The Morning Report 6/12/20

Good morning, kids. Friday and the weekend is here, but the barbarians continue to run wild at 
the behest of the Democrats. That is, until such a time as they no longer need the political protection and support of then Democrats to achieve their aims and become the first to be put up against a wall. To look at this so-called “autonomous zone” one cannot help but laugh. But it’s a deadly serious game being played here. Forget the six-block radius of Capitol Hill; both the city of Seattle and the state of Washington have lost control or worse, willingly and eagerly ceded control to a heterogeneous and somewhat amorphous assortment of losers, stoners, anarchists an political terrorists. Naturally, those unlucky enough to live and work in the contamination area are what’s known in the trade as “shit out of luck.” And considering I live in potentially what could become CHAZ East, it scares me to death. Not that anyone gives a shit about them or me because, after all, it’s our fault we dressed so provocatively and invited the gang-rape. But I digress.

But, human nature being what it is (which the Left has destroyed several hundred million lives in its never-ending quest to conquer), the newly-minted slice of Heaven in the heart of the Emerald City has indeed followed the pattern of the aftermath of every single “popular uprising” or “war of national liberation” we’ve ever seen, albeit the home game version: it has become a totalitarian thug-ocracy. 

Still, it’s all fun and games… until someone loses a country.

The two destabilizing events recently occurring back-to-back, the response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, and the George Floyd rioting, illustrate well how America is now institutionally incapable of making decisions in her own best interests. That is, the overreaction to the disease and under-reaction to the rioting reflect a country long demoralized.

Moreover, if that’s not troubling enough, know that this is a state of being that usually leads to tyranny.

We’d had pandemics before – ones causing more death, especially when adjusted for population – but we’d never before embraced lockdowns, a cure worse than the disease.

But at least the disease was a relative unknown; riots are not. People the world over know how to deal with riots, and this isn’t by letting them metastasize so thugs can run wild, hurt the innocent and destroy the nation. Yet our “leaders” fiddled while the country burned, motivated by moral confusion and weakness, and some, most certainly, by ulterior motives…

… Some of what’s occurring today is orchestrated by well-funded “astroturfing” puppeteers behind the scenes, but this isn’t new, either. Remember, Democrat operatives were caught on hidden camera in 2016 confessing to how they were fomenting violence at Trump rallies. One of them, Scott Foval, actually said, “We’re starting anarchy here.”

Yet the mainstream culture has become so demoralized that much of this aid is overt. Just consider all the corporations that support, and even donate money to, Black Lives Matter and other similarly disposed groups. Cisco, for example, gave $5 million to BLM & Co.

When a country’s destabilization becomes severe enough, it can move into subversion’s next stage: crisis. This period only takes weeks and is when a revolution occurs that can sweep the puppeteers into power. This absolutely is the goal of the most Machiavellian authors of our destabilization…

With a dangerously large swathe of companies great and small willingly or in an act of self-defense knuckling under to the BLM protection racket, that group is amassing a war chest that makes what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson did look like a penny ante schoolyard shakedown for your lunch money. And BLM is not a civil rights organization and doesn’t even pretend to be one: it’s virulently racist, anti-America, anti-Judeo-Christian and seeks the overthrow of this nation by any and all means necessary. Discover the Networks is truly an invaluable resource in cataloging the most dangerous individuals and organizations such as BLM (whose very long and detailed rap sheet can be found hyperlinked here) that are committed to the destruction of America and civilization as we know it. That is not hyperbolic on my part either. I don’t have to quote their ravings which are on the same level in tone and sanity – and most alarmingly clarity and honesty – as Mein Kampf

President Trump’s designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization was absolutely the right thing to do. I am calling on him to designate Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization as well.

