The Insanity Of The Left Is Also Their Strength

The anger and vitriol directed at President Trump by the Left is a natural progression emerging from their classic game plans to subvert and then destroy the West. Saul Alinsky’s rules are clear, and the Left follows them ruthlessly, with focus and intensity that that seems prima facie evidence of their insanity. After all, who can fixate on one topic, seemingly forever?

Crazy peopleā€¦that’s who!

At least that’s what normal people may think. But the reality is quite different:
“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
Sure, it seems childish and immature and nutty and frankly stupid to call the President a poopy-head — which is pretty much what they do — but it serves its purpose.

They create the image of the “other,” so the President and his supporters (more than half of America!) ore reduced to cartoon characters, whose simplistic and jingoistic thoughts can be ridiculed and dismissed.

Here are two videos from PragerU that encapsulate the difference between normal human discourse and the flaming lunacy of the Left that has infected everyone within their reach, in particular the mush-brained undergraduates at most of our universities.

Do You Have Any Republican Friends?

Would You Be Friends With a Democrat?

Notice the difference? Even edited for maximum effect, the contrast is stark. Hyper-emotional viciousness compared to reasoned and logical approaches to philosophical differences.

I see it in my empty-headed liberal family, whose visceral hatred of President Trump is based on utter nonsense. But they have accepted the leftist cant, and have internalized the message that anyone on the Right is to be mocked and shunned and deplatformed, and in many cases much worse.

The steps from emotional rejection to economic penalties to imprisonment may seem outrageously long, but they are quantitative, not qualitative. The stage has been set, it is simply a matter of time and effort and focus for the left to succeed.

There was no systematic murder of Jews and subversives and political opponents in Germany in 1933. The Nazis carefully prepared the German people by minimizing the humanity of those who were most vulnerable and easy to see as unworthy: the infirm, those with congenital disease, the retarded.

Sort of like a Republican in NYC or Portland or Berkeley. Because that’s how the Left portrays us.