The Morning Rant

As much as I would like to believe that there will be a significant diminution of the leftist indoctrination that has been a staple at American universities for 30 years, The reality is that in spite of on-line learning taking the place of classroom instruction, there won’t be much of a change.

Because the vast majority of the indoctrination occurs at the hands of the instructors, who have been early adopters of the progressive cant, and have enthusiastically spread the socialist word to millions of callow youth, whose critical thinking faculties are pathetically inadequate.

Liberal Indoctrination Impeded at Colleges This Semester

Pushed to the internet, activist college administrators will be unable to provide the immersive and compelling experience required to baptize freshmen into the cult of racial obsession, Marxism, and/or radical feminism. It will also be more difficult to encourage students to show up for indoctrination sessions without the usual promise of new friends and a free pizza dinner. And the cancellation of the beginning of the year’s activities fair will spell the end of the main opportunity for administrators to meet potential indoctrinees.

Sure, these impressionable students won’t be forced to go to administration-driven indoctrination (though that crap could be on-line) but the faculty will take up the slack. Manipulation of reality can occur in a Zoom lecture just as easily as in a lecture hall. The one saving grace may be that peer pressure will have much less influence over the budding RCYB* members.

Sadly, there are no longer competing ideas on most campuses in America. That the Wuhan Flu nonsense has diminished the stridency of the progressive message may be a good thing, but there is nothing to take its place!

*Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade. They no longer exist, but something has undoubtedly taken their place.