The Morning Report 6/15/20

Good morning, kids. Monday. Same shit, different week. This time, it’s Atlanta’s turn to burn over the death of a black man at the hands of a white policeman. Despite the rather salient point that these types of incidents happen less frequently than white persons shot by white cops, and more horrifically, black-on-black violence in Democrat cities as a result of 60-plus years of catastrophic Democrat-Leftist social engineering, the meme must never be challenged. To do so would threaten our glorious destiny as a communist gulag, but I digress.

The other rather inconvenient fact is that the raw bodycam footage of the officer in question seems to throw cold water on the narrative of a rabid racist white cracker with a badge executing an innocent-as-the-day-is-long, non-threatening black man. Seems the latter, after having failed a field sobriety test suddenly went for what he thought was the cop’s gun (it was his taser) and then after an altercation and resisting arrest was shot. He later died at the hospital.

No matter. The damage to our society is done and along with rioting, looting and burning in Atlanta, the officer in question was immediately fired and his partner placed on administrative leave. Look, I’m no special pleader for law enforcement; considering the damage Democrat-Leftists have done to that profession at every level – yes the Obama/Clinton abuse of the FBI, DoJ and IC is directly related to local police incompetence and malfeasance – it’s no wonder that the profession these days has too many people in uniform who shouldn’t be. Then again, when Democrat-Leftist social engineering creates a vast underclass of generationally abused “victims,” with a concomitant “culture” that reinforces the notion of being victims of a nation and a dominant race that controls a system that keeps them down, is it any wonder we are living through this?

The victimhood swindle/big lie is insidious from top down. It’s also mind-numbingly hypocritical. Year after year we hear Leftist politicians and teachers unions – but I repeat myself – shrieking about how black students are left behind for lack of proper funds (racist!) while black youth are mind-raped by scum like Chuck D., Snoop-Dog and Spike Lee about being race traitors for adopting white values, i.e. American values. And that pressure is kept up by their peers. Bastardy, drug abuse, derision of education, criminality and sloth puts you in with the in crowd. You go against that at your own risk in the hood. But in spite of all that, urban charter schools that are not controlled by Leftists and Leftist bureaucrats and unions are performing miracles by actually educating black youth to give them the tools they need to become members of American society. It also helps that they have parents who are desperate to free their kids from the virtual gulag of doom the Democrats want to consign them to. No wonder the plantation owners are screaming bloody murder, and doing all they can to shut them down.

Meanwhile, far from the inner city, figuratively if not literally, Indoctrination Inc. has churned out at least two generations of Marxist-Leninist automatons instead of free-thinking Americans who are now the foot soldiers and enforcers of a new cultural revolution. And they are everywhere now, from corporate board rooms to small businesses and right in your own home at your dinner table, to shame, hector, coerce and even force you to confess your sins and take a knee, as it were. 

Yes, the danger is real and it’s all around us. But there are signs of hope and rays of light. The 28-year slumber that began at the end of the Reagan years, interrupted by 9/11, lulled us into a sort of zombie-like state of complacency, resigning us to the fate touted by Obama, that America’s best years were behind us and that we should finally embrace our inevitable socialist overlords. And then came Donald J. Trump. America was heading for a political and cultural reckoning. Trump just caused all the masks to be dropped. 

2020 is a time for choosing. But unlike 1964 when Ronald Reagan intoned those words in his great speech, the choice has never been more stark. Forget the riots, the looting, the burning and now the complete ripping open of wounds that Obama tore at and are now bleeding out onto the pavement. Those who seek our subjugation will not stop at that. You can dismantle monuments, you can burn books and films, you can rename streets and buildings, you can rewrite history, you can force people to kneel before you and even, G-d forbid overthrow the nation, but that can never be enough. The reason is that there is still a collective memory of American culture. Remember that to these people, racism is not just “structural.” So-called “critical race theory” states that it’s genetic all non-persons of color. Ultimately, there is only one solution… and it’s final. Sound familiar?

I think people see this and not just the Trump base, but people who have had enough. All of this is anecdotal but if ordinary people have the stones to walk through the “border” of CHAZmania with American flags and protesting the filthy criminal terrorists, if George Floyd’s own brother can condemn the rioting and the police abolition movement, if what I feel is a silent majority of blacks who are now “woke” to still being nothing more than figurative an literal cannon fodder for Democrats, then there still is reason to hope for a reborn America. It won’t happen overnight. It may manifest itself in unexpected ways. But a change is coming. I pray it’s for the better.


