The Morning Rant

“The Invisible Hand” (Adam Smith’s term) is often used to describe the millions of individual decisions that in the aggregate guide the economy. It is nothing more than self-interest multiplied by everyone on earth.

And that self-interest is a powerful driver of change. But not just economic; I refer to social and political change. And that is why it is imperative that conservative belief be channeled into behavior. The conservative movement in America is under unprecedented attack, and think tanks and strongly worded letters are not sufficient. In fact, our deeply held belief in the voting booth as an agent of change has been upended, so we are left with fewer tools with which to effect the change necessary to return our country to some semblance of sanity and respect for our founding and traditions.

But what is that self interest? It is more appropriately termed “enlightened self-interest,” because the self-interest of the individual meshes perfectly with the desired direction of the country. And that “enlightened self-interest” is nothing more than fighting the encroaching fascism of the left. That means that we must push back at every incursion into the freedoms we hold dear. A small gesture or a large oneā€¦it doesn’t matter. But as the Left is so fond of saying: “We Are The Resistance!”

If you see a politician in public? Harangue him. Tell him what you think. Do not allow them to flex their fascist muscles without confrontation. Boycott the most egregious violators of the idea that corporations are not agents of government. And do it loudly. Exercise your God-given rights as often and as publicly as possible. Speak freely! Buy guns! Go to church, and proclaim your beliefs. Attend local meetings and make sure that the powers that be, no matter how small and seemingly inconsequential are aware that you are watching and that you will hold them accountable. Tell your children’s teachers and school administrators that leftist indoctrination is absolutely unacceptable. Say it in public. Call them out when they glorify the rot in our society. Go to their classes and record the perversions that they want to mainstream. Do what you can. But act! For yourself. For your family.

And that self-interest, multiplied by millions of us is the most powerful tool save one. After all, fascism is at its core a bundle of sticks. We cannot break the bundle, but we can break the individual sticks; the local sticks; the thin sticks!

We are “The Invisible Hand.” It is up to us to exercise its power. If we act in concert then we have the power to achieve the change we desire for ourselves and for the society around us.

Is this Pollyanna-ish? Perhaps. But as many of you know, I am a firm and unyielding believer in American Exceptionalism, and I will continue to believe that it is a powerful and hopefully irresistible force until I have irrefutable evidence that it has left us.

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