The Morning Rant

This guy beats the simile to death, but it is amusing and apt. And his recap of the evolution of our current mess is enlightening.

Revolutionizing the New Global Order: The Godfather Wars

I’ll cut to the chase, but the article is worth a read.

As the United States and China become more insular, both will be prompted to flex their muscles. Blocs will ultimately decide which orbit they belong to. Ultimately, the order that states choose to live within will be guided by the principle offered by the 20th century, that totalitarianism leads not so much to a tradeoff between economic and political interests but rather to the atrophy of both. Thus, over the long-term, the West will align on ideological and democratic lines to counter China. States may initially attempt to enjoy economic relations with China while maintaining military ties with the United States, or vice versa. It is at this point that alliances will formalize, and blocs will become more clearly delineated between U.S. and Chinese orbits.

Not every country has our best interests in mind when they act. Why is that such a shocking and unacceptable statement for most on the left? The answer is that they are very well aware that we have few true friends in the world, but their goal, as has become glaringly obvious in the last decade, has been to punish America for its successes, which they see as at the expense of others. They carefully gloss over the fact that their socialist masters have sacrificed country after country on the altar of World Socialism, and the “New World Order” that they so desperately desire is simply a continuation of those policies. How else can one explain their enthusiastic support for China, which is a vile combination of totalitarian excess and central planning catastrophe. That it has survived is a testament to the successes of the enemies of Western Liberal Democracy.

Imagine a world in which the elites are happy to accept the enslavement of millions, and the murder — by various classic socialist means — of millions more just to punish their own society’s ascendancy.

That’s what we have now, and that is what President Trump’s foreign policy is pushing against. It is a noble cause, and one that, if successful, will be counted among the great realignments of post WWII.