The Morning Report 6/11/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday and yet again I have to wonder, is what what we are witnessing the collapse of our society or a last, desperate suicidal banzai charge of the Left? The thing of it is, a banzai charge still leaves a lot of dead GIs and jarheads in its wake. Politically speaking, I think the wave of terror unleashed by some truly evil and nefarious forces – whether openly or tacitly supported by the Democrat Party – and now the actual debate to abolish police forces as if it were a rational, reasonable policy goal will doom the Democrats at the polls this November; the attempts to steal the election by the Left notwithstanding.

Some have compared 2020 to 1968, and while there are definite and in some instances striking parallels, there are major differences. Overall, the violence of the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protests and riots that reached their climax at the ’68 Democrat National Convention in Chicago has the same ideological and generational players, as well as the same anti-American Marxist instigators fomenting the chaos. The key difference is while miraculously there still is a large “silent majority” of normal Americans who reject this madness, many of the institutions that that majority look to for support are lined up against them. Yes, the media have always been anti-American, but 52 years on, our schools, cultural institutions, as well as banks and businesses are either willing participants or silent as we the people and We The People are systematically stripped of our rights. The rot has even consumed many of our churches and synagogues, places where we seek out the strength and comfort of Almighty G-d, but instead are met with apostates, frauds and hustlers whose mere presence in a house of worship is an abomination. 

Now, evidently, we are not even allowed to remain silent, for it has been decreed by our executioners on the Left that to remain silent is to approve of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.” You will be made to care. Or else.

I’m not just writing this in the abstract because I have a sinking feeling I’m facing a personal moment of truth. Without giving away too much information — and the mere fact that I have to go by a nom-de-blog so as not to risk my ability to make a living, or even bodily harm is proof positive that much of the America I believed in is no more — I have been tasked by a client to craft one of those hideous agitprop letters spouting the Black Lives Matter lies and whitey mea-culpa to its customers. In advance of a 9:00AM phone call, my inbox this morning had a dozen examples from companies like Under Armor, Concordia, Postmates, Union Square Hospitality Group, and others. Along with the crap we’ve all been inundated with from every other company, each one was more hideous than the last in its complete ignorance about those legendary “root causes” of the misery and pain the Left is always going on about – the pain and suffering that they alone are guilty of and always have been.

Whether it’s the utter dissolution of society as embodied in CHAZtopia, or the burning, looting and pillaging of America’s cities, there are still a number of people who still think “local crime story” and “more than 10 miles away.” Hell, I had looting and rioting a block away from me and in a sense even I had that attitude. No more. The revolution is calling me on the phone this morning. Those that have admonished me and others for not “voting with my feet,” all things considered, it’s getting to a point where there will be nowhere left to escape. And sooner or later, whether with a Molotov cocktail or more likely, a Sundar Pichai social credit score, it’s going to reach out and touch you. 


“If you won’t do it, I will”: President demands Seattle officials take back CHAZtopia, which presupposes Seattle has actual leadership and that it wants to do it. Conflicted on whether he should do this or not. And intellectual superstar Jay Inbreed does a Sergeant Schultz schtick. Elsewhere, San Luis Obispo cop shot during ambush attack that also took the life of a homeless man, Vegas cop mostly peacefully shot in the head now on a ventilator for life, Wretched Whitmer not just a tyrant but a spineless one at that, if Fort Worth drops rioting charges against rioters maybe there is some logic in abolishing the police – and replacing them with real police, uh-oh – one of the Floyd incident cops is out on bail, a look inside CHAZtopia, “in the end, everyone pays for riots,” Larry Elder with “a reflection on black lives lost – and dead silence,” “from random shootings in Chicago, to the targeting of black neighborhoods for abortion clinics, why don’t these black lives matter, too?,” hack Letitia James taps crook Loretta Lynch to run NYPD show trial-cum-investigation, after the Confederate generals and Columbus it will be statues of Jesus, “Until now, the FBI at least would have made a half-hearted effort to deny its conversion into a leftist political asset. No more,” a call to kick out the invaders that occupied CHAZtopia, the CHAZtopians look to lord of the flies… and rats, and ticks, and lice, meh, if this is what Seattle wants, let them get it good and hard, zombie Bert Kwouk called from the grave and wants Julian Castro to return his face, Heather Mac Donald with “comments submitted to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives in response to the Oversight Hearing on Policing Practices,” Detroit terrorists want to make the rubble bounce and Detroit’s leaders say “how high?” “If we continue on this path, there will be no going back. Our country will be unrecognizable.” The Racism-Industrial Complex, or “how to know when appearance correlates with reality – and when it doesn’t,” and Victor Davis Hanson on not getting what you want and getting exactly what you want.


Tu-Ca is preaching from my hymnal, give it up, doctor, it’s over, I can just see Ron Popeil’s latest; the Pocket Glory Hole.


Primary source? Have they checked Hillary’s ass? “The Russia scandal is fast coming to a head, with names sent this week to the Justice Dept. for possible criminal referals,” Margot Cleveland says “details released over the last month reveal Obama and Biden knew more about the Michael Flynn ambush than previously realized. New subpoenas of Susan Rice, James Comey, and James Clapper might prove how much,” “Barr talks the talk. But is he really willing to weather the media firestorm that will rise up to defend the politicized criminal system that has become the status quo?” “If the rest of the brief is as dishonest as the second footnote on the first page, Judge Gleeson deserves to be disbarred.”


