The Morning Rant

Why do you oppose abortion? For many it is the religious prohibition, for many it is that the value of life is not dependent on anything other than our humanity. Assigning a value to humanity based on anything other than intrinsic and immutable things is a slippery slope.

Which is exactly the point of abortion and euthanasia. The Nazis knew that, and began in 1933 with the careful and seemingly gentle culling of the most vulnerable among them: the weak, the infirm, the congenitally ill, the retarded.

But our humanity does not disappear when we become ill or demented or are too young to survive outside of the womb. The push to euthanize is functionally identical to the Nazis’ first steps toward the Final Solution and the Holocaust.

Targeting People With Mental Illness and Dementia for Euthanasia

What about the U.S.? Would we ever follow such a course? As of now, the nine states and the District of Columbia that have legalized assisted suicide limit access to patients who are terminally ill. But that’s more a political expediency than a principled limitation. Indeed, restricting assisted suicide to the dying is philosophically unsustainable.

Think about it. If the point of allowing suicide by doctor is to eliminate suffering — and if eliminating suffering can include eliminating the sufferer — how can facilitated death be forbidden to patients, such as those with dementia and mental illness, who may suffer far more extremely and for a much longer time than the already dying? It makes no sense.

Because it is merely the first steps on the way to unrestricted state control of every aspect of our lives and deaths. it only becomes consistent and logical when control over the death of humans is taken from God and ceded to the state.

The murder of innocents in the womb is the sacrament of the Democrat/Progressive movement in America. But to assume that they respect all other life is naive in the extreme, both logically and from even casual observation of their actions. It does not stop with abortion; it ends in concentration camps.

Melodrama? No. It has happened before, and human nature says that it will happen again. So fighting abortion is not just a religious imperative reserved for the devout, it is the first battle against the worst excesses of the progressive drive for control. But a second front is developing, and we must push back against any hint that the aged and demented are any less human and deserving of society’s protection than the hale and hearty and productive.

That hits home with many of us; yes, it is a struggle with our parents, but defending their lives and intrinsic value is moral, and anything short of a full-throated defense of their lives and dignity is a failure on our and society’s part.