Erasing History Is A Totalitarian Tradition

Changing the past is a power denied even to God, but that doesn’t stop the totalitarian Left from doing their damnedest. Orwell and Huxley and C.S. Lewis described their efforts quite well, but it is the current state of affairs in this country that reality is stranger than fiction.

What they are actually doing is creating a society that is profoundly ignorant of reality. Pretend all you want, but the American Civil War happened. The Founders were White men. Our political philosophy is overwhelmingly Western.

So what to do?

2 Confederate statues were removed in Georgia within 3 days

They can’t quite change history, so they might as well destroy it. And ignorance of the past begins with the destruction of public displays of our history. Statues, names of buildings and organizations; they all link us to our past, warts and all. Do these arrogant fascists really believe that monuments dedicated to the Confederate cause really glorify slavery? If so, they are dumber than they look, and that is impressively stupid.

What these symbols of our history do is honor the sacrifices of those who fought and died for the Confederacy, because they deserve to be honored and remembered, not for their defense of slavery, but for their fight for states rights and autonomy from a central government. And most of all for their defense of their homes and states and a way of life.

Denying their existence, denying their sacrifice, denying that chapter in our history is shortsighted and dangerous. Do I believe that slavery will return to America if we ignore the lessons of the Civil War? Of course not, but it is a powerful lens focused on America and its origins, and it speaks to the American psyche…something that is ignored by the powers that be; perhaps to their peril.