The GOP made me do it! Yeah, that’s the ticket…


Perpetual loudmouths suddenly go silent on their money and their Joo-hate, Caroline Glick sees “on the burning streets of America today, leftist Jew-hatred is on clear display,” and Daniel Greenfield says “when Bend the Arc vows to defeat white supremacism, it really means defeating Jews.” George Soros should have had his citizenship stripped long ago for admitting he was a Nazi collaborator. He has been fomenting insurrection for decades now and must be RICO investigated, his assets seized and all his enterprises neutralized once and for all.


Kayleigh McEnany with a checkmate on the mail-in vote election-stealing scheme, James Clyburn admits he’s an Uncle Tom race traitor, so go get him BLM, Biden may be demented but his handlers and the NAACP know this defund the po-po madness is electoral suicide, Jacksonville could be in for the RNC, Georgia primary reportedly a fiasco, hey everybody, party at Kim Olson’s house! Cindy McCain angry at Amy McGrath for interrupting John’s continuing funeral, “The hysteria and mayhem that have resulted from George Floyd’s death won’t help the cause of civil rights. They will, however, help the president,” the genital wart from Utah concurs, “with Antifa and BLM, the left is setting a precedent for their deployment in November to either steal the election or overthrow President Trump,” Cookie Milano all in for Nutter/Fluffer ’20, Democrats’ continue churn out the pandering propaganda to cover for their history of abusing black Americans, Heritage Foundation et al taken to the woodshed: “If we truly want to win, it’s probably time to re-examine the entire premise of the ‘conservative movement’ and its funding,” “since his appearance on the political scene in 2015, Donald Trump has drawn out the liars and hypocrites of our times and given them the space to expose their mendacity. The last few weeks have drawn out abundant examples,” it may be the political banzai charge of the Left but banzai charges still left a lot of dead GIs and jarheads.


Kristi Noem rips media for Peking Pox panic-mongering, Sean Hannity’s show about as professional and informative as ever, Tom Cotton still laughing as he rampages through the Slimes like a Chinese virus, legal eagle Turley warns GoFundMe may be in trouble for silencing Candace Owens, Paul Krugman all in on silencing brilliant economist whose ass he is unworthy to kiss, I understand Goebbels won one for his invasion of Poland coverage, shut down every damn media company that is acting as a Chinese foreign agent/entity, from Judith Miller “journalists confront a global pandemic of restrictions or repression.”


Boycott the Beijing Olympics call gains steam, Israelis discover the Chi-Coms have slacker millenials in their parents’ basements up to no good just like here in the US, Qatar financed deadly attacks against Yanks? I’m shocked. Plus “a chaotic weekend of mayhem and violence across Europe showed the impotence of European governments and the limits of the progressive model of policing.” “By boldly declaring sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, Netanyahu can gain a legacy as one of the greatest Israeli prime ministers.”


PDT to cultural revolutionaries: LOLGF!, every damn university needs to be scrutinized for spies, “Trump has long relied on the leadership and counsel of women, the White House says.” Looks like the mish grabbed Trump.


Robert Spencer warns “the Unholy Alliance is emboldened and on the march,” and “Al-Qaeda-linked Nidal Sakr relives his Arab Spring days, here in America.”


Where were Klobuchar, Frey, Franken, Bro-Fo, Keith-X and every other rotten, filthy Leftist in Leftist Minnesota who allowed this man to thrive? And yet, it’s America’s fault starting from 1776, er, 1619?!


Maybe we can get advice from the CHAZtopian finance minister on how to cut the debt, Walmart makes getting Ultra Sheen quick and easy, the fact that the Chi-Coms are a mortal enemy should be reason enough but there’s more, and ” ‘if you have a leader that will take too much authority in a time of crisis, that’s when we lose our freedom and our liberties,’ said Gov. Kristi Noem.” Superstar on the rise maybe.


I assume the phrase “I disagree with you” is hate speech, and UCLA punishes professor who refuses to figuratively (for the moment) bow down.


Zombie Trofim Lysenko is having a hearty laugh plus our intrepid science reporter with his own thoughts on this madness, and the Sierra Club supports Iowa candidate who pimps herself as pro-agriculture despite commie group’s rabid anti-ag ludditism.


Our intrepid science reporter with fascinating geologic doings unique to the red planet.


Rowling’s got some yarbles on her, bigger than the cosmetic ones on the trannies.


NASCAR turning into NFL on wheels, HBO don’t know nuthin’ ’bout cultural revolutions and evidently Jeff Bezos is a damn hypocrite, Christian Toto warns that the Nazi bonfires won’t stop at GWTW, Whoopi Rape-Rape not down with the struggle, suddenly the value of dictionaries published at least 10 years ago have gone up in my estimation, a cartoon rescue dog? Really?! Cracker Barrel now targeted for termination, Charles Barkley just whacked a murder hornets’ nest, “the clock has not run out on the knee he took” – I’d pay good money to see a Shelby Steele rhetorically wipe the floor with Kaepernick, and I sense an opportunity for Katie Hill.


Robert Spencer looks at the forgotten, and frankly never taught, legacy of Chester Arthur. “Systemic racism” my ass. 

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