Destroying Statues Destroys Everyone’s History…Even The Stupid People

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin*

I love statues, and will cross the street or walk down the block whenever I see one in a new city, and if it is someone with whom I am familiar, so much the better. But good, bad or indifferent, statues are a signal that someone thought that the guy who dug the first sewer ditch in London, or built the first submarine or flew the first balloon or knocked the snot out of the Army of The Cumberland at Chickamagua was important enough to commemorate.

They are history, of the man or event in question and of the time when the statue was erected…a snapshot of what people thought and felt at the time.

Lenin Rises in Germany: Time for the Good Guys to Take Down a Few Statues

If the MLPD is serious, how about a statue of Stalin? Museums and parks throughout Eastern Europe have more than a few available, presumably for sale. And the Chinese Communist Party is still producing Mao idols, before which the Chinese people are expected to genuflect. No doubt, Beijing could spare a couple for the MLPD, perhaps gratis as long as accompanied by a plaque praising the genius and greatness of Chinese President and CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Alas, not everyone was happy with the MLPD’s loving gesture for the Bolshevik paragon. The district council in Gelsenkirchen-West passed a resolution in March stating the obvious: “Lenin stands for violence, repression, terrorism and horrific human suffering.” Germany, however, apparently in contrast with America, is a country in which law prevails, property is respected, and mobs are not tolerated. Explained the city council’s spokesman, Martin Schulmann, “only a very few people around the Marxist Party want [the statue], no one else.” But “we have no choice but to accept the court’s rulings, since the piece of land where the statue is due to be installed is privately owned.”

Bingo! “Privately owned.” Game–Set–Match.

As much as I and many other normals are offended by a statue of Lenin, it is first and foremost on private property so none of my fucking business. If some knucklehead wants to erect a statue of one of the premier (theoretical but the antecedent of real) mass murders in history, then have at it. There is no accounting for taste. And even more importantly, it is a glimpse into the profound unseriousness of modern Germany. They are existentially flawed. They have no will to protect their culture, and prefer the culture of their masters…Islam and communism.

So be it. But leave the statue intact, so future generations might be able to understand a bit about the mindset of the 21st Century German who willingly gave up his culture and his country to the marauding bands of wild-men and savages who were invited into Germany by…Germans!

*No, that’s not the German statue…this one is in Seattle!