This is both a no-brainer and the most dangerous political move he can make. The greatest downside is the conflation of the words in lower case and their sentiment that “black lives matter,” which of course they do, with the organization Black Lives Matter. The latter were quite clever in naming themselves that way, just as Antifa claims to be “anti-fascist” assuming (and sadly, correctly) that most uninformed people will not see that what they are doing and saying is about as far from fighting real fascism as you can get. No coincidence either since a cursory examination will reveal common puppet-masters. 

But there are major upsides as well. First, as Trump so masterfully has done in the past, his staking out of a media-defined “controversial” position will force the Left to reflexively defend an organization that he, Trump, will expose as the dangerous, criminal race hustling fraudsters that they are. A big Achilles heel of BLM, and indeed all Leftists, is the way they attempt to twist language to their benefit. This is best exemplified by attacking people who say “all lives matter” as racist. The media aside, it is an untenable and indefensible position. And with Trump stating it, it can’t be ignored. It’s out in the public discourse, unfiltered for people to consider without a media filter to distort it (though they will try, of course).

In tactical terms, assuming the FBI and DoJ will actually do their jobs and not sabotage Trump, BLM, its leaders and financiers will be investigated, scrutinized and perhaps prosecuted for fomenting unrest and insurrection. They have made both implicit and overt threats of violence to both life and property for years. 

Also, it effectively cuts off their funding. Anyone now donating to that organization is subject to prosecution. Plus, their assets are open to seizure, and amazingly as one link shows, it’s getting close to at least half a billion dollars thanks to corporate America, Hollywood and even the American taxpayer.

Playing devil’s advocate, perhaps he should wait until after the election. But we are on a knife edge as it is. I don’t think he and we have the luxury anymore of playing it safe. What’s going on in Seattle is an open sore and an embarrassment. It’s also a harbinger of our downfall. Emperor Raz Ma-Tazz from CHAZ may not come to rural America and occupy it. But Amazon, T-Mobile, Disney, Bank of America, Google, Delta Airlines, your employer, your pastor and even your college-age kids all know where you live and are ready to “put y’all back in chains.”

Something’s got to give and the President is going to have to make a move. Better it be a bold one.


Trump unveils plan to address racial inequity and police brutality. Despite the verbiage of “racial inequality” which in the USA today is non-existent despite the propaganda, I think he will once again paint the Left into a corner and garner support from a good percentage of blacks. Included is a major school choice push, which black Americans love and Dems hate.

Cancer who ambushed California cop goes down.
If the FBI/DoJ really wanted to go after “instigators,” they might want to go after Nazi collaborator George Soros, among many others.
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“CHAZ exposes the Left’s endgame. Their message is deadly serious, and they aren’t kidding: ‘We are going to destroy you.’ “
The vandals aren’t just destroying things that can be replaced. “The only thing we have to fear is the concept of the pure.”
Even in the darkness, that little light of their’s, they’re gonna let it shine. Never happen in CHAZtopia.


Here’s more anecdotal evidence that the panic and imprisonment over Chinese Lung AIDS was not warranted.
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DeBolshevik is a tiresome tyrant.
With Leftists, it’s not how you play the game, it’s how you place the blame.
Team Angel-of-Death bungles another one, not that they’d ever cop to it.
“Why did stocks move higher during the pandemic? Investors bet Chinese COVID-19’s impact would be worst for just a few demographic groups.”
Trump will not be fooled twice.


Of course they knew it was horseshit because they needed it as a pretext to spy on PDT.
I should applaud Grahamnesty for doing something that should’ve been done years ago?
Steve Linick was a leaker, and grossly negligent with state secrets. But anti-Trump, so a hero, right? Feh.
Let’s get McCain to testify before the funeral cortege reaches Arlington!


Joey Sex-Knuckles pulls a Pelosi at roundtable discussion.
At first, I gasped, but honestly, in some ways the brain dead goniffing pederast is not that far off the mark. But politically he stepped on a nuclear landmine.
Steal. Like, with a landslide?
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RNC will hold bulk of convention in Jacksonville, but the first day will still be in Charlotte. Stupid.
“It used to mean something. Now it’s an all-purpose epithet for anything conservative.”
Um, no Donkey-Chompers, it means you are the cause of the problem.
Shady Atlanta DA trying to nail 6 cops has a poor election showing.
“In essence, this is what we’re seeing in the streets today: people who see things in black and white – not just in a racial sense – and who are certain of their own purity, certain that whatever gods may be are smiling on their works.”


