What Is The Political Philosophy Of The American Left?

Our current miasma of constantly changing rules of political conduct and mushy language make it almost impossible to identify any coherent structure in the thinking of the current occupiers of the halls of power. In fact, it’s difficult to figure out exactly who they may be? Is it Dementia Joe and his grasping harpy of a wife? Is it Susan Rice and her cabal of globalists? Is it Barack Obama the Hawaiian stoner pulling the strings?

Regardless of who they may be, what is important is the philosophy guiding their policy changes. And there’s the rub, because there is no coherent philosophy or moral underpinning to their decisions. It is pure “The Ends Justify The Means” thinking, under cover of focus group pablum and Newspeak that would make Orwell scratch his head in wonder.

Look no farther than the website of the Democrat party

Democrats believe health care is a right, diversity is a strength, the economy should work for everyone, and facts and truth matter.

Let’s ponder these words…

If health care is a right, then by extension we are entitled to the work of others. Doctors can be compelled to provide care, because after all, they would be limiting our rights were they to choose to withhold that care.

Diversity is a strength? In what way? And what does diversity mean? That is a simple subterfuge for opening the borders of this country and flooding it with a diverse mix of people whose world view is in direct opposition to the concept of American Exceptionalism. It is code for changing the nature of America by destroying the concepts of self reliance, individualism and free markets and replacing them with dependence on government largesse and the central planning of our economy.

The economy should work for everyone is arrant nonsense; a word salad that means nothing. Economies don’t work for anybody…it is the inputs and outputs and consumption of individuals that make up the economy. What they mean is that competition, free markets and the risk of failure is an unacceptable condition, and that the amazing results of free markets are secondary to a lower but less stratified standard of living for all.

Facts and truth matter. Ah…like the history of the founding and struggles of our country being systematically erased by roving packs of lunatics and fascists and totalitarian brute squads? Like the destruction of objective analysis of Wuhan flu therapies simply because OrangeManBad tweeted about it? That sort of truth?

The reality of the Democrat political philosophy is simple: the acquisition and consolidation of power is of paramount importance; all other considerations are secondary, including national pride, respect for history, the rule of law, etc.

Vaccine passports…universal basic income according to race…national security interests made secondary to political considerations…preferential treatment of illegals with active COVID…destruction of religious freedom…

Judge them by their actions, not their words, because they are masters of obfuscation; spouting nonsense is their stock in trade, and the less sense they make the tighter you should hold your wallets, your churches and your guns.

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  1. The American left believes, like Mao, in power for its own sake. Their advocacy can change on a dime, and the chameleon, even hypocritical thinking that results is fully justified by this first principle.

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