V” Shaped Or “K” Shaped Recovery Depends On What You Do And Where You Live

As if the attempted destruction of our economy to destroy President Trump wasn’t enough for the Acela-Hyde Park-Madison-Austin-SF-Portland Malibu corridor!

The drive to shift their economies to a non-manufacturing-high-“education” work force has allowed many of their most vocal supporters to continue to work from via the internet. And isn’t that lovely…except that the service industries that support those slim-hipped hipsters have been crushed. All of those line cooks and dishwashers and janitors and sales clerks and maintenance men and cab drivers and the hundreds of other segments of the economy that can’t pick up their tools and work from home have been disproportionately impacted by the draconian Wuhan Flu rules that governors and mayors in mostly blue states (but sadly some red!) have enacted. Their deepest masturbatory fantasies of being supreme rulers have been satisfied!

Here is Coyote Blog discussing that point, with an additional theory about just who was most impacted.

“Work From Home & Socialize via Zoom” Is the Height of Elite Priviledge [sic]

I have been pointing out since April that stay at home orders tend to be supported by folks who either a) are rich with lots of savings; b) have professional jobs and can work from home (eg journalists) or c) get paid even if they don’t work (eg government workers and teachers). A lot of folks on the Left that lecture the rest of us constantly on privilege have shown zero self-awareness in advocating for the most privilege-biased government order in my memory. So it should not be shocking that the results of the COVID business lockdowns have disproportionately hit lower income and less educated workers.

I would like to see some additional data about the economic impact by state, and whether the budding fascists in NY and CA and IL and several other blue states have been worse for their most vulnerable workers than the typical red state governors.

As for his last sentence? maybe, maybe not, but it’s interesting.

I think there is a good chance other cultures more used to relying on larger networks and multi-generational extended families are having a particularly hard time with the order to limit social contact to zoom.

My observations of NYC suggest that it is the politically vulnerable minorities that are most impacted. And who are they? Orthodox Jews have borne the brunt of de Blasio and Cuomo’s crackdowns, but large gatherings of other minorities have been allowed to a much greater degree by the jack-booted thugs of government.

It will be interesting to see the voting patterns this November!