“Unconscious Bias” And “White Privilege:” Two Sides Of The Same Anti-Freedom Coin

Most people who work for large American corporations have been dragged (sometimes kicking and screaming) into some sort of seminar or class or program explaining how all of us {well, middle class White people mostly) are irredeemably racist or sexist or classist or religionist(?), and only by admitting that we have a problem can we begin to atone for our evil.

It was suggested to me recently that I have unconscious biases, and I refuted that by pointing out that like most sentient beings, I am aware of my biases, and that the idea of an unconscious bias is a political one rather than philosophical or emotional.

It is, along with “White Privilege” a tool of the Left to subjugate those who have built Western culture. It is nothing more than a thought crime, and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot would be proud of the way their minions have hidden their ideas within a post-modern structure of verbal obfuscation and liberal guilt.

But don’t take my word for it…just read “Psychology Today,” and their absolutely moronic and illogical takes on those two concepts.

What Is Unconscious Bias (And How You Can Defeat It)

Speaking of illogic, here is a paragraph describing some of their evidence. it is factually incorrect, and it also assumes motives that simply do not exist.

Black Americans suffer from police harassment and violence at a much higher rate than white people, people do try to defend the police by claiming that black people are more violent and likely to break the law than whites. They thus attribute police harassment to the internal characteristics of black people (implying that it is deserved), not to the external context of police behavior.

Weapons-grade nonsense, yet that is the default position of the left, the media, and a far-too-large slice of America.

But wait! Here is a discourse on “White Privilege” that is even more ridiculous and silly. You might have a hard time understanding what the fvck this idiot is trying to say, but as an example of circular reasoning and flaccid thinking it’s a solid entry in the Idiot Sweepstakes.

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About White Privilege Today

Racial-minority privilege exists and serves an important function. I’m not saying that it is equivalent to white privilege — the power differential alone makes that impossible — but there is such a thing as racial-minority privilege. In marginalized spaces (also called counter spaces), this means that people of color generally have the privilege of speaking about race without having their point of view challenged solely on the basis of their racial identity or racial appearance. I’m not complaining about this or wishing for something different, though I’ve certainly been challenged in just this way. To the contrary, it makes sense to me that marginalized spaces have barriers to entry for the non-marginalized, as well as the fact that those barriers have to be negotiated over and over again by those not part of the racial minority in-group. These barriers allow the counter spaces to, at least occasionally, serve as safe havens for marginalized groups — a place where members of those groups can express themselves more freely and with a higher likelihood of receiving acceptance and validation of their experience and point of view. Not that such acceptance and validation are guaranteed (safer havens, is probably more accurate). Like white privilege, racial-minority privilege is also relative. The presence of colorism and internalized racism within many racial minority groups also sometimes contributes to the devaluing of certain voices, as does the intersection of racial-minority privilege with gender, class, sexual orientation, and other forms of privilege and oppression.

Huh? So “White Privilege” is bad but Non-White Privilege” is good?

This is nothing more than the careful destruction of Western culture and philosophy, and it is masterfully constructed by the descendants of the original Frankfurt School. It is the most powerful tool in the communist arsenal, and they wield it with surprising success.

Thought crimes are all they can accuse us of, because the data show a starkly different America than what they want. And the sad part is that many Americans are all too willing to convict themselves of these imaginary crimes…the left doesn’t even have to work that hard.