Anger And Hatred Are No Basis From Which To Create A Political Philosophy, But The Left Sure Is Trying!

There is a visceral, irrational hatred that manifests itself among a certain kind of left-of-center American. We have all seen the videos of some inarticulate, sputtering maniac spouting furious talking points about how Trump is the Devil and Republicans will murder immigrants and take away your rights and force women into servitude and on and on and on.

It is on this continuum that are the people who burn buildings and riot and destroy, and it is because of them that I cannot put a Trump sign in my front yard or a conservative bumper sticker on my car.

They want us silenced, and to get their way are willing to violate the social compact and subvert the political philosophy that is the bedrock of this country’s institutions.

They constantly threaten to leave, to destroy, to change; everything but what many (we will find out in a couple of weeks whether it is most) Americans really want, which is to live their lives in freedom, with the opportunity for success that isn’t contingent upon government.

But what strikes me as most irrational, most untethered from reality, is their anger with and hatred for the typical American who just wants to live a good life with family and friends and perhaps his church, and not worry too much about what goes on in the halls of Congress and the Supreme Court and the state houses of America.

What is it about America that makes them seethe with rage? Why has our success, our unprecedented freedom — both economic and civil — made them envious of other political systems that control and manipulate and restrict their citizens?

It makes no sense, and I have become weary of trying to understand and engage and perhaps convince them that there is another way, that there is accommodation to be had with people whose political opinions are perfectly legitimate, but simply different.

Here is a reasonably conservative writer who seeks honest engagement with Bruce Springsteen; one of the most famous examples of exactly the sort of mindset that has made American political discourse a horrid, angry, ignorant mess. Dear Bruce Springsteen: Here Is My Letter to You is a mildly interesting exposition of the differences between the two men, but it carefully ignores the most important part: Bruce Springsteen’s world view does not allow any other political philosophy. Because while Springsteen’s words may not specifically foment violence and insurrection; the people he supports are perfectly happy to burn down cities to get their dystopia.

The writer is eloquent and accommodating and quite willing to find some middle ground, but we have arrived at a point in our history that suggests to me: “Why Bother?” Let Springsteen go to Australia (Bullshit. He will never leave America‚Ķit’s far too great a life!) without trying to engage him in an honest political debate. Because there is no honesty in that debate. Our words are unacceptable to these people, and their goal is simple; to shut down political debate and change the greatest country in history into a sort of Euro-West.
Andrew Breitbart was correct.