Unity, Bipartisanship, Reaching Across The Aisle, And Other Euphemisms For Losing…They All Mean Fascism

There are dozens of words to describe what can only be seen as discarding one’s political philosophy for less honorable goals. The entire media-inspired conceit that politicians who “rise above” their political philosophy for some sort of communitarian goal are statesmen and grand national leaders is a cover for exactly the sort of politician that is over-represented in today’s Republican party.

Here are the undeniable facts. The greatest political leaders in our history had coherent philosophies that guided their actions. Did they sometimes have to be more flexible out of political expediency? of course. That is the nature of politics. But that is radically different than our current situation, in which the majority of our erstwhile representatives are guided not by principles but by their desire for the trappings of office and the graft unfortunately inherent in our body politic.

What matters is that they cede all resistance in their quest, and become another of the sticks in the bundle of fascism that their opponents are happily and enthusiastically embracing.

Biden’s first words, his inaugural address, call for “unity and healing” and “a return to civility.” He claims he will be “the president of all Americans.” But his first deeds were to use quasi-dictatorial power to undo everything his predecessor accomplished. He didn’t even wait for Congress to pass laws, even though his party will control Congress. This may be a way to create “unity” if unity means the elimination of opposition to his and his party’s agenda. If “unity” means fascism. Take a moment of honest thinking to examine the core principle of fascism: it is unity.

What was President Trump’s greatest attribute, and his greatest gift to the American people? He fought against his political opponents and he fought for the people who he was elected to represent.

It is said that in the British House of Commons the distance between the government and the opposition is two sword lengths. That is symbolic of the role of the opposition, and even more symbolic of a rigorous defense of political beliefs that are opposed to the current rulers.

Unity is a code word for the destruction of the party system. We require unity only when faced with external threats, and then only when political solutions have failed. Unity as the driving force in domestic political debate is an affront to the American concept of individualism and Exceptionalism, and must be fought at every opportunity.

Any politician who chooses unity and bipartisanship as superior to his political philosophy is immediately suspect and should never be trusted. We have far too many examples of such men, and it is time to cast them out, beginning with half of the Republican party hierarchy!