The Morning Rant

Lord Acton (and others) understood very well that:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And nowhere in the free world is it more evident than Israel, and the interminable rule of Benjamin Netanyahu. He has been Prime Minister since 1996! 25 years is far too long. He has become corrupt, venal, and so protective of his power that he will do literally anything to hold onto it.

Netanyahu keeps saving Israel’s Left from the Right

FOR DECADES, Israeli-Arab politicians have abused the state – and their own people. By confusing the Knesset with the United Nations, they self-destructively used their platform to direct abuse against Israel for existing rather than to direct resources for helping all Israelis coexist.

So guess who Netanyahu is courting to create a coalition so that once again he can be Prime Minister? At this point I have very little confidence that he has the best interests of his country at the forefront of his political maneuvering.

This is exactly what the Democrat Party in this country has done…allied itself with the hard Left to maintain their power, ignoring the possibly existential damage such a coalition will do. Add in the profound corruption of Chinese influence, and it is difficult to arrive at any conclusion other than they simply do not care if they destroy their own country as long as their power is undiminished.

Will term limits in Israel help? Sure…a little. How about here? Yes, but the power will shift from the elected leaders who term-limit out to the party organizations and, in a cruel twist, the deep state’s unelected bureaucrats will gain even more control.

Thoreau’s “that government is best which governs least” is the only rational solution, but we are long past the point at which we can shrink government without a true revolution.

The damage has been done. America has been convinced that government truly is here to help, even though the incredible mass of evidence shows that it is exactly the opposite; that everything government touches…dies. So the politicians continue to sacrifice the country on the altar of power, hoping that we just won’t notice.

And so far they have been correct!