The Morning Report 11/9/20

Good morning, kids. Monday, and the beat goes on. Despite the constant drumbeat from the Democrat Anti-Media Complex as well as the traitors, flunkies and sellouts in the party formerly known as Republican, the fact of the matter remains that Joe Biden is NOT the president-elect. As I would like to remind anyone who thinks that the media’s designation of a winner actually means anything, I invite you now to list the top highlights of the Al Gore administration, from either of his two terms in office. If that’s too tough, then tell us all about all the great things President Dewey accomplished.

While I let you go off and sharpen your pencil, this week begins the concerted effort by Team Trump to present its evidence, physical as well as in the domain of forensic accounting, to show that in six states where President Trump was well on the way to carrying, the counts were illegally halted, and then pre-marked ballots for Biden were dumped at polling/tabulation sites or blank ballots where armies of accomplices filled them in. All this as legally authorized poll watchers were physically barred from witnessing the crime. And that doesn’t even include a computer tabulation program that is used widely across the nation that has been found to accidentally on purpose switch Trump votes to Biden, but oddly, never the other way around. But I digress.

We all know what’s at stake if GOD FORBID we the people have an election stolen and Joe “von Hindenburg” Biden is installed. Hell, that’s exactly why Trump won more votes across a broader spectrum of voters including traditional Democrat blocs than every before, and massively. And that is exactly why what you saw Tuesday night just as the Chinese Yuan crashed go down the way it did. Oh indeed, normal early voting plus the inherent and pre-planned fraud from Mail-In Voting on the pretext of the phony pandemic panic if those are ever examined will no doubt be filled to the rim with dead people, illegal aliens, extraterrestrials and multiples of same. In fact, it’s my guess that even the deepest of deep blue states that are not being contested were probably a hell of a lot closer than the final results show. Trump got historic levels of black support in every major metropolitan area except in Philly, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta. Are black voters that much culturally different from those in Florida, for example? Maybe in an era before mass-media there would certainly be regional cultural differences but not in 2020. Not politically anyway. But I digress yet again. 

So at 9:00PM on Election Night, with Trump ahead significantly and sweeping through the south and on his way to sweep across the Midwest and Northern states, the networks refused to call those he would clearly be projected to win while the count was stopped for the night and the poll watchers barred from their duty. Then, voila! Biden goes from being down by several hundred thousand to being ahead by a few thousand. Meh, I’m rehashing things we already know but that Leftists refuse to hear and worse the media will not allow to be broadcast. And worse, I am getting away from the point I want to make to kick off today and to prime us for the week or perhaps weeks ahead.

I am a realist about things but I am an optimist. I would follow Donald Trump through the gates of Hell for all he has done for this country. Not just the policy things which in any honest assessment of history were phenomenal but his desire to finally make government accountable and break up the racket that’s been rotting this country from the inside since the end of World War 2. For that, he had to be destroyed. And the situation is still hanging in the balance.

While the Left pounded us furiously over the weekend, the President remained essentially silent. His surrogates took to the airwaves to declare this fight far from over while all of us oscillated between wild optimism and the depths of depression. Let’s be real: the evil that is arrayed against Trump and us is vast and deep. Despite what we saw unfold since last Tuesday it has to pass a number of very high hurdles because we are talking about a national election, not a parking ticket. And no matter that even the most neophyte student of the Constitution understands that these results are so tainted that they should be tossed, given the depth of corruption of our politicians as well as our judges over the years, I’m troubled to say the least. 

But I came to the conclusion yesterday that the President and his team do in fact have not only a case but have the goods to at the very least, get him to at least the bare minimum of Electoral Votes, if not more, to claim the win. More crucially, despite the constant character assassination for well over five years, Donald Trump I believe does have integrity. I do not think that he would drag this thing on and on knowing that it was a lost cause. On a purely mercenary level, it would destroy the Trump name as a brand if you will. But I think it goes much deeper than that. He would lose not just the election, but he would have utterly crushed the spirit of millions of people to not only not ever trust anyone ever again but to give up on America. And then it really would be lights out for a very long time.

No, this man knows he has a case and he is going to fight all the way to the very end for vindication and justice. And that is why while given all the forces and factors arrayed against him, despite the evidence, I am not going to give up on him. And, as I was aggregating the links, I came across our lead from the always readable Sarah Hoyt and it was indeed a much needed salve for my spirit:

You know how they kept talking about the red mirage? Well, this is the blue smokescreen.

It’s not really very convincing, and you can kind of squint through it and see the antifa goons looking all sad-faced, and how the low-info lefties are going to be disappointed like the kiddies who got a healthy snack for Halloween. Honestly, guys, if you look at this the right way, you’ll still be hopping mad, but you have to have a heart of steel not to laugh like a hyena.

Things are bad for the Dems. Really bad.

You see, they thought that they had frauded (totally a word) enough in advance, and the polls assured them they were doing fine. Then, come Election Day, that darn Trump pulled off a landslide election, and they had to stoop to counting and do their best to manufacture more votes ASAP…

The right is mad as hell. We have reason to be. And the left is terrified. Or at least those in the know are terrified. 

This wasn’t the normal, carefully planned, subtle fraud. This was fraud created the same way that one breaks into a bank with two sticks of dynamite, instead of picking at the lock.

Such fraud leaves traces. If we look into it we’ll find them. And once we find them, even some secure blue states with all vote-by-mail will be looked at.

And when Trump wins, despite all this nonsense (yes, the left will riot. But that will be different from the last year, how?), and things are looked into, they might lose their permanent fiefdoms created by “all vote-by-mail” states. And then what?…

Years ago, during the ’04 election, a friend told me the Democrats always get louder and more triumphalist when they’re losing. I’ve observed this is true, since then.

So, step down from the ledge. Go take a shower. Have some real food. Eat a vegetable. Ease up on the coffee. Go for a walk.

And don’t fall for the blue smokescreen. And DO NOT abandon Trump. He’s got this, if you guys don’t stab him in the back. He’s got this all the way. Let him play it.

Yes, the Republic is in danger, and yes, things can still go wrong because a lot of the institutions are corrupted.

But the left is covered in flop sweat. They don’t think they’re going to win this.

At least they won’t if you don’t let them into your head.

Take heart and steel yourselves for the battle yet to come. Support President Donald Trump, financially if you can, with messages to your elected representatives as in the one in the sidebar, get the message out to friends and family who you can influence or even just to lean on when you’re getting down, and above all prayer. From where I sit now, this is far from over. Don’t give in.




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