– Bodycam footage of Atlanta cop who shot Rayshard Brooks shows altercation, victim going for cop’s gun.
– Atlanta Wendy’s burns after another black male shot and killed by cops.
– Masked woman suspected/wanted for torching Wendy’s.
– “Chaos, arson follow police shooting of Rayshard Brooks.
– “As tragic as every officer-involved shooting of a black person is, not all of them are worth burning down a Wendy’s for. For radical activists and their enablers, this act is getting old fast.”
– Atlanta shooting: Officer Garrett Rolfe terminated, Officer Devin Brosnan placed on administrative duty.
– These guys are either incredibly brave or really stupid as they confront the CHAZ-tards.
– Overwhelming majority of truckers polled refuse to deliver to cities with no cops.
– Pull her fingernails out and make her talk.
– CHAZtopian neighbor scared out of his mind.
– What they got away with in Seattle not flying elsewhere, much to the Left’s chagrin.
– If some Chicago cops did refuse to act, all things considered, I can see why they wouldn’t.
– Maybe if problematic cops weren’t trained by Democrats in Democrat cities, Rep. Clyburn.
– Tell Bro-Fo that the rot at the “root” of the problem is Democrat-Leftist policy and rule. 
– “Apparently, it’s fine for protesters to turn violent, as long as it happens for the ‘right’ reason.”
– Herschel Walker rips Joey Sex-Knuckles a new one for outrageous comparison of Floyd to MLK jr.
– “What Black Lives Matter has really done with its mountains of donations.”
– Angel-of-Death Cuomo plays word games with “every life matters.” Except the unborn, of course.
– Terrorists better think twice about targeting the Alamo.
– “Lenin would be proud” of today’s Leftist’s exploiting Floyd death to foment revolution.
– “There is today an air of illegitimacy and political thuggishness about the increasingly illiberal Democrats who seem bent on destroying both logic and the evenhanded rule of law.”
– Find the subhuman miscreant who did this and chop his hand off.
– Counterterrorism expert states the obvious.
– Buffalo teen restores a bit of faith in humanity and the younger generation.
– Protestroria est omnis divisa in partes tres
– “Everything unique to an individual, whether physical things or rights of conscience or data, belong to the individual. A government created out of the consent of the governed that fails to protect these rights is an unjust government.”
– “In George Floyd, our neo-communists found their own Sacco and Vanzetti, but much better.”


– Minneapolis commits suicide; abolishes police force and replaces it with… something else.
– Democrat-Media Complex: “George Floyd’s brother? Never heard of him.”
– A decision that could have major implications for the insane push to reform or outright abolish police departments.
– Entire Hallandale, FL SWAT team tells Quisling chief to take their job and shove it.
– “Reflections on race, riots, and police.”
– “Accusations of police brutality have persisted in our bluest cities for decades.”
– Angel-of-Death Cuomo’s Peking Pox prison break as successful as his nursing home policy
– Robert Spencer with another example of the nexus of the Left and Islam.


– Angel-of-Death Cuomo threatens retaliation against citizens fed up with his bullshit lockdown.
– Looks like New Yorkers have had it with DeBolshevik and the Angel-of-Death.
– Oh goody, more money that we don’t have.
– “Impeachment never required such indignities.”
– “The disease isn’t contagious in the open air, but the mask-wearing anxiety sure is.”
– More stats being wildly distorted in the media to keep the panic, and lockdowns, alive.


– “Stock up on your popcorn, America. The case is scheduled to resume in September.”
– “Between the George Floyd protests and the coming election, Judge Wilkins is absolutely right to observe that powerful political forces could be brought to bear against Attorney General Barr.”
– Still not holding my breath.


– It seems some black lives – and Democrat politicians’ careers – matter more than most all others, right Karen Bass?
– What? No calls for impeachment or imprisonment for 30 years? I’m shocked! (sarc)


– Roger Kimball states “a coalition of prominent Catholics has asked prominent Democrats to step up and defend American Catholics against anti-Catholic bigotry. Will they do it?”
– “Christian leaders who were quick to break social distancing guidelines to stand with Black Lives Matter protesters appear loathe to fight back against the ban on church services.”


– Chinese coronavirus panic has caused all kinds of problems with primaries, and raise concerns for November.
– PDT delays OK rally citing “Juneteenth” conflict.
– “They’re throwing everything they’ve got at the rally to stop it from going forward because they know there are things worse than the Wuhan Virus.”
– With cops like Val Demings, it’s easy to see how George Floyd’s death could happen.
– The dismantle the po-po crowd won’t like this, but Biden probably doesn’t even remember it.
– Biden veep-stakes down to six, all broads.
– Tank Abrams tanks hugely.
– Interpreted another way, it might indicate strong support for Trump from Black Americans.
– PDT still exudes enthusiasm.
– Breitbart’s Joel Pollak on how PDT can win in November.
– “Arizona needs election reform, but not the type our political class wants.”
– In praise of Martha McSally, and the release of her new book.
– A review of David Horowitz’s latest book.
– “Leftists want the George Floyd riots to be Trump’s Hurricane Katrina. This will backfire on them.”
– Victor Davis Hanson on “…the truth that the white progressive dares not to utter.”


