It’s Not A Crisis; It’s Who They Are! The Democrats Are Socialists

I was in the car a couple of days ago and happened to catch a few minutes of Sean Hannity (YOU ARE A GREAT AMERICAN!) interviewing Newt Gingrich. Well, not really interviewing as much as giving him a tongue bath; it was pretty embarrassing.

But Gingrich said something that was intended to be profound and perceptive and interesting, and it occurred to me that I was listening to a perfect example of the sclerotic thinking of mainstream Republicans. After the obligatory reminder of his “unprecedented” success in the 1994 congressional elections, he said that the Democrats are resigned to losing the House of Representatives in 2022 and therefore are trying to ram as many bills as possible through, regardless of the damage it does to the reelection chances of their more vulnerable representatives.

Newt has been inside the Beltway for far too long, and is consumed by the process rather than the reality. The Democrat party is firmly in the thrall of its most radical elements, and they will rush headlong toward a socialist America regardless of their chances in the 2022 midterms. Does he really believe that the Democrats would be taking a more measured and calm approach if they had an unassailable majority and were confident of keeping the House in 2022? If so, he is stupider than I thought.

But he is not stupid. He has been part of the grift for so long that he simply can’t help himself. Create a political crisis that can be “solved” by a generous application of donor’s money to the problem….then rinse and repeat. But this isn’t a political crisis. This is business-as-usual for the current iteration of the Democrat party, and no amount of hand wringing and fundraising will change that.

It is who they are. Corporate socialism with the delightful addition of a vicious cancel culture reminiscent of Mao’s cultural revolution. And people like Gingrich always play catch-up, and will never appreciate that President Trump’s attacks on the Democrat’s socialism is the only tactic worth using. There is no other way. He called them out; he exposed them; and the fact that mainstream Republicans didn’t embrace him and his successes speaks volumes about their goals and their grift; that it is better to be inside the beltway of a collapsing America than be on the battlefield fighting its enemies.