The Morning Rant

Yes, the perfidy of our “Republican” senators is well known. Mike Lee and Rick Scott are the two latest examples of a breathtaking lack of patriotism and an equally breathtaking loyalty to their masters. Who and what those masters are is academic. China, big corporate donors (but I repeat myself), a side piece who is blackmailing them with pictures of a drunken night with a strap-on and some amyl nitrate?

Does it really matter?

We will be betrayed. The only question is: What is worse? A narrow majority in the Senate, which will be consumed with the senators on the margins courting the Democrats for nice perks and better martinis and the use of the dungeon in Chuck Schumer’s DC townhouse, all in exchange for a vote for amnesty or gun control or ceding power to the administration or global warming bullshit or some hard-left tranny judge who never saw a late-term abortion it didn’t celebrate?

Or…a Democrat majority that rampages through the federal code and the Constitution, laying waste to whatever liberties we may still retain, all the while supporting the sociopathic desire of the globalists to spend American blood and treasure in defense of their interests abroad?

Have a nice shit sandwich! Would you like it plain or with a good deli mustard?

But the answer is clear. However awful a narrow majority in the Senate will be, the alternative is far worse. So hold your nose, put your wallet in your front pocket and support the two Republican candidates for the US Senate in Georgia. Are they likely to be honorable and patriotic and America-loving senators? No. I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that nonsense.

Will the gorge rise in your throat as you pull the levers for them, knowing that it is distinctly possible that you have already been disenfranchised by a toxic combination of Democrat/Leftist cheating and cowardly and craven Republican capitulation?

Yes. But giving up is not an option. Your vote will not be for the GOPe, it will not be for the mushy-morals pseudo-conservatives who court our votes and then piss in our faces. Your vote will be for the America that lurks beneath the surface. The quiet majority that may, just may be disgusted enough to do something about the decades-long theft of our freedoms and our government by a cabal of America-hating progressives and globalists who bristle at the thought of an ascendant America.