The Morning Rant

It’s an interesting prediction, but it is pandering to the multicultural crap that has been shoved down our throats for far too long. The reality is that in this country we can divide the population into two sectors…productive and unproductive. That is independent of color or ethnicity or genitalia or whatever method the Left uses to separate us into more easily manipulated categories.

And the unproductive group includes civilian government workers, which may be harsh, but they vote Democrat and are pathetically inefficient or outright damaging in everything they do.

The Future of Conservative Populism

Amid the tumult of Election Night turned Election Week 2020, two United States senators made a striking and politically revolutionary claim: The Republican party will become a multiethnic, multiracial, and working-class party. Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri tweeted “we are a working class party now. That’s the future.” Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida echoed the sentiment, tweeting that the GOP future is “a party built on a multi-ethnic multi-racial coalition of working AMERICANS.”

The only word that counts is “AMERICANS!”

Those new Black and Hispanic voters? Yeah…anyone care to bet against my suggestion that they are overwhelmingly gainfully employed or part of traditional households? or both?

But then the author veers into “socialism-lite” territory with his suggestion that the way to keep these folks in the fold is to be more like the Democrats.

This movement also needs a socially conservative, working-class agenda at the state level. A perfect opportunity lies in the ObamaCare offer to pay for Medicaid expansion; governors and legislatures should take this offer, as many red states throughout the Midwest and Mountain west have already done. They should also increase access to state-run community colleges, even follow the lead of conservative Tennessee and make them tuition-free.

Huh? My guess is that these folks are not overly enthusiastic about paying exorbitant taxes and would appreciate a bit of fiscal restraint; something that simply cannot exist with any acceptance of welfare-state tactics.

But the big unknown is whether the Republican Party can pull its collective head out of its ass and incorporate the new reality that is Trump. Is there a doubt in any sentient being’s mind that the improvement in minority voting is attributable to President Trump’s particular brand of muscular, optimistic, and unabashedly pro-American populism?

Trump is the winning formula, and the Republican Party either embraces it and lives, or rejects it and dies.