The Morning Rant

Purge: transitive verb
1 : to clear of guilt
2 : to free from moral or ceremonial defilement
3 : to cause evacuation from (purge the bowels)

All three definitions apply to our current situation, but the third one is particularly apt, because the country’s bowels are filled with people like Rick Scott, who may mean well, but is fantastically out of touch with what is going on. His “business as usual” tone is maddening and, quite frankly, offensive.

Rick Scott sees ‘big opportunity’ for GOP to win back Senate in ’22, doesn’t rule out role for Trump

“I would have rather won these two Georgia seats, but I think we’re going to see a clear choice,” he said. “Over the next two years, the Democrats are going to try to do a whole bunch of things the public doesn’t want. They don’t want packing the Supreme Court. They don’t want higher taxes and more regulation. They don’t want the police defunded.”

“I think the Democrats now have the ability to go do some things. I think it’s going to help define them and I think it’s going to help us have a big win in 2022,” he added

Looking forward, Scott said he is already working hard to recruit good candidates.

He goes on to dribble more platitudes out of his mouth, with a tepid invitation to President Trump.

But if the Republican party wants to survive, they need to have a full-throated, unified roar at the malfeasance of the Democrat party and the Deep StateTM pulling the strings. And they need to act with the same intensity. That will start with a public casting-out of the traitors in the House and Senate. They can’t be recalled, but they can be relegated to back offices with no staff, and tossed off every important committee. Then their reelection funding can be cut to zero. And then the minority leaders should stand up in front of the media and explain that disloyalty to the President and the party has consequences.

Of course this will never happen. Which is why Senator Scott’s fantasy is a silly joke. Because we will remember. My original optimistic hope was that the Republican party would retake the House in 2022 with younger, more energetic and more Trump-like candidates. But the last week has shown me that the cowardice, venality and disloyalty in the party overwhelms love of country. They are on a sinking ship and are scrambling to sit in the first-class lounge.

Well, good luck with your plans Senator Scott. I am curious how you are going to convince me to vote for a Republican candidate who doesn’t reject your brand of politics-as-usual. Will you bribe me with vacuous bromides about challenging the Democrat agenda? Will you promise some meaningless votes against the Democrat majority? Will you beg for money to retake the Senate?

Because there are some things you can do. I just named a few, but the biggest one of all is a sea change. Embrace Trumpism, because it is ascendant among American conservatives, and your brand of squishy pseudo-conservatism has been discredited. Accommodation is a thing of the past. Bipartisanship is a dirty word. Either fight for conservative principles or piss off. Unless you are even stupider than you sound, you must know that the system is broken, and either you work to repair the damage or you will be discarded by the voters whose clear, unambiguous desires you have ignored.