– Open borders RINO establishment hack ousted by conservative in VA-5 GOP primary.
– Border Patrol agent found dead in NM, cause still unknown.
– If America is so horrid and racist, why do brown people pull crap like this to come here?


– Oh please, who does Chris Wallace think he’s kidding?
– “Gray Lady gives a free pass to tyrants, conspiracy theorists and serial murderers – but reserves invective for a U.S. senator.”
– NBC hack Craig Melvin projects Democrat values with horrid insult hurled at Tim Scott.
– Trump’s lawyer smacks down undescended testicle Stetler hard. 
– “When a movement says, ‘silence is violence,’ it is no longer democratic, but a totalitarian movement that opposes the very essence of choice — the right to be apolitical.”
– “The Fox News host [Tucker Carlson] matters a great deal to America. His contrarian, courageous truth-telling is in far-too-short supply in this chaotic, insane age.”
– Miranda Devine on Never-Trumpers batting a thousand… always wrong and deranged.
– Daniel Greenfield calls for the breakup of the internet, observing “our government is as democratic as our internet.”
– Another idea along the same brainwave.


– Maine family-planning organization lawsuit challenging administration’s guidance prohibiting abortion referrals as a method of family planning tossed.
– HHS reverses Obama’s Mengele/Frankenstein mandates on doctors of conscience and Leftists go ape, as expected.


– Chi-Coms crackdown in Beijing amid new Peking Pox outbreak at capital marketplace.
– “President Trump’s plan to reduce the U.S. military footprint in Germany points to even more significant aspects of his foreign policy inclinations.”
– Teh Ted thinks its totes kosher for Israel to determine it’s own path vis a vis annexation of Judea and Samaria.
– So Whoa, Fat’s sister is going to do some bad Shakespeare or something?
– “Foreign investors put big money into alternative energy sources in Ukraine, lured by government promises of aid. It hasn’t turned out well for some.”
– Raymond Ibrahim with “once secular, Turks are now born and bred on hating infidels.”


– PDT inspires this year’s West Point grads.
– Foreign ties means the Chi-Coms.
– Actual Chi-Com PLA officer nabbed trying to take it on the lam back to the Orient.
– Legal eagles say ex-brass could still be in violation of UCMJ for denouncing current C-in-C.
– No wonder the Deep State DoD brass are pissed.


“When it comes to a lagging confirmation process, the Republican Senate blames everyone but the people who are truly at fault. They have only themselves to blame.”
“Paris and Seattle are starting to look remarkably similar.”


“No one will make the connection of this business diaspora to BLM vandalism.”


– “Criticism of BLM leads to renewed calls to oust Cornell law professor William Jacobson”
– Chicago magnet school principal targeted for termination for speaking sanity.
– “The harm UCLA has done to Prof. Gordon Klein.”
– “How many more monuments and minds have to get smashed before people who genuinely love their country gain the courage to start fighting effectively for her restoration before it’s too late?”
– Lloyd Billingsley on “remembering when the 44th president ordered his elitist white education secretary to roll back the D.C. scholarship program.”


– “The [Chinese] coronavirus has revealed just how expensive emissions reductions are.”


– “By harnessing the innovation unleashed by the free enterprise system, private space enterprise is ready to explore the next untapped horizon: asteroids.”
– Our intrepid science reporter looks at where the Martian rover will go next.


– “As the nation continues to spiral under its 21st century cultural revolution, here’s a running list of the ongoing insanity.”
– Christian Toto says if you “crave John Cleese’s classic sitcom? You better buy it on physical media ASAP.”
– The book-burners will still not be mollified.
– You will be made to care.
– What has always been a thinly disguised marketing stunt is now an irrelevancy.
– Matt Gaetz sez jock-ettes will stand and be respectful, or else.
– Torque-mada’d off.
– “As history teaches, progressivism’s group think creates people ‘mass-like in their souls’ who destroy not only other cultures but now above all their own.”
– “Today, historical revisionists have reduced Robert E. Lee’s storied legacy to one damning feature that can be fit in a protest sign. Because no historical great is free of flaws, all our heroes can be cancelled.”
– “How do we go forward? By defeating the MEET Complex, silencing those who have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – which is itself a form of abuse – and promoting people who reject Munchausen Syndrome.”
– Hank Williams Jr.’s daughter killed in car crash, RIP.


“How Wordsworth and Coleridge came together to forge the Romantic movement.”

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