The Morning Rant

After the obscene travesty of a stolen election and the craven and cowardly behavior of so many of our representatives, President Trump promised an “orderly transition” of power.

Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted

In spite of the frothing viciousness and unhinged vitriol of his many enemies, who claim he is worse than Hitler and a savage dictator, President Trump has always respected the rule of law. The criticisms of his work are never substantive, they usually devolve into childish playground insults. HE SAID A MEAN THING! Well, that’s true, and trivial. The president has respected our laws and our traditions, but he also has a marvelous tenacity and an obsessive desire to win. But not “by any means necessary,” as the current events have shown beyond doubt.

The bile being spewed by so-called “conservatives” is nothing short of a repudiation of exactly the things that have made our country great for so many years. Regardless of who and what precipitated the storming of the Capitol, it was a clear and unambiguous message that American Exceptionalism still lives! Just not in the halls of power and among the fourth estate, most of whom are nothing more than whores for the next paycheck and the next gig on Fox or MSNBC or a column in the National Review (are they still around?).

I will not condemn the actions of the crowd yesterday. They were taking back the People’s House. It is ours. We own it, and the people inside work for us. Maybe they were reminded of that just a little bit yesterday afternoon. There is no divine right in America, and those who would claim it are currently in power. Yesterday was a signal that they will need violence to defend that imagined right.

Whether this push-back is the beginning of a change or the last gasp of a dying country remains to be seen, but yesterday was a culmination of years of double-standards and the increasingly open contempt for the rule of law among our politicians and other “elites.”

It has also freed America to treat them as they deserve to be treated: with contempt and derision and without an iota of respect. They deserve nothing from us but scorn. No money. no votes, no support. Just spittle and caustic words. And that is being kind.

Love of country does not mean love of politicians. In fact it means exactly the opposite. They were a necessary evil, and now they have proven that that they are not necessary, but they are still evil.

From now on my default position will be that every (it used to be “most”) politician is a craven, amoral huckster trying to steal my money and my freedom from me. I will treat them as such until they prove my well-founded assumptions to be incorrect.

I still believe in American Exceptionalism. I will until the day I die. Its modern version will have to emerge from the heartland. It is dead and buried in the halls of power.

2 comments to “The Morning Rant”
  1. thanks for all of your efforts over the years sharing your perspective on the dismal state of our government brought on by the people in it. black wednesday was an epiphany. i have moved beyond accepting government as a burden to manage and put up with.

    i am ready to pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor. but who do i pledge to? who is today’s george washington or thomas jefferson? how do i even see their marching orders? via twitter or facebook?

    i don’t even know where this posting goes or how to connect with others beyond my limited circle. i need help and think others do too.

  2. You’re not alone. Where there is life there is always hope, no matter what. We’ll muddle through and somehow, some way, some day the Enemy will make a big mistake. Was Black Wednesday perhaps a huge mistake for them? Maybe. Thanks for posting.

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