The Morning Report 11/10/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and while we continue to take on the withering fire from a constant Democrat-Anti-Media Complex propaganda assault insisting that Joe Biden is the president-elect, the reality remains that this election is still up in the air and at the very least, Team Trump is sending out the message – when it’s not being censored or belittled and mocked – that a solid legal case with solid legal evidence is indeed being made that will ultimately wind up at SCOTUS or be taken up by the GOP-controlled state legislatures in the states that are being contested. As I stated yesterday, Donald Trump is many things, but one thing he is not is stupid. As much as he and we loathe the other side for what they have done and continue to do to us, he would not put us through this living hell if he knew that this was a lost cause. So with that, I still say have faith and fight with him until the final outcome, whatever it may be, and that hopefully please G-d is vindication and victory.

On to some of the items, as Ace reported last night, AG Billy the Bagpiper Barr issued a memo stating that the DoJ will indeed be going forward with the investigation into the voter fraud of last Tuesday. That elicited the immediate resignation of an embedded blood-sucking tick by the name of Richard Pilger, a prosecutor who we find out was one of Lois Lerner’s henchmen at the IRS who was persecuting conservative groups. And therein lies the problem; relying on institutions charged with upholding the law that are in and of themselves complicit in the criminality and corruption. While Barr himself elicits reactions from being incompetent all the way down to being in league with the coup plotters, I have very little faith that anyone at the DoJ will do their duty, and every reason to believe they will stonewall, slow-walk or sabotage this when time is of the essence. I’ll take that stance and hope to be pleasantly surprised if they do indeed play against type.

On a hopeful note, and it’s completely anecdotal, the more the media screams about Trump while making Biden’s “win” a fait accompli, the more I get the sense that they know this might very well slip away from them. It’s just a feeling, and I could be totally wrong. But as I have been saying since last week, my optimism is based on the things that are happening. And that includes multiple eye-witness accounts from postal workers and election workers in at least two states to massive fraud, as well as the forensic evidence that shows the 9:00PM switcheroo happening almost in real time, and most crucially – at least in Pennsylvania – the illegal actions that disempowered the state legislature from its authority to dictate election policy and rules in defiance now of at least one SCOTUS associate justice (Samuel Alito). 

Elsewhere, the final batch of ballots I believe is still being counted in Arizona. Aside from the idiocy that election day was a week ago and that Florida, a state that has like twice the population of Arizona completed its count that night and certified the results, Trump might very well come close to Biden, and when the fraudulent ballots are chucked, overtake him and win the state. Then there’s Georgia, where already the Democrats have gone from “not a smidgen of fraud!” to “well there might be some instances here and there but not enough to take the win away from Biden!” Again, that too was a state where Trump was well in the lead around 9:00PM and that’s the time that the lights went out in Georgia. At least in Fulton County where like the other big blue shit-holes the count was stopped, the doors were sealed and the pallets o’ ballots were trucked in. 

And then there’s the computer “glitches” in an election software that oddly enough was designed by a company connected to the Clinton Crime Family. A full manual recount – not a computer re-tabulation – should clearly expose the fraud. And considering these systems were in use in all the swing states, the vote count could very well swing back to where we saw it was going on Tuesday night: a decisive if not massive Trump victory.

Elsewhere, for those who need a little blood pressure spike this morning, Obama henchman Ben Rhodes and evidently Goofy Joey himself have been chatting away with foreign leaders and emissaries discussing all kinds of foreign policy goals and such. Aside from this being in clear violation of the Logan Act, it also is the same thing that the Deep Staters at the FBI and DoJ used as a pretext to set up and take down General Michael Flynn, a man whose used toilet paper these vermin are not even worthy to lick. 

Anyway, we all know the score here. I will say that the almost hourly schizophrenia we’re experiencing as we gasp at potentially horrendous news while then sighing with relief and joy when the tiniest bit of positive news comes our way is definitely taking a toll. But each day that passes where we don’t lose any ground is good enough for me. I think yesterday was one of those days on multiple fronts. With any luck, today will be another one of those days, and so on and so on.

Aside from the court challenges, if/when Team Trump assembles and ultimately disseminates hard, cold evidence in all of its forms of the fraud in all of its forms, I hope that the state legislatures in the dirty half-dozen that are mostly if not all GOP-controlled, do their sworn Constitutional duty by recognizing that their elections were poisoned, and just go ahead and award President Trump its electors to the Electoral College. Given the fact that the Democrat Party now has an armed militant wing in the form of Antifa/BLM, as well as other players such as would-be mass assassin James Hodgkinson who was and still is directly linked to Dick Durbin, the pressure on them to sit on their hands is understandably enourmous. There’s also the message from the Democrat Party political and thought leadership (such as it is) that anyone who supported this president will face retribution. For these legislatures not to step up, even in the face of this, would be inexcusable given what’s at stake; the fate of this republic here and now. It’s a tall order to be sure but I believe the evidence is both massive and incontrovertible. 

Other than that, try to remain positive, stay the hell away from media with the exceptions of Newsmax – who now officially beats out Fix News and CSpan! – and OANN as well as the usual blogosphere outlets. Prayer helps, along with a wee tipple.

Have at it. 

PS: Fuck you very much Susan Collins.

PPS: Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!





ARIZONA: Status quo.

NEVADA: Status quo.

WISCONSIN: Status quo.

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