The Morning Rant

Yeah…not much of a rant because I am currently away from my computer and the thought of composing one of these on a phone is just a little silly.

But…commenter “Blake” sent me a link to a thought-provoking blog entry that addresses many of the issues we discuss here every day.

You might not like it, because it calls out some of the more aggressive behaviors that we sometimes see here. But it is worth a read, and worth some contemplation.

Gut Check

What does it mean to be a free man anymore? Am I truly free when the money I pay in taxes goes to support the excesses of a profligate, overreaching, and immoral government? Am I truly free when the scum that make the rules do not abide by them? Am I not free then to ignore the rules? Am I truly free when some cowardly dimwit at the grocery store looks askance at me for not wearing a filthy rag over my face? I know he is having an internal debate about whether he should confront me.

My hope is always that he decides in the negative, as I have had just about enough of this crap. Now, the highest court in the land has turned a blind eye to the egregious theft of the Presidency itself. Marxists across the nation are celebrating the final nail in the coffin of the American Republic. Democrats held it. “Conservatives” have hammered it home. The outward forms of ordered liberty are dead and there is no recourse for the redress of grievances. It is time for every patriot to face the situation, without illusion or reservation.

The obvious question is how do we face the situation?

I don’t know. Part of me is an optimist, ever thankful for American Exceptionalism and its amazing power, and confident that we will work it out…in some unknown way.

But part of me is not. And that part is deeply suspicious of the conservative cant that suggests that the 2nd Amendment will cure all things; that the sleeping giant that once was America is still slumbering; soon to be awakened.

As I said; I just don’t know, but this is worth some thought.