The Morning Rant

Shift that Overton Window! Amazing that just a few years ago we were rebuilding our military so that we could operate from a position of strength. And lo and behold…no new wars for four years!

But the military; always the sacrificial lamb on the alter of the Left, is now the primary cause of Global WarningTM? And in their masturbatory fantasies about a post-petroleum world, all of the strife among the nations will magically disappear, and we will all live happily ever after with unicorns and beautiful rainbows and peace and harmony among all.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? And batshit crazy too. The total ignorance of human nature and the inability to observe the actual corporeal world is perhaps the defining characteristic of the moonbat left, but their fever dreams are now entering polite (for certain definitions of “polite”) conversation .

Gizmodo: US Should Demilitarise and Withdraw to Reduce CO2 Emissions [Don’t worry, it is a safe link]

Neta Crawford, a political scientist at Boston University who authored a groundbreaking 2019 report on the military’s gargantuan carbon footprint, said the directive is “a good first step.” But ultimately, the Department of Defence must make bolder moves to draw down emissions. “We have to demilitarize,” she said. “Climate change can lead to conflict and war, but war, we know, also promotes climate change,” she said. “So we can’t fight climate change as a threat with more and more military spending, [leading to] more greenhouse gas emissions from the military.”

That last bit of nonsense is just so typical. “Climate change can lead to conflict and war…” Okay. Using the left’s lax definition of intellectual rigor, pretty much every process and event can lead to conflict. For fvck’s sake, a red baseball cap leads to conflict in their world. And mere words or incredibly dangerous and must be controlled, lest the precious snowflakes become triggered and have to go to their safe spaces and wrap themselves in their binkies and suck on their favorite pacifiers.

Conflict is part of human nature, and the AGW scams are simply the left’s way of redistributing wealth. But now they want to add a significantly increased risk of war, because when the United States is weak, the tyrants emerge.

I wonder how much CO2 a few large theater wars would produce?

[Hat Tip: redc1c4]