The Morning Rant

This is a textbook example of the corruption of the Deep StateTM and the unholy alliance between corporate America and government. In a sane world this sort of glaringly obvious sale of influence would be laughed out of existence, or would land someone in prison. But the tentacles of this vile beast extend everywhere, and today it is simply business as usual.

Amazon Hires Lobbying Firm Connected to Top Biden Adviser

Amazon, the trillion-dollar tech company, has hired lobbyist Jeff Ricchetti, whose brother will be the top White House counselor to Joe Biden. Jeff Ricchetti’s firm, which he founded in 2001 with his brother Steve Ricchetti, the incoming Biden adviser, registered as a lobbyist for Amazon on Nov. 13.

The revolving door between Congress, the White House and K Street is curiously blind to political philosophy, because the governing philosophy is not political. It is venal, and it is the dominant force in the halls of our government; more important by far than quaint ideas of patriotism, love of country, honor and integrity, and all other fast-disappearing notions of what constitutes public service.

Gridlock. Constant primarying. Cut the connections between private and public industry by minimizing these jackals’ stays in the halls of power. That’s why the two Georgia buffoons need to win. Not because they are paragons of enlightened conservatism; they aren’t. But they will be a brake on the worst excesses of a Democrat party that is gleefully planning to bulldoze whatever successes we have had with President Trump, and extend the progressive police state even more.

And then primary them and every other apparatchik as soon as possible. Because if we don’t cut the connections between the Republican/Democrat Party and the entrenched bureaucracy whose only function is as a conduit for graft, then we will lose our country and our way of life, and the world will lose its last glimmer of hope against a globalist nightmare.