The Morning Rant

You want to talk about diversity? How about the United States Armed Forces? They have been following a policy of “inclusiveness” and minority outreach– and whatever other silly buzzwords and phrases you can think of — for many years.

Distribution of active-duty enlisted women and men in the U.S. Military in 2018, by race and ethnicity*

In fact, Blacks and “Hispanics” (I hate that term…it’s mostly nonsense) seem to be over-represented, quite unlike in the boardrooms of our Democrat-run corporations, and definitely nothing like the self-appointed elites of our country.

Maybe that’s why the Democrats just love to send these Black and Brown men off to war! They rarely meet them. I guess their 50-year effort to kill Black babies wasn’t quite enough, and a conscious effort to increase America’s world leadership was merely a pretext to become its policeman. And that means dead Americans.

Internationalist, neo-con, globalist…whatever the term, they want American blood and gold to be spent in pursuit of their geopolitical agenda, and that means endless war. If they were any good at it, perhaps it would be more tolerable to most Americans, but frankly…they stink at it. Just look at the current decapitation of the Department of Defense, where the top men (TOP MEN!) refused to follow the foreign policy of their elected leader. Because we haven’t lost enough men in Afghanistan? Just a few dozen more body bags and all will be well! In a country known as the graveyard of empires.

President Trump figured out these guys for what they really are…a bunch of careerists who think they know better. Well, they don’t. President Trump is absolutely correct to force the issue and withdraw from Afghanistan, and absolutely correct to hand these assholes their walking papers.

President Trump has done more to defend American lives at home and abroad than any Democrat president in memory. By refusing to play World Cop, and improving the economy so more minorities can participate in the American Dream he has proven his skill as an American leader, and proven his membership in the greatest club of all…America.