Illegal aliens must be protected, even if it means slaughtering thousands more of our own citizens to prove we’re not mean.
Another of Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s “spark of divinity” boys gets booted… for the third time.


Lefty advertisers put the screws to Zuckerberg to censor Trump.
Disney and T-Mobile pull ads from Tu-Ca’s show. This is how they will ultimately silence our voices and make us submit – all of us.
Black GOP consultant puts the squeeze on small, bitter fruit and cohort.
Because she’s a rabid leftist with her late husband’s billions to play with.
Tom Fitton makes DC mayor squirm.
“Top editors are rapidly resigning over allegations of racial insensitivity – most of which are correctable or forgivable if they’re accurate – legitimizing the radical left’s inane policing of our politics and culture.”
Thou shalt not blaspheme the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure.
“The election of Donald Trump was as much a rejection of [George] Will’s brand of conservatism as it was a rejection of Hillary Clinton.”


This is just a turducken of governmental overreach rolled into one fat carcass.


Horrid creature is looking to unseat Republican MO Governor Mike Parson.


Trump Admin threatens corrupt ICC with retaliation if they mess with us.
The WHO is a hot mess of incompetence and anti-westernism.
Farsis can’t control their Iraqi puppets thanks to Trump’s New Year’s gift to humanity.
Chi-Coms creating their own “1619 Project” to pervert Christian history.
Filthy mongoloid Russky persecuting Christians. 


Pee-Air Defecto only supports it because Trump is against it.
Bodacious Tata tapped for key Pentagon slot.


“Calls to deprive the police of financial resources are missing the target.”
Evidently, high-level Democrat bureaucrats get to be a thug for life, even after resigning in disgrace.


Conrad Black asserts, “never mind the police. The greatest failing of the American judicial system is the fact that prosecutors have practically unlimited power.”


More proof, as if we needed any, that the Peking Pox panic “cure” was worse than the disease.
Good news with 10th straight week the number filing for unemployment has gone down. 
“California’s anti-contractor law has led to massive job losses and a backlash even among liberal workers, but the Democrat nominee wants to impose it nationwide.”
“We are already getting past the [Chinese] coronavirus lockdowns, and we’re on track to defeat the pandemic with a V-shaped recovery.”
“On-shoring all drug manufacturing would make us less resilient.”


Once again, racism in America is shown to be fake… but accurate.
PDT with a major winning issue, especially with Black Americans.
“A proposal for making school choice – and the American Dream – available for all.”
“It is time to terminate the dysfunctional public-school monopoly and grant all parents and students their right to choose the school that best fits their needs.”
The estimable William Jacobson reports possibly being targeted for termination by the thought police.


“The feminist left’s embrace of transgenderism probably means a lot of younger people have never encountered a feminist with Rowling’s position on trans issues. To some of them, such a feminist is unthinkable.”
Hysterical femiazis purge their CEO for not being sufficiently revolutionary or something.


At some point, you’re not going to be able to boycott those businesses that do not share your values.
And yet Starbucks seems to be axing for trouble.
US Soccer caves to the terrorists.
“Disagreeing with the ‘progressive’ narrative mandates Maoist-style humiliation.”
Where they remove statues, soon they will have to “remove” people.
Great One Levin with a check and mate for the Congressional Black Caucasians.
“An African-American professor says that blacks hold their fate in their own hands.”
“Christians are being pressured into repeating the beliefs of a neo-Marxist, collective guilt ideology that’s incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Christian Toto reviews a “taut, absorbing drama [that] offers two haunting narratives in one.”

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