, majority of voters believe media want the lockdowns only to hurt Trump, Theresa Greenfield faces the music in Iowa race, brave Georgia Dem Vernon Jones introduces hate crime legislation to protect unpopular political viewpoints (I thought this was the first amendment?), don’t believe Dem hype about turning Georgia blue, bilious tiny ball of hate Spike Lee opens filthy sewer and delivers flatus, Oregon Maoists come for a local mayor but he’s not backing down, Jeffrey Lord identifies the real systemic racism, George P. Bush to back Trump, what’s wrong with America’s cities is 60 years of Democrat destruction, the Other McCain notes “the failure of political fantasy creates a destructive reality,” “maybe the Democrats’ monopoly on municipal governance would be a good place to examine,” as the mayhem “send[s] Middle America scurrying back to Donald Trumps waiting embrace” Pedro Gonzalez thinks rough going ahead for PDT; “at this rate, President Trump’s base stands to lose, no matter the election’s outcome,” but finally, it’s deja-vu all over again with Antifa acting as the Democrat equivalent of Hitler’s 1933-era Stormtroopers.


“Moralizing the immigration issue eviscerates the type of hard, systemic thinking it so badly needs.”


Tu-Ca delivers another stemwinder demanding the virtually worthless GOP to wake the hell up and defend what’s left of the nation, cute and smart conservative woman censored for naming names, all of a sudden the media is against mass gatherings, Comcast plays Alfred Krupp to Vanilla ISIS’ NSDAP, let a thousand editorial board purges bloom, “a leaked memo addressed to higher-ups pulled back the curtain on the Washington Post’s newsroom, revealing how dramatically Twitter scrambles priorities and distorts the paper’s daily coverage,” some photo ops are more equal than others, Condi Rice not falling for CBS’ gotcha, Gibson’s Bakery still with plenty of fight left, Josh Hawley wants DoJ to defend first amendment, a new platform for conservative funding, “with its latest scalp in the publishing world, we can see that the mob is going after lower profile thought-leaders and targeting anyone who offended them.”


Chi-Coms go ape over Harvard study, if Merkwurdige Merkel and the media hate the idea of US troops leaving Deutschland, then you know it’s the absolute right thing to do, ACLU does what it does best – stab America in the face, Katie Hopkins on the BLM protests/riots in the UK, and “the rise of vigilante groups in Mexico offers a hint of what happens when institutions fail and civil society collapses. America should be paying attention.”


VP Pence presides over confirmation of first black chief of any US military branch, Congressional investigation finds Chinese telecoms have been spying on us with impunity, and Marine Corps bends its knee. Feh.


“Silence from Black Lives Matter when it comes to the black Christians massacred by Muslims in Africa.”


“The fallen economy might already be rallying. If so, why is Washington bothering with another wasteful stimulus?” Meh, it’s their job. But, perhaps it depends on the definition of the word “recession,” who gets to define it and why. Lastly, a look at the more than likely illegal racial preferences of businesses in the wake of “woke.”


Bad news, but some good guys are fighting back. Actually surprised the social(ist) media didn’t censor this.


Our intrepid science reporter says “NASA in the past was very slow to accept the use of reused capsules and rockets. It now appears they have abandoned this reluctance entirely, so much so that we could even see American astronauts flying into space on 
a reused rocket and in a reused capsule before the end of the year.” 

If only we weren’t committing national suicide…


Mammy McMengele prevented from airbrushing history for now, “Hollywood moves to dismantle its cop shows,” what’cha gonna do when the mob comes for you? Niger Innis on the endgame of BLM and Vanilla ISIS, a related piece that states “we won’t get the law enforcement that we want until we have less violent communities,” Christian Toto on Adam Carolla reacting to the latest madness, Prager U video excoriates the ignorant entertainment set setting the animals free, “there will never be an honest conversation on race because liberal policies are largely to blame for the tragic and terrible state of black majority communities and the toxic culture that results in so much death and despair,” and finally, the journey chronicling America in the era of the Chinese Lung AIDS continues.  

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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    Been meaning to write about our having a goal or purpose or an event(s) to focus our energies on our values and supporting Trump.
    Wish the dozens of conservative blog masters could pow wow and choose a time and place(s) that we could have a impressive show of force.
    As I said in an earlier HQ post most of us wait for Trump to come rally us. May be we all could go to Trump and rally for him– and us